I’ve seen a few people struggling with clearing this last week and even had to remind myself of the wonderful tools available to us to assist us in our clearing work. As we approach the Lion’s Gate which is already effectively forcing energies to the surface for clearing I thought a post on clearing might be helpful. … (read more…)


At the solstice in June, I had a number of people contact me regarding intense dreams and I thought it warranted a dedicated post.

There are times of the year when the veil is thinner than usual; solstices, equinoxes and Halloween for example. For some people, even full moons signify a period of more intense … (read more…)


Eliminating challenges to our health can be quite a task if we are not aware of the cause of our dis-ease. Treating the symptoms is never really successful while targeting the cause can have an almost immediate effect. The good news is, we can utilize our dreams to help us in seeing the cause to the effect we … (read more…)

All things are understood when brought to Light!

All things are understood when brought to Light!

I thought in this blog post I’d try and shed some light that will assist you in interpreting dreams. Most of the time, dreams seem bizarre and nonsensical but if you know what triggered … (read more…)

angels-teach-usIn my last post I wrote about people as dream symbols. For the most part this applies generally to most dreams. However, when someone begins to earnestly embrace their spiritual path this can change as our angelic guides not only inspire our dreams but act in them as well. It is quite easy for them to insert … (read more…)



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