The Gift of Healing Dreams

Eliminating challenges to our health can be quite a task if we are not aware of the cause of our dis-ease. Treating the symptoms is never really successful while targeting the cause can have an almost immediate effect. The good news is, we can utilize our dreams to help us in seeing the cause to Continue reading

Buildings in Dreams

  There are very few dreams that we have that do not include a building of some sort. We are either revisiting our childhood home, find ourselves in an unfamiliar house or maybe even in some sort of factory or warehouse. When searching for meaning to interpret our dreams it certainly helps to have an Continue reading

Symbolism of the Wolf and Evolving Dream Symbols

It is indeed interesting how our dream symbols evolve once we step onto the spiritual path and evolve even further once we make some progress upon that path. Let’s look at the symbolism of the wolf to illustrate what I mean by evolving symbols. Many people have the wolf as a totem animal and hold Continue reading