Dream Mastermind Groups


When Napolean Hill interviewed the 500 wealthiest men for his book Think and Grow Rich, he discovered 15 common traits that contributed to their success, one of which was masterminding on a regular basis. Having a group of like-minded people to exchange ideas with, to study and grow with and ask for insights on challenges and issues gives you an incredible advantage in life. Once you’ve experienced such a group, you’ll never go without one again. It works for entrepreneurs and it works for dreamers alike.

We have created a sacred space, both physically and online, within a supportive environment to help you extract the valuable treasures that fill your night time dreams so that you can fulfil your waking dreams. When it comes to your own dreams, no one is more expert than you, but listening to fresh ideas and perspectives can give you that aha moment when it comes to honing in and expanding the meaning of your dreams.

This is your chance to come together with like-minded people to share, brainstorm, interpret and discuss your dreams and challenges to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner world. It’s invaluable and yet we’ve kept the price low.

Join one of our local groups or if you live too far away look for one of our Skype groups. We keep the groups small so please contact us to check for vacancies and reserve your spot.

Those who are really dedicated to their dreamwork may like to join our Silver Goddess Mastermind Group. Joining this group is by application only. Please Email Julie-Anne for further details.