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When it comes to understanding ourselves, solving life issues and challenges or just becoming a more enlightened being, our dreams are our most valuable resource.

Understanding your dreams can be key to your peace, well-being and growth. In dreams, problems are highlighted and solutions are given. Things that are manifesting in your life are shown to you so that you might change these if they are not what you want.

We can even see how our future will look with the changes we make and continue to tweak it until our future looks awesome. Why would you not want to tap into that? It makes you both the writer and director of your own life movie in a very conscious and awakened way.

While it is always best to learn how to interpret your own dreams, and we have a short course for that, we all need a little extra help at times.

For this reason we offer 3 levels of service, from a straight interpretation to interpretations with guidance and coaching so that you can make the most of the wonderful information that you receive each night.


Level 1:  Dream Interpretation.

Level 1 is a straight dream interpretation where we look at all the symbols of your dream and provide in depth meanings and a possible interpretation for these, which is all done via email. This level does not include guidance or coaching and is great for someone who is already well versed in dreamwork but is stuck on finding the meaning of a particular dream.


Level 2: Dream Interpretation with Guidance.

It is one thing to understand what our dreams mean but what do we do with that information? Our dreams are ever showing us the steps to take in life. To this guidance we must not only listen but act upon it as well. Doing so will not only set us upon our true path but will also greatly accelerate our personal and spiritual development.

This level of dream interpretation gives everything offered in Level 1 with the additional bonus of guidance so that you can act upon the information gifted to you during your dreamtime. This is also all done via email. If you would like to expand your dreamwork or have a particular issue that you need help to solve, consider enlisting us as your personal coach. To discuss options or to negotiate a package deal and price take advantage of our free 30 minute session to discuss your needs.


Level 3: Dream Interpretation with Coaching.

If you feel as though you need a little more than just information and would like a more interactive interpretation, level 3 would be the best choice.

The information that we seek is always within us but at times we need a little help to draw the information to the surface and into conscious awareness. This level of dream interpretation is interactive where you are able to input additional information, ask questions and find the understanding of the dream within yourself. Included in the session is everything offered in levels 1 and 2 with the addition of a 30 minute session, which you can choose to have face to face or via phone or Skype.

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  1. Dreams and their explanation are certainly a challenging issue. For example, what is the dream of fall out of teeth?

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