The Gift of Healing Dreams

Eliminating challenges to our health can be quite a task if we are not aware of the cause of our dis-ease. Treating the symptoms is never really successful while targeting the cause can have an almost immediate effect. The good news is, we can utilize our dreams to help us in seeing the cause to Continue reading

Are You Waking Up Exhausted?

Are you getting a full 8 hours sleep or even more and still waking up exhausted? It could be that you are so busy doing soul work that you aren’t taking the time to recharge your batteries. There is a great deal happening on the astral and mental planes at this time with massive clearings Continue reading

The Importance of Diet for Improved Dreamwork and Spiritual Development

Our planet has had test bombs exploded on it, oil spills and nuclear disasters the like of which occurred in Chenobyl and Fukushima in 2011. We endure pollution to our skies from chem trails, our soils are depleted and polluted with poisons and our water is turned toxic with fluoridation and chlorination. Tests are beginning Continue reading