“Dreams are a treasure chest when it comes to understanding ourselves.”


Humans are so uniquely individual but the one thing that we all have in common is that we all dream. You have to be just a little bit curious don’t you? Where do dreams come from? What is their purpose? What do they mean? Why can some people remember 5 or more dreams each night while others don’t recall a single one?

Dreams are an absolute treasure chest when it comes to understanding ourselves. They show us our true self and what we need to let go to live as our evolved spirit. Have you wondered what you are on earth to do, what your life purpose is? The answer is right there in your dreams; all you have to do is ask for those dreams to be shown to you.

Maybe you have a health issue that you would like to clear up? Ask to be shown in dreams the cause and what you can do to heal it and the answers will surely flood your dreamtime. It may not be just heath, you can clear any life issue or challenge this way. Dreams shed new light on old problems and bring new problems to light so that we move past them and reach the joy.

From dreams we can learn, grow and evolve into more enlightened versions of ourselves. Dream work becomes the ultimate tool for those who aspire to develop personally and spiritually as dreams reveal to us how we can reach that point of mastery.

If you are reading this or listening to the recording then you are ready to walk through the gateway to your own inner world and open up to all possibilities. I would really love to help you discover the gifts that your dreams bring you each night, whether that is through one of my workshops or personal coaching. Let me show you how to own your power so that your dreams will never victimise you again, especially if you are having nightmares, recurring dreams or disturbed sleep. Our short course, Dreamwork for the Complete Beginner will give you a very solid foundation to understanding your dreams. If you are ready for change and willing to do the work, I am willing to walk beside you every step of the way. Contact me and let’s work out what we can achieve together.



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DSC0034 sml2This is a question I am often asked so I thought I’d jot down an answer.

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