Angel Inspired Dreams

angels-teach-usIn my last post I wrote about people as dream symbols. For the most part this applies generally to most dreams. However, when someone begins to earnestly embrace their spiritual path this can change as our angelic guides not only inspire our dreams but act in them as well. It is quite easy for them to insert themselves within our dreams that we may interact and learn from them.

The question is, how do we tell the difference between our angelic guides and dreams that show people as symbols?

The rule of thumb, that I like to use, is to treat them as both. If they really are your guide they will be either instructing you or assisting you to accomplish something within the dream. But, they can also be a symbol, especially when you consider how you interacted with them. It is always a constant however that a guide will induce a sense of well-being and peace and en-courage you to face fears. Our guides always have an agenda for every interaction they have with us that usually involves clearing or a realisation of something. They are guides, they guide our evolution from the 4th Kingdom or the human kingdom into the 5th Kingdom or the spiritual kingdom.

If you are familiar with your main guide through meditation you will recognise them in dreams. Get to know your guide’s energy signature so that no matter what form they take you will be able to recognise them. Have you ever felt someone walk up behind you and have immediately known who it was without seeing them? You recognised their energy signature. So, no matter what form your guide takes, if you can recognise their energy signature you will always know who it is. This also allows you to recognise who is not them, thereby eliminating imposters – not as vital in dreams as it is in meditation but good to be aware of.

In dreams my guide has helped me mend past misunderstandings with family members, played bouncer and police officer, accompanied me into the depths of my heart and mind, taught me new things, shown me aspects of myself that needed healing, helped me clear faulty perceptions and so much more. Our guides are truly our greatest ally no matter which aspect of life we focus on – waking, sleeping or soul.

Before you go to sleep tonight be proactive and invite your guide into your dreams and watch the magic unfold – don’t forget to journal the results!


Happy dreaming

I AM Julie-Anne

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  1. I’m just trying to help, but the quote on the picture would be much easier to understand upon first reading if it read “angel’s” instead of “angels.” I love the quote and the site!

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