Clearing Fear


I’ve seen a few people struggling with clearing this last week and even had to remind myself of the wonderful tools available to us to assist us in our clearing work. As we approach the Lion’s Gate which is already effectively forcing energies to the surface for clearing I thought a post on clearing might be helpful. What does clearing work have to do with dreams you may ask. Everything! As I understand it, we dream for the sole purpose of evolving our consciousness towards enlightenment. Dreams show us what is going on in our lives, thoughts and feelings that we may not be aware of so that we may address these issues and clear them.

For those new to “the path” allow me to explain what needs to be cleared and why it is necessary. Essentially, we need to clear every single thought, feeling and often actions that stem from negative ego thinking. That is, thoughts, feelings and actions not originating from Divine Love. The starting place are the fears, hatred, jealousy, envy etc that we are aware of. We delve deeper from there once these are cleared away. We not only have to remove fear from our mental aspect but our feeling aspect and even our cellular memory. Keep in mind that we are clearing not only from this life but from all lives that we have had during this incarnation; including wounded inner child and faulty inner parent aspects.

Why do we need to clear all this core fear, hurt, pain and hatred of self and others? Let’s just say fear and love cannot occupy the same space simultaneously so where there is fear there is a lack of love. When I say Love I mean Light, for they are essentially the same thing. Negative thoughts create negative emotions which lodge in the body and cause blockages to our energy system; as a consequence we feel pain or get sick. Unfortunately we are so accustomed to pain that we think it is normal, only when we begin to clear it do we realize how much pain we have held on to. As we replace these stagnant energies with light that flows freely through our energy system we create health and vitality within all of our lightbodies. We are grounded to the planet via our grounding cord which serves to anchor us but it is also an outlet for negative energies that pass from us into the planet. As we clear our negative thoughts and emotions it also clears them from the grounding cord and consequently, the planet. These misqualified energies may stem back hundreds of lives. To ascend we must clear 51% or more of our karma and we must hold a high level of light while at the same time our psychology must remain steady in and anchored in Truth rather than illusion. The bottom line is, that if we are to progress spiritually at all, we must replace our core fears with core love.

lattice2Now let’s take a look at how we might clear these fears and and what tools we have available to us. We have the power of the 7th Ray, other wise known as the Violet Flame available to us. To use it simply see your entire energy consumed in violet coloured flames, see it burning away fears and pain while any light present remains untouched. Amethyst crystals are naturally attuned to Violet Flame and these crystals can assist in this clearing work. My favourite tool however is the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program (CFMRP). This is Arcturian technology that utilizes the Violet Flame with the White Fire of God allowing it to penetrate very deep into the energy field. This looks like a latticework of light that is inserted into the energy field highlighting core fears which are them pulled out through the crown chakra for removal. This energy is then requalified and returned to you as Light.  The beauty of the CFMRP is that you don’t even need to know what is being removed you simply have to let it go. However, this does not remove it from cellular memory. Once the core fear is removed, it will emerge from cellular memory and you may re-experience the energy. I can attest to this as I cleared drownings from several lifetimes and experienced the sensation of my lungs filling with fluid and coughing up handfuls of it. It can last a very short time if you allow it to pass but fighting it can have it linger and be very unpleasant. I tell you this not to create fear but to prepare you to know what to expect. If you know what it is, you can acknowledge it and allow it to pass.  The other glitch with the CFMRP is that while it will removal the fear but if you are not aware it is gone and you continue to think about it, it will return because you are unknowingly putting it back. This is where dreams can become valuable as they assist us in becoming aware of what we are thinking and feeling that is not in alignment with Divine Love. It is then for us to clear it or if using the CFMRP, to check to see if it has been removed. Better still is to invoke the CFMRP and ask that it be installed for an entire year and also ask our dreams to reflect what has been removed so that we know to adjust our thinking about that particular fear. A similar but far more conscious process is Time Line Therapy.

I hope this post has been helpful whether you are new to the path or a seasoned aspirant. If you feel that you need assistance with any sort of clearing I am available for online sessions, just contact me via email.


Until next time… happy clearing.

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