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3 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. What is your interpretation on my dream? while asleep this morning I saw 12 unicorns line up together in a snowy country with trees then the unicorns surrounded in circles that creates almost a blizzard of snow and I don’t know what happened then a beautiful whit male ram appear then i woke up by a weird phone call at 7:45 am that’s coming from my good brother in law. I remember hearing people talking and I was saying hello hello!! then it hang-up so I call back because it might be an emergency, but it’s not he said he didn’t know why his cell phone dial my number and he told me his playing tennis and say sorry! to wake you up. and I hang-up. The 12 unicorns were all white and I was staring at one unicorn and have good look of the horn and his eyes were just staring and trying to communicate.

    • Greetings Elizabeth,
      thank you for sharing your wonderful dream. As I have said in my post, unicorns always seem to represent a spiritual quest and certainly the ram symbolises the seeking of new beginnings. A great dream to have so close to the beginning of a new year. Winter is the time for dormancy. It is a period of preparation prior to great activity, a time to spend in quiet solitude to give yourself time to go within to find the answers that you need and to plan a strategy for the great burst of activity to come. I am also currently going through a winter period, although it is not of my choosing I have learned not to argue with spirit. The number 12 is a significant number, just look at where 12 appears; 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock, 12 disciples of Christ. It can symbolise completion but you may have to feel out all of the possibilities of its meaning and see what feels right to you. It could mean that your winter will last for a year. Ram is there to help you bring forth the powers of the mind and imagination and use them to seek out your new beginning. Also look at the ram in terms of astrology in both the zodiac and Chinese astrology. This may give you even more insight. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

      Blessings and Light

  2. Just wanted to say thankyou, had a dream the other night and must say havent had any spiritual dreams at all lately, but I was riding on a grey unicorn he was flying it was wonderful. Thanks for the interpertation. I know where it came from for me.

    Best Regards

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