Thinning of the Veil

At the solstice in June, I had a number of people contact me regarding intense dreams and I thought it warranted a dedicated post. There are times of the year when the veil is thinner than usual; solstices, equinoxes and Halloween for example. For some people, even full moons signify a period of more intense dreaming. Continue reading

Dreaming of the Dead II – the issue of astral visitors

  In a previous post, Dreaming of the Dead, I briefly discussed dreaming of aspects of self that had been killed off, deceased people as dream symbols and the return of soul fragments as alternate ways of understanding why “dead” people appear in dreams. From all of the comments received it is clear that the Continue reading

Nightmares and Initiations

    When we ignore important dreams our soul intensifies them as a way of gaining our attention. When they are really intense, we call them nightmares. Once we understand what our soul is trying to convey through our nightmares and we take action to follow that guidance, the nightmares usually stop. I was reminded Continue reading

The Power of Dream Re-Entry … and Bettongs!

I have written about the power of re-visualising dreams in previous posts but after experiencing this again myself this morning I decided to dedicate a post to this topic using my dream as an example. Dream re-entry is the process of re-entering the dream after you have woken up and recorded it. It works well Continue reading


How to Become More Lucid in Dreams

In our last post Are You Being Dreamed, we touched on how the subconscious mind will control our dreams and our lives if we do not have control of it. In waking life we can reprogram it by being present in each moment and overriding subconscious reactions by making conscious choices but how can we Continue reading