Dreaming of the Dead

A few fans have written in recently with dreams concerning dead people. One fan said she believed that we never dream about the dead. I created this post to shine a little light upon what dreaming of the dead might mean.

One particular dream of my own comes to mind when I think of dreaming of the dead, which is interesting because it was a dream I had some years ago and still remember vividly.  I was walking towards a beautiful pond which was surrounded with shrubs and forest. When I arrived at the edge of the pond I was surprised to see all these naked bodies lying dead on the bottom of the pond near the edge where it was more shallow. Many were in the foetal position – a sign they were ready to be reborn. Their white skin was almost iridescent.  I didn’t want them to be dead. Suddenly, as I squatted by the pool, a hand reached up to me from one of the bodies. I reached out and grabbed her arm and began pulling her from the water.  Once I could see that she was ok,  I swung into action and began pulling more bodies from the water. Even those that had not shown signs of life were pulled from the water and revived, although not all of them were ready to return. There were both male and female bodies but far more females than males. At some point I called the police and there was one male officer helping me with the rescue.

This is one sort of dream one may have about the dead. Usually, bodies in water are linked to a  strong emotion.  It is perhaps to avoid these emotions that they were killed. Dreaming of the dead isn’t restricted to water however; they may have been turned to stone, buried in sand, in the earth or even beneath the floorboards. These aspects may have been causing the dreamer some sort of mental distress and have been pushed into the unconscious for a time.

Whatever the reason they were killed and hence dead to the dreamer the situation has either been resolved or needs to be resolved so these aspects can be revived, accepted and integrated into the evolving personality.  Integrating these aspects brings to the dreamer more qualities than were previously available to them. For some it may mean more feminine energy, new creativity, more inner strength, or a range of other qualities. The important thing is to work with each of these “dead people”  in meditation to find out who they are and what quality they bring to you.

One may also dream about relatives that have passed.  Sometimes dreams about relatives occur because the relative is hanging around trying to communicate from the other side (see my post Dreaming of the Dead II for more on this) but more commonly is a relative appearing to show you a quality within self that requires work. The relative is merely a dream symbol in this case. When you think of this person what word comes to mind that sums them up? Perhaps the person was always happy – they may be showing up as a symbol to show you that you need to be happier. Or perhaps they were controlling, indicating some work to be done in the area of personal power. However the dead appear in your dream it is important to note as many other dream symbols as possible. These symbols provide context and further clues to the dreams meaning. We can easily forget all other symbols if we are taken by surprise when the dead come back to life. This “shock” dominates conscious thought and all other less prominent symbols evaporate very quickly if they aren’t focused on and jotted down.  These symbols may go along way in helping you decipher your dream.

The final scenario I’d like to mention is the return of soul fragments which can also appear as the dead coming back to life in dreams. When a person has a traumatic experience be it a car accident, witness to a crime, or a disturbing argument, or even the death process itself, part of our soul energy can fragment off and go elsewhere. Usually to a safer more appealing place but not always. Many fragments go to the angelic realm to be cared for by angels, other fragments can become embedded in one of the subtle bodies – emotional, mental or spiritual, while some venture to the lower world to be with animals, fairies or other nature spirits. At some point in the personality’s life the trauma will come up for healing. Once the emotions and thoughts about the trauma are resolved the door opens for the return of the soul fragment. Sometimes it returns by itself, it can be returned by your higher self or monad, or your can request that it be returned by the masters or archangels. Whatever the scenario might be it usually inspires dreams that will alert you to be extra loving towards self while the fragment reintegrates back into the essence of you.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comment box below.

Happy dreaming

I AM Julie-Anne

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  1. My cousin passed away 2 years ago in a drunk driving accident. I always have dreams that she is alive and tells me she is ok and that everything wil be ok. In those dreams for some strange reason she ends up dying again and I feel all the pain of having her funeral all over again. She was only 17 when she passed away and she was like my sister. What does this mean?

    • Your dream could mean several things Monique but it is difficult to reach the correct meaning without more information. For example, you haven’t told me if your cousin was drunk or if it was someone else who was drunk that caused the fatality. It also depends on why you want to know the answer to your question, “What does it mean?” Knowing this will greatly affect the answer. Are you just looking for a short answer or are you wanting to use the dream as a tool for your own, and your possibly cousin’s self growth? An interactive session would be a great help. Understanding what you want to do with your dreams is best done before a full session and I offer a complimentary 30 minute session for this very purpose. If you’d like to book a free session please email me to schedule an online time. You can find more information about sessions in my store.

      Meanwhile, here a few things to consider. We can spend many lifetimes developing and refining our consciousness to be where we are in this life. When we drink excessively it affects our consciousness and energetic field lowering it to a vibration that resonates with the astral and lower astral realms, which then attracts entities occupying those levels of consciousness into our energy. It would not be unusual to see entities attached or to find holes within the auric field of a drinker. It is through these holes that energies enter that can create havoc for us. When we “die we are energetically magnetised to where our level of consciousness is at the time of passing. Even if we did not evolve very much during our incarnation we get three opportunities to greatly accelerate our position by merging with the clear light of God when it is offered to us during the dying process. Those who are not spiritually aware usually don’t know to do this and if they haven’t worked on training the subconscious mind to allow this process to occur they often miss the opportunities to do so. When someone is drunk and dies the chances are that they were so lacking awareness they wouldn’t even see the opportunity when it came. This can leave them occupying the lower astral realm. If you take the dream literally it can mean that your cousin is not at rest and may be asking for help. She’s saying she’s ok, and of course she is but she may not be where she wants to be and you can help her move on.
      Your cousin could also be a symbol for your own life in which the dream is offering you guidance to make some corrections or address any unresolved emotional trauma connected to your cousins passing.

  2. Hi , I had this dream :
    I fell from a bridge over water and in the water saw the dead body submerged in the water in my dream .

    I searched the net and found out these completely true sentences:

    To dream that you are crossing a bridge signifies an important decision or a critical junction in your life. This decision will prove to be a positive change filled with prosperity and wealth in the horizon. Bridges represent a transitional period in your life where you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one. If you fall off the bridge and into the water, then the dream indicates that you are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Alternatively, the bridge may indicate that you are trying to “bridge” or connect two things together. To dream of a run-down bridge indicates that you should not contemplate any major changes in your life at this time.

    But the unclear points for me is this :

    1- the dead body asked me to make a way to take him out of water (he called me via mobile and his voice was unclear but I’m sure he reminded me not to forget him and make a way for him to get out of water)
    2- I fell into the water twice . the first time I fell in a place that the dead body wasn’t there but suddenly the sequence repeated and I saw myself over the bridge and when trying to pass the bridge , fell again and saw the dead body this time

    I’m on the eve of marriage . What must I do ?

    Please help me
    Thanks in advanced

    • Thank you for sharing your dream Vahid. Firstly I’d like to say that the dream dictionary you provided the link to does not contain completely true sentences. The concepts might be true for the author of the dream dictionary and perhaps to some others of like mind and experience but they are referring to “real life” as that which is happening in the physical world. This is a very good way to be completely miss the message of dreams for they do not originate in the physical world. I interpret dreams from a very different place and as it relates to the inner world.

      What is said about the bridge may be significant as you say you are on the eve of marriage. Marriage demands a change in consciousness and perhaps this is what the bridge represents. I would rarely ascribe a bridge to mean decision making – the only decision that is to be made is whether to cross it or not. The Bridge in your dream is perhaps a transition point between your single consciousness and your married consciousness. However you have not provided any information about the water itself which would go a great distance in revealing how you felt about your marriage.

      My post does contain the answer you are seeking if you read it carefully. The dead body is likely an aspect of yourself (of your consciousness that is) that you have killed off at some point in the past and now that you have changed your situation by taking marriage vows you may well need this aspect of yourself again. It is likely to be a feeling aspect which would be beneficial or even essential to have in this new situation. This is why the body is asking you to come for it, to look for it within yourself and resurrect it.

      I hope this helps you gain some understanding. If you require further guidance please do visit our online store and select one of the interpretation products.

      • Thanks
        FYI , I saw 2 big creatures around the river , a big Ancient Turtle-Tortoise like creature , and a dinosaur . The river had 3-4 meters height and it was calm .

  3. hi.
    I’ve been in love with a guy since i was 11. so 12 years i was in love with this guy. it started out as a just a major crush. then once we hit high school, he was always my “what if”. we didnt really talk. we were in different social circles. But after high shcool we talked. we went on a date (i didnt know he thought it was a date until a few months ago) and hung out a few times but i was seeing someone else. but this guy was always there when i needed him even though we only talked about once or twice every few months.
    my fiance and i had broken up back in February, and this guy and i started seeing each other. and i fell in love with him. like real deep love. not just the love i felt for him over the years. but we broke. i got back together with my ex finace. he decided to try to become more amicable with his son’s mother. then he was killed in a drunken driving accident two weeks later. he and his brother was drunk and his brother lost control of the truck and he died and his brother lived. and it’s killing me.
    but i’ve dreampt of him twice. once he and i were expecting a baby, he wasnt talking at all but you could feel the happiness radiating from him. then it switched to a dream of my boyfriend and i having a baby.
    then last night, i had a dream where i went to his brother’s birthday party even though he and i werent together. and i was helping get things put together and i walked over to him and started flirting with him. i kissed him on the cheek and he seemed surprised. then it went to me and him walking through a dept store just talking. then i was with my boyfriend again and ran away, found him and made him talk to me. i dragged him from his girlfriend and i asked him if he still loved me. he said yes. and we kissed. but then he said he had to go back. but i left before he did and someone asked what happened and i called him unpredictable… it was very strange. i woke up feeling so melencholy.
    is there any sort of meaning behind this?

    • Hi Megan,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. There is always meaning behind a dream, meaning that we must heed. It seems a little confusing so let me see if I have it straight. Your boyfriend is the guy that you’ve known since puberty and you went out with him when you broke up with your fiancé but then you got back together with your fiancé who seems to have an ex and a son. Your fiancé died in a truck accident in February two weeks after you got back together but his brother survived it. Is that correct?
      As you are dreaming of all three men they appear to be symbols within your dream of your own inner masculine. Think of the one word that would describe the personality of each of them – this is likely something you are being asked to develop within yourself or at least allow within yourself. Dreaming that we are pregnant signifies the something new is about to be born – whether that is a new idea, a project you wanted to do or even a new aspect of yourself emerging. While he felt happy about this upcoming birth you did not so this indicates that you either don’t believe that you can do it and it is causing inner sadness or there are some changes that you need to make that you feel may cause you to lose something. The unpredictability may be echoing your fears about change – you don’t know what to expect – the outcome is unpredictable, which would also explain the melancholy. I could be wrong of course but I don’t think the dream was about your fiancé but rather it was about your own masculine side. It sounds as though you have some inner work ahead of you. I hope this helps shed some light upon your dream.
      Blessings and Love to you Megan.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  4. this dream was very disturbing for me.i saw myself lying with two dead bodies.i was lying in center.both were females.a man killed them.though i knew the females were dead i didn’t dare mention it because i was very scared that the man would kill me too.in some point i tried to escape the scenario but couldn’t do so as the man was always around me keeping an eye on me.he wanted to marry me but i was scared he would kill me too after marrying me.
    The man was very furious and seemed very short tempered.
    Now to think of that,do the dream have any connection with my relationship with my boyfriend.i had this dream just after having a very disturbing arguement with my boyfriend. And the mentioned nature is similar to my boyfriend’s.and he have had two girlfriends before me.what disturbs me is i know my boyfriend loves me a lot and would never hurt me but the man in dream was very scary.i was very scared of him.
    Explaining this dreams meaning would really help me and keep me in peace.

    • Greetings Hazel. Thank you for sharing your dream. We do often find dreaming of the dead disturbing until we understand what it means, after that dreaming of the dead can be a wonderful experience. It sounds as though you have feminine aspects of yourself to bring back to life. These are aspects that you yourself have killed off or so greatly suppressed they have died. Dreaming of them means they are ready to come back to life and be integrated within your consciousness now. I believe the man in the dream is an aspect of you as well and the entire internal scenario is being played out in the outer world to show you what you need to correct. The outer world is always manifest because of what happens in the inner world, so yes in a way it is both about your boyfriend and about this inner male aspect. How do you honour your own feminine nature? Do you allow your masculine side to control everything in a way that he has power over the feminine? These are questions your need to ask yourself and work bringing your intuitive, creative, more cautious side to life. Creating this inner balance will help create it in your outer relationship too and bring your greater peace.

  5. Hello, my name is Tony and my dad recently passed away last year from a 5 year battle with cancer. There was so many things I didn’t get say to him and it was a tragedy. Ive been having these dreams about him being here in my life and acting normal and helping me with things. One dream was one that stood out.
    I was driving to to some school kinda in the woods and near an airport somewhere, then after I dropped my girlfriend off I started driving really fast on this narrow road in the forest and come to an end and see my friend Kyle riding his bike so I stop and start talking to him…nearby there was some place with a lot of chairs and it was like a reception for a prom or party, but it was empty, and where Kyle was driving his. Bike was in the cementary, I told him about my dad that he showed up to our door one day alive and for back to life, and was just acting completely normal, so we talk and walk over to his grave, kyle said that it kinda feels different here, so he somehow digs up my dads grave and my dads grave comes up and we were both scared to open it so he kinda shook it a little and it felt empty so we put it back and assumed he is not in it. After I start driving back and I see a store so I stop and buy something but I’m in a hurry and start rushing and knock over this guys cart almost and crushed his sandwiches, he was a older man, I didn’t really care so I told him to go get new ones n left, I start driving back recklessly again, nearly Probly 10 accidents and the dream ends… Its weird cause it felt so real and ii woke up and actually thought my dad came back to life but realized it can’t happen . . .things similiar to this have been bothering me ever since his death. I would like to know if you have any thoughts on what this might mean. Thank you

    • Hi Tony,
      thank you for sharing your dream. I always feel very honoured when people share a part of themselves and where they are on their journey through life. Please accept my empathy for the loss of your father. Let’s take a look at your dream but please understand that I will only answer in a general sense here. If you would like a fuller interpretation or guidance to help you work through your dream or your grief, please contact me via email for options and costs.

      You said that your father passed away recently and then you said it was sometime last year. It sounds as though you are having trouble completing the grieving process and letting go because you feel as though you have so many things that have gone unsaid. Would that be correct? These need to be said and it’d never too late to do that. Driving or any form of travel usually represents how we are moving through life. Once you are alone your driving becomes reckless, this can represent anger and other negative emotions “driving” your behaviour. Driving to a school indicates that you are learning or need to learn new things to help you move forward. That an airport is nearby means you have the chance to upgrade from driving to flying, which is a positive sign. However, the woods indicates that you are trying to hide something. You say your friend Kyle is riding a bike but you don’t mention if it is a push bike or a motorcycle. I’m vaguely picking up a dirt bike. The party with all the empty chairs is there waiting to celebrate your progress but you’re not quite there yet with what you need to do. Seeing your father in your dreams as if everything is back as it was seems to me to indicate that you are not letting go and accepting his death on a deep level. The empty grave also indicates this as well as you feeling empty. Stopping at the store may be indicating that there is something that you do not have but that you need to move forward. By knocking over the guys cart and almost crushing his sandwiches supports this idea, that something you need to nourish you is currently not available to you. You haven’t cared about the older man who may well be an inner father aspect so the concept of not caring for self properly is coming up as well as avoidance. If you would like to do an online coaching session I could assist you through the process of speaking to your father to bring you to the point of resolution.

      Blessings and Light to you Tony.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  6. I had adream about being back at childhood home, it was packed with a ton of people. I remember being in the backyard. There was a wood bench and on that bench sat my dead aunt. She looked pale and i tried calling her name but it was as if she couldn’t hear me i got no response. I had another aunt standing next to me telling me something but i don’t remember what shewas telling me but i know it had something to do with my dead aunt sitting on the bench. Then all off a sudden a wagon came rlling in thru our drive way. A man opened the wagon door and my dad fell out with water streming down around him. he was soaked and appeared dead. (My dad is alive and very healthy,and i am very very close to him.) I ran to him and yelled out at him to wake up. I was cradling him like a kid. i then woke up. I don’t know what my dream meant. It was very dark, grey, and cloudy in the dream. Could you help me to interpret my dream please.

    • Hi Priscilla, thank you for sharing your dream. In dreams like this, the people are symbols rather than the actual people. They represent qualities within us that need attention. When you think of the dead aunt what quality, trait or mannerism comes immediately to mind? This is something you are being asked to work on, awaken or bring back to life within yourself. Your father symbolises your inner inner masculine parent indicating that this may require work. Are you self-disciplined, supportive of self when it comes to what you want to achieve in life, are you overly emotional or allow your emotions to rule you at times, do you allow yourself to lapse into old habits rather than staying strong and forging new habits that will better serve you. Your dream is telling you there are things within you, qualities, strengths etc, that you need to awaken now as they will serve you well at this time. Doing this will bring out the sun again in your dreams. I hope this helps you better understand your dream.

      Blessings Always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  7. Hi I had a dream that still I don’t get a girl who I have been dating her uncle who I have known for many many years battled with cancer for only 6 monthes and recently passed away now we weren’t close close but I did like him very much and respected him so last nite I dreampt that I was walking by is home where he use to live and he was sitting in a chair at the kitchen table screaming about how he couldn’t take this how much pain he was in so I entered the home at first he told me to get out so I did but then he followed me outside said sorry and asked if I knew where he could get any pain pills,weed and money so I said yeah I can try in my dream I said to him but your dead and he said had to lie to the insurance company some how so I took him to my house where I found the weed pills and money he family lives only a couple houses from me and they all saw him and was in shock that he was alive the whole time he keep saying I am scared I am scared then once his family seen him he wanted to leave so I gave him the stuff but he was trying to get me to go with him I kept saying I will meet you there but didn’t intend on meeting him anywhere he then argued with my family about how he was taking me he then turned into a zombie like thing and grabed my arm I woke up and that was my dream I have no idea what this means can you please help me I am unsettled about this dream thanks a lot lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing your dreams. There are many symbols within this dream to look at and gain wisdom from. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the people in your dream are symbols rather than the actual people. Look at the qualities in the uncle that you liked and respected and that will give you a clue as to what you might need to focus on within your development. It seems that you are trying to numb some kind of pain within your own life. Are you listening to your soul or resisting the direction you know in your heart that you should go? This alone will cause pain. Are you wanting to ask for help with something but hold back out of fear? What lie are you living that is in place to deceive others, those close to you in particular? This may or may not be conscious, for we all hide our divine selves to some extent. Certainly though, it is something to investigate within yourself. I think the important thing to recognise when you lie to yourself. Do you promise yourself you will do something with no intention of following through? Are you in any kind of battle for power with anyone? As you can begin to appreciate there are many ideas here which could be worked on. I do hope this brief interpretation is helpful as a starting point for you.

      I wish you success with what lies ahead for you.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  8. I lost my granddad 5 months ago to cancer, which tuck him away fast. This sounds so silly but last night I had a dream he was dead on a hospital bed but in a super store. There was a lady that said she had to take the air out of him and she hit his tummy, my granddad then sat up and smiled at me and he was alive. we did our shopping togther and round the conner was my nan who I lost 6 years ago. She was her happy self telling my granddad off, like she did.
    I was very close to my nan and granddad but more my granddad as I looked after him.
    I woke up and could not get back to sleep as I kept going back to this dream.
    Please help me understand this dream!!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      without speaking to you directly and not knowing you at all, I would say that the people in your dream are symbols for things going on in your life rather than the spirits of the people themselves. The superstore is a good symbol to have in your dream for it means that you have everything material that you need right there at your fingertips. The number 6 is prominent in both dreams. The number 6 relates to earthly materials such as possessions. It asks you to balance worries about the material with a focus on faith in the spiritual. Six is also the number in the Kabbalah for Archangel Michael, who through the first ray is associated with the solar plexus chakra – the one that the lady hit to take the air out of your grandfather. I would also say that it would benefit you greatly to clear your energy centres and in particular your solar plexus. It sounds as though you are being encouraged to let go of a few things on the material level and move towards a more spiritual life.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  9. hi, i dream about by uncle who passed away 20 days ago. actually the dream is, ‘ we all, about 5 family members went for a walk, and i was talking with my uncle who is dead’, i realized only when i finished my chat with him, and i turned back to see him, but he was not there. what does this mean?

    • Hi Fiona,
      Your dream can mean many things as I don’t have a great deal of information to go on I can only make a few suggestions so that you can see which one rings true for you. Firstly the number 5 is the number of alchemy – that is a change of state and transformation. You must discern whether you are dealing with a symbol of your uncle or if it is actually your uncle. As a symbol, think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of him. It might be a quality like – he was always confident or always funny or always happy. Look at how this quality or trait is manifesting within yourself and you will have an idea about how to either enhance it or if it is a negative trait – how to overcome it. The key to the dream is really the content of the conversation that you had with your uncle. If one is attuned to the astral realm, it can happen that deceased family members will try to guide us in life. I assure you this is not the ideal and we are far better served by requesting guidance from the masters of light or angels from the celestial realm. So your dream is either asking you to look at a particular quality or family dynamic that needs attention or you were given advice depending on the conversation you had. If you do feel as though the spirit of your uncle is around the best thing to do is to call in Archangel Michael and ask him to take your uncle to where he will best be served in his evolution. Also request that you only be guided by the angels and masters of the Light of God. That will ensure that any astral based guides are removed. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  10. Hi. I had a dream about one of my cousin dieing but in real he’s alive. The dream is, am going for my cousin’s funeral, but he is not there, only a 6 yrs old girl’s dead body is there. I am hearing only the story of his death from my aunt in the funeral. what does this dream insist me?

    • Hi Fiona,
      Your dream indicates that your cousin is symbolic of qualities within yourself that you need to pay attention to. What stands out about this cousin? The 6 year old girl is likely an aspect of yourself that you have killed off or denied within your consciousness. She needs to be loved, accepted and integrated back into yourself. What the dream is insisting is that you do some inner child work to facilitate this integration. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

    • Hi Fiona,
      Your dream indicates that your cousin is symbolic of qualities that you need to pay attention to. What stands out about this cousin? The 6 year old girl is likely an aspect of yourself that you have killed off or denied within your consciousness. She needs to be loved, accepted and integrated back into yourself. What the dream is insisting is that you do some inner child work to facilitate this integration. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  11. Hi Julie-Anne,
    there’s this dream I had a few weeks ago that has been bothering me since and I hope you can help.

    In that dream, I was at the airport with my family. I was the last in line with my godma, who passed away 5 years ago. I think we were heading for Europe on holiday. The rest of the family had gone thru d immigration point and I was left with my godma.

    We were having problems trying to check in and I was helping her. I remembered feeling frustrated in the dream coz she was worried we wont make the flight and the rest of the family was waiting.

    I eventually got her to go thru immigration before me but she didn’t want to leave without me coz she was worried I’d be lost or she’d be lost.
    I remembered assuring her that it’ll be all right and asked her to go ahead, I’ll catch up.

    She went thru immigration and I went back waiting in line to clear immigration.
    Once past immigration, I couldn’t find her or any of my family but I went ahead towards the departure gates.

    Can you help me?

    • Hi Amanda,
      there is much for you in this dream if you break it down and look at each of the symbols. An airport is a place of travel, which may be indicating that you are either ready to move to the next level in your life’s journey or you are being asked to by your soul to move to the next level. Family can mean many things depending on how you view the concept. Perhaps in this case it symbolises those around you journeying to somewhere that you may not be able to follow or it can be a prompt to tell you to keep up. It could also mean that you don’t want to go where they are going and are struggling with doing what others want over what you want. Understand that it is difficult to interpret a dream without input from the dreamer. All I really do is guide you to finding your own answers. It is interesting that you use the term immigration rather than customs; this implies that the move to this new place is permanent and is not just a visit to take in the sights. Also the symbol of you godma – or God Mother is significant. What qualities does she have that stand out? She could also be a symbol of the divine feminine within yourself. These are all symbols for you to explore. From this dream though I would say that you are needing to find your path and allow those around you to travel theirs even if you choose to go a different way. I hope this helps you understand your dream.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  12. I recently have been dreaming of my deceased mother interacting with me and my daughter. My mother has been dead for 30 years and never met my daughter. When I used to dream about my mother is when she expired and I came to see her at the hospital and I would get money from all kinds of situations. Now just dreams with her interacting with us as if we all live together as one big family and interact on a daily basis. Do not understand at all.

    • There could be a number of reasons for your mother appearing in your dreams at this time. One is that she has found a way to communicate with you from the other side, which is not ideal and to eliminate this possibility all one need do is ask Archangel Michael to clear out any and all astral beings from the house. The other is simply that you need to look at your own inner parent/ inner child dynamic and work on this as indicated by the dream. I have written an article specifically about this subject, Dreaming of Parents which may be helpful to you. If you need any further clarification please post another comment.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  13. In my dream I was offered to see my husband in his coffin again (?) (yes he has passed). While looking at him someone had touched his hand, and it had moved a little. I figured it was natural. then he started to stretch and move around a lot. tll he had flipped his legs over the side. (i thought well…he did always like to sleep on his side)…(still knowing he was dead). Then he opened his eyes, and I went into panic mode to get him help. We were then in a hospital…and I asked someone for a blanket.. she was in no rush to help me. So I knelt down over him and covered him with my body/sweater I was wearing and just started crying. I couldn’t figure out why they were not helping us.. As he started to get medical attention. a Dr(?) whom I guess I knew…. said they did all the test on him before he died, but did not check #6. That, that is how he came back.. His bones had something to do with it. Crazy dream.. Not sure how much of it I have forgotten, but what do you think?

    • Interesting dream Jen, it sounds as though you have some inner masculine aspects that want to “wake up” and be reintegrated. Perhaps some feminine aspects, symbolised by the nurses, are in no hurry for this aspect to return to the whole. If you think about the most outstanding quality your husband had in life, this may be what is returning to you. The number 6 has many meanings but I am not sure what it means to you. It can refer to the third eye chakra and therefore enlightenment, it can mean beauty, it can refer to St Michael, it can denote the number of humanity (God created man on the 6th day) the very bones and flesh of which are of the earth itself. Bones as a symbol can refer to inner support (as that is what the skeleton does) structure, strength, even magic. Without knowing your life situation or you personally I’d say this masculine aspect that has some of the qualities of your husband has returned to offer you inner strength and support but you may have a little work to do as this may cause some mild internal conflicts. I hope this makes sense to you Jen.

      Light and Love
      I AM Julie-Anne

  14. My father passed away from alzheimers, although I was very close to him, he had many secrets of molesting my cousin who lived with us since she was a child. Those secrets were made public to our family before his death. I struggled with this knowledge for a couple years, before I decided, he’s my dad, I love him with all my heart, and forgave him…even though he most likely did not deserve the forgiveness..
    Last nite I had a dream my dads’ body was in a truck I was driving…he came back to life, looking rather dead, but still was that loving father. As the dream went on, I tried calling a funeral home to rebury him, and then he started getting physically agitated, but there were moments in the dream that were tender as well. With the help of the people in my dream, we gathered dad up, it was like he was using pieces of the interior of the truck to make himself…we put him in a box, along with letters from my mom, and anything we thought would bring him peace, and they drove off with him to let him R.I.P.. After that I went inside the house to take a shower, I was very smelly, and had bits of dad all over me, my sister was there and we both started to vomit, the smell was so bad. I threw away all my clothes because they were so smelly, and I just wanted to be rid of them… I went back i the truck, and my dad seemed to reappear in the articles that were left in there…Like he was forming again..this time he seemed evil, and we gathered the items and put them in a burning pile…we set them on fire..my dad seemed to uprise out of the flames and started shouting accusations at me….the last part of my dream was I was looking for gas to throw on the fire because he seemed to be escaping it….I woke up in a pool of sweat, and cannot get these images out of my brain…My father never touched me, I put him on a pedastal, when I found out what he did to my cousin, I was crushed….could my dream be revealing he is in Hell??? Help!!

    • Hi Patty,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. Let me just go through this one bit at a time for there a few points I would like to make. Firstly, great job on finding forgiveness for your father, this has saved you a great deal of pain and suffering. Unforgiveness never harms the one it is directed at but does great damage to the person who holds it against another. Secondly, I don’t really believe in the fire and brimstone type of hell. I see hell as something of our own making stemming from negative or evil thoughts. Whether your father has made his own hell I can’t say for sure. It would seem that he was certainly looking for some sort of redemption before death by confessing his actions. As he had Alzheimer’s and was probably emotional when he passed I’d say he’d be bound for the astral plane, which is a plane I do not work upon. As life lessons go, we usually are presented with the same lessons many times at ever higher turns of the spiral. It could be that you are needing to find forgiveness on a whole new level for your father who is being shown to you as something fearful and evil. This has nothing to do with him per se, but everything to do with resolving this within your own consciousness. I have seen this many times where people forgive only to be presented with the situation or person again to forgive at a higher level. You could also be facing the duality which your father presents. By that I mean, on the one hand he was loving and you had tender moments with him but on the other he was also evil and almost demonic fighting to regain life. I want to stress that from my perspective and how I work with people all things not of the light are to be denied entry into our consciousness. Other dream workers speak of integrating the shadow self and balancing light and dark, this is not something I support on any level. We are made in the image of God and are therefore a being of Light where darkness cannot dwell. Darkness and fear smell most foul and perhaps you were being shown this dream as a message to forgive on a more evolved level and to clear all things not of the light from yourself. That the bits of your father were on the surface and you were able to wash it off is a good sign. Vomiting is also a very good sign, it signifies your unwillingness to hold it within you. I’m not sure if what I’ve written here will help you resolve this dream and I know you posted this comment some time ago so time had since passed. I do apologise for not replying immediately, for every 100 legitimate comments that I receive on this blog I receive 900 spam and it is quite time consuming sorting through them. Please let me know if you are still having dreams of your father, I’d love to know how you are getting on.

      Love and Blessings always
      I AM Julie-Anne

      • Hi Julie-Anne, thankyou very much for your reply. Yes, I am still having dreams of my father. Not all are bad, and are more vague the the one above. Last nite I dreamt he was holding a spider, and put it on my finger and I was bitten by it. That was all I remember on that dream. I dream of him alot. At least once a week. And sometimes my mom is in them as well, but she seems to be more at ease than my dad….thankyou for this website and I hope I can share more of my dreams with you…some are pretty far out, with flavors, colors,strange new places, sometimes I feel like my dreamlife is my adventure in life…

        • Hi Patty,
          Great to hear from you! You’re welcome to share your dreams here any time and also on the fan page. Sharing dreams helps not only you but many others as well. Dreaming of the same person once a week indicates to me something unresolved. I would try asking Archangel Michael to clear your home and energy of all lower energies and have him stand guard over you continuously. Just see if that makes a difference to the content of your dreams. That will also eliminate a couple of possibilities. You can also ask Michael to enter into your dreams, he is quite the master at doing so. As for the spider – different fingers hold different meanings and different spiders will have slightly different interpretations as well depending on whether the spider is poisonous or not. Generally, spiders are associated with the weaving of dreams and of fate. A spider bites to stun or paralyse its prey which then means it can do anything it wants with it including consuming it. There still seems to be a dark thread running through these dreams of your father. Try using Michael for a week and let me know what changes occur. At least then you will know that thre are no lower energies invading your space and you can go from there.

          Blessings always
          I AM Julie-Anne

  15. My grandpa passed away in 1996. Over the weekend I had a dream. My grandma walked in the room and said grandpa is coming home. He will be here any minute. I said in my dream but he is dead. My grandma said he’s coming. I got to see him and hugged him. Through it all he never said a word. He was just there. Probably about 6 years ago I dreamed if him for the first time. He was laying in the bed at an old house they lived in while I grew up. He just starred at me and then got up. He was standing in front of a brick wall. The wall came down and he said I gotta go now. I love you and he was gone. What does this all mean?

    • Hi Natasha,
      You have two dreams here. The first one, the one that you had 6 years ago seems to indicate the clearing of some substantial block. We all erect walls around us that must eventually come down, it seems that your grandpa helped you with this. If one allows it, relatives that have passed on can become our guides. Personally, this is not something I allow but it really depends upon your spiritual aspirations. In your most recent dream, it feels to me as though your grandfather is coming back to guide you once more. It is entirely up to you whether you accept him as your guide. Keep in mind that dying does not make people enlightened so if you have spiritual aspirations of becoming a master in this life and freeing yourself from reincarnation this is probably not ideal. It is something to ponder and enquire into. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  16. My mother died last October. I had a dream last night where I was in the apartment we shared and she just walks back in as if her death never happened. I was shocked because I remembered everything about her death and the fact that she was cremated. I felt guilty that all of her stuff was gone. I think she may have talked to me but I didn’t hear it. The only thing I said to her is “It’s good that the estate paperwork hasn’t gone through yet.”

    What does this mean? I am trying to figure out what to do with my life as I feel that I am in a rut and am confused about what to do on a couple options.


    • Hi Jairdan,
      I sense that your dream is the result of your confusion about where you want your life to go. Sometimes when we are faced with tough decisions our consciousness delves back for a more comfortable state, in this case it might be having your mother there to guide you, give advice, or even tell you what to do. Feeling guilty about having gotten rid of all of your mother’s stuff may be indicating that you feel obligated to do things the way you’ve always done them or are drawn to a particular decision because it might be expected of you and yet your gut is drawing you in a different direction, hence the confusion. What worked for us in the past, probably will not work for us now, if it did would we have grown or developed on inner levels at all? No. To make these decisions you must let go of the past and look at what is now. Writing down the fors and againsts for each decision will be a great help in gaining clarity about the consequences or results of your decisions. When your decisions are made your mother may well disappear from your dreams. Hope that helps give you a direction to go.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  17. Hello

    I had a dream about my grandfather who passed away last year, in which he was dead, lying on a table in his house, then he came back to life (to my complete shock) got up off the table, said that his back hurt and died once again. It was very disturbing, because he was already starting to decompose on the other side of his body where he was lying down. What could this dream mean?

    • Hello Anna,
      The thing to ask yourself is What qualities or characteristics come to mind when you think of your grandfather? These may be the qualities that you need to either develop or replace within your own psyche. It is important to know where his back was hurting exactly because that will give a indication as to where you may be giving away your power in life. I consider the decomposition in this dream as symbolism for the impermanence of the physical world. Are you too materially inclined? Perhaps there is something that you are holding onto that must move out of your life, something that is degrading. It seems you want to try and salvage it because you think it will nourish you in some way but it you must realise that it can not. I hope this helps with your interpretation.

      I AM Julie-Anne

  18. I had a dream last night that confuses me.

    I dreamed my mom died and I seen her in the funeral home, as they were working on her for funeral services. I even seen her eyes rolled back, as she layed there dead. Then, all of a sudden, she came to life. She wanted to wash her hair before being seen by people at her funeral and got off the table, to sit in the chair and send text messages to my sister. My mother has done some horrible things to me in my life and for that reason, I choose to not have a relationship with her. In my dream, I took the opportunity to hug her and tell her I love her (which the thought of doing, makes my skin crawl). When I did that in the dream, she said she couldn’t see or feel me touching her. But she was able to see, to walk around the room. About a month ago, I seen a psychic medium, that said My Grandmother (who passed away years ago) was saying I needed to make up with my mom. My Grandmother and I were very close. I have had several dreams of her coming back to life, but usually it made me feel warmth at the end of the dream.

    Any help interpretating, would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Brittany,
      It is an interesting dream. I don’t normally give too much advice in my free interpretations but in this case I will. I want to say that I agree with your grandmother you need to make amends with your mother, at least within your own consciousness, so that you can move forward in your life. When we hold onto unforgiveness it doesn’t affect the person we are not forgiving, it only affects us and if left unattended it usually creates health challenges that we would rather be without. It is important to look beyond the behaviour, try to see the truth behind the situation. Like it or not, before you incarnated you chose this person to be your mother. Souls usually do this because the prospective parent have important lessons to teach them. The lesson could simply be forgiveness or unconditional love or any number of other lessons. The law of attraction is also at work and what happens is if, for example, we need to learn about unconditional love because we are not loving ourselves we never get parents that are totally loving and wonderful that show us how, we get the opposite due to our magnetic resonance.
      It is interesting that your mother wishes to wash her hair. The hair is very symbolic. If one looks to the meaning of hair in the Bible it reveals that God gifted the woman hair as a covering and her glory, the hair translates as a symbol of spiritual Truth. Perhaps your mother wishes to cleanse from her shame and all that is not Truth. Shame is very much connected to the hair. I can also understand why she wouldn’t be able to see or feel you touching her with love. Those without love cannot see or feel it as they have constructed walls against it entering into their reality possibly over many lifetimes. Realise that people do not have relationships with other people, they have relationships with their own belief system and all that she did to you was really directed at her own inner steeping further hatred and damage upon what was already there. Can you find compassion for this soul knowing that on the psychological level this is really yourself and the relationship with your own inner parent and with God that you are repairing. You do not even have to have contact with your actual mother to do this, although at some point in the future you may want to, just visualise the repairs during meditation and see what is reflected back to you in your dreams. Doing this will free you from self-hatred. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

      Blessings and Light always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  19. hello

    i actually had a dream similar to yours, i was in this huge canyon but it was complete darkness, but somehow i knew the surroundings. in the middle of this huge canyon was a tall bushy tree, but surrounding it was a lake, but in the lake were bodies. but what ever i needed was at the bottom of that lake, only light source was like this reaper like creature holding a lanton. but instead of wearing black it wore white and like a shade of purple. i imagined what it would be like diving into the water and the feeling of something grabbing me or the faces of the dead. i didn’t jump in but waited till daylight, i looked over and see all the bodies in the warter…..then i woke up…..what do you think? cause nothing i google is giving me any answers

    • Greetings Frankie,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. I would like to have had a little more information, in particular what feeling did you get from the reaper. Was it unsettling or did you feel at ease with it. I’m assuming you didn’t or you would gone into the water. What the dream is essentially showing you is that there are qualities that you need in life right now that aspects of you have that need to be brought back to life and integrated. There are quite a number of ways that you can work with this dream. I recommend doing this in with meditation/visualisation as you have more conscious control that way and can call the shots. For example you can bring in your own light source – I recommend invoking Archangel Michael to work with you in your meditations as he is the guardian and protector of our souls and his light is brighter than any sun. Just mentally ask him to come and help you and he will be there in less than a heartbeat. You may even feel the warmth of his energy. Then visualise the dream knowing that you have all the power. Light up the canyon, see the tree and the lake. Take a good look at the tree – what type of tree is it? What parts of it do you feel drawn to? It may symbolise the Tree of Life and the areas you feel drawn to look at may reveal further symbolism. See Archangel Michael by your side. Talk to the reaper, ask it who it is and who it represents. Just because it is not wearing black doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t malevolent, although I suspect it is an aspect of you that has acted as guardian to those parts of yourself you have not wanted to acknowledge. Se how things unfold and if you feel ready swim to the bottom the lake (take Michael with you), see what’s down there and then assess if you can or should revive any of the bodies. Hope that helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

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      • i felt like it meant no harm, like it was guiding me rather than trying to scare me, if that helps. but the thought of bodies in the water unsettled me, hence the reason for not going in.
        thank you for your quick reply

        • That’s great Frankie, you should trust that, I’d still take Michael with me, but it’s important that you follow through and go into the water. Think of the bodies as just sleeping aspect of yourself that have been suspended for a time, nothing scary about them but it is best to face this situation in meditation where you have full conscious control than to try and do it in a dream. If you don’t feel that you want to do it by yourself I’m available for a coaching session to guide you through it.

  20. Hi I had a dream of this big black tornado swirling around far out to sea, just about two blocks away from the home we were living in, I was watching it from the front porch. A neighbor across the road came to tell me and the children to follow him to their home where we would be safe. As I ran back to my home to call for my eldest son to come too, I could see our house burning on fire, I yelled to my son to turn the power off to stop further damage, which was impossible as the house was full ablaze, feeling annoyed with my son, he and I were running to the safe house. As we approach a home there were doorways all over the place, with people running away, as I was calling for directions from these people I’d lost my own children going through like a maze. I ended up out the back of a home and saw a girl child yelling at me it was too late as the tornado was coming directly at us, I saw the sea and the tornado just coming at us really fast, we had nowhere to take cover, I just turned and ran, at the same time thinking what now. Some how I managed to survive, I’m not sure how as I just saw myself observing people from a hill at the seaside pulling out dead people from the sea. I felt so sad as I watched as I was wondering where my children were, I saw children being pulled from the sea as though they were asleep.

    Please interpret my dream.

    • Greetings Martha,
      Thank you for sharing your dream, it holds a great deal of information for you. My question to you is, have you changed your thoughts about anything recently that may challenge the beliefs of those around you or beliefs that you yourself held to strongly in the past? The dream is certainly a reflection of your thoughts which then impacts upon your emotional state. If you think of houses and buildings as a symbol for consciousness you will see how changes to your thoughts is reflected within your dream. Houses burning down are usually a good thing but your dream shows that you had attachment to the particular belief that your house represented. I would explore who the neighbour was and whether his house represented safety because it was an old thought that was safe and comfortable or a new thought because it represented a truth. The many doorways shows you that you have many options and directions to choose from at the moment, in life this may be confusing or even overwhelming you. It is interesting that you wanted to turn off the power, this implies that you want to give the power to someone or something else rather than dealing with the situation yourself. The fact that you lost your children may mean that your inner child/children were not ready for whatever change you were endeavouring to make within your consciousness. To remedy this you will need to do some inner child work. If you think about what a big black tornado is, it is air and air is a symbol for thought so a big black tornado would represent a storm of negative thoughts bombarding your mind/energy. That you tried to run from it means that you had no defence against it in the dream or in waking life. This negative energy could be coming from others but I suspect it is something you are clearing from yourself, either way you need to ensure that you have a strong force of protective energy around you. The result that your dream is showing you is the killing off of aspects of yourself that will need to be revived or awakened again and integrated. Does any of that sound in the ball park?

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  21. Thanks Julie,
    I am awaiting an inheritance which supposedly is a great amount of land and money, from my father – which I am deciding to return home to New Zealand to continue with my church life, but some of my children may not want to come so I’m deciding whether to purchase them a house or not depending on how these one’s (children -2 adults) behave, as lately they have been very disrespectful to me and I just want to leave them to find their own life without my help, my husband say’s to buy them a house, and I said no. My family home was passed over to my older brother which I had great attachments too, more so because I was close to my dad, the parent who taught me so much about our church – prayers for funerals, house blessings, sick people, new years day, sabbath day, blessing of gateway’s, as he was a pastor in our culture (tohunga). I and a few of my brother’s and sisters signed over the family house as much as it mean’t more to me, my oldest brother owns nothing so thought it would be good to give him something.
    I can’t seem to think of any neighbour, yes their was a neighbor across from us who was related to us, but could not imagine they would care to help, however the guy was related and their were a few around the neighborhood to choose from – try to think. Lately I have been researching how New Zealand is to return home, because we have 3 younger children I am not convinced at the moment to take them back, as work is scarce, hourly rate is low, cost of living is high, crime is on the rise, education is too low, gang problems has increased, as much as I long to go home I’m not prepared to take them home to that. If I was to take them home, my husband and I would definitely have to be self employed, live far from the city, and travel far to my church services, I guess that would be ok – have to think on it. Giving power to something or someone is usually to me God as I never had any human to trust other than my mum or dad but they have both passed now for couple of years. I’ve tried to confide in family but have been let down by them all. My inner child is very indecisive at the moment, trying to deal with my ego, someday’s ok then other day’s the worst kind of child – I guess being daddy’s girl definitely show’s up when I don’t want to listen to what’s right-this behaviour makes me sad as I expect children to behave spoilt let alone a grown up.
    Lately I’ve been sick and have changed doctor medication to herbal med’s, decision being my own, I have not consulted the doctor for advice due to doc med’s near killed me, so once again no trust in another human. Health wise feeling 100 percent better than I’ve ever before. What is also strange I was contracting sickness which I suspected I had when I was a child, but my mother would never administer the meds for me from the doctor, only herbal. At this age 46 I needed the puffer as I could not breath nor get past all the flem building up in my lungs only through using the doc’s meds. I still use the puffer but only if my breathing is really bad, not as often as they recommend. For the past 8 years since the passing of my dad, the Will has finally come to a closure, where I was responsible for removing a family member from the position as trustee due to failing to work for the family, and breach of trust. This has been my ongoing mission for 8 years and I finally succeeded about 4 weeks ago, now all family members are receiving what was rightfully there’s. Yes now I can see the sicknesses were related to the Will and family, and now I’m over the worst. I have been praying every morning been about 4 weeks, as I do feel that bad energy’s do tend to inflict on my family and out of nowhere these outbreak’s of family (my older children) come pouring all their hate onto me, now since prayer every morning and night I have not been subjected to the harshness of these arguments, just minor ones, but ones I can handle. Yes I am coping with my children in a much more controlled fashion, surprisingly, my husband – I have told him not to talk for me as he only makes matter’s worse, and when he’s at work, I get the reactions to deal with, myself and the younger children. I guess this dream has said alot of things I just did not think conveyed to me a message which actually mean’t what was happening to me in the now, this is great, Thankyou Julie-Anne

  22. Hi Julie
    I had this dream of family needing to move from New Zealand to Australia or America I’m not sure which country as my family and I live here in Australia somehow this other country tends to play in my mind. Anyway we get a few family members over to live with us, particularly my younger sister and her family, but in this dream I have this baby boy, whom I can’t care for so I leave the baby to my younger sister to care for, now while I fussing around trying to care for family, cleaning cooking, talking, I remember my baby. I find my baby sick, vomiting because he has not been feed, feeling so sad thinking how could I neglect my own baby, I try breast feeding him but he can’t cling onto the tit, cause the breast is full of milk it’s squirting him, and he’s not able to cling, I’m not sure what happens, but latter in the dream I am angry with my younger sister, I try to take my baby off her saying I don’t need her help, but find myself dropping my baby always – the baby is falling onto the back of its head, and I’m feeling like it’s damaging his brain, and latter it’s intellect. Then the fact that I keep dropping my baby makes me so frustrated, I ask my husband to call the doctor, but some how he’s busy with people on top of calling the doctor, he can’t seem to get anyone. Later in the dream I see myself lying in this lab on a table talking to these people and surprising enough they are a doctor and nurse, and then the doctor say’s I have some sort of swelling problem due to a blood disorder, so he proceeds to inject my arm to help cure the problem, all I’m doing is complaining to the doctor about telling my family I had this condition but no one was prepared to help me, as much as I help my family, they just don’t help me in return.

    Please Julie-Anne interpret my dream, I tell my husband and he’s always complaining about me and my stink dream’s, I get so annoyed with him as he is the only one around me at the time, when I awake from the dreams to tell..

    • Greetings again Martha,
      Given your current situation with trying to decide whether to move back to NZ is coming into your dream but the dream is showing you that perhaps Australia is the better choice for you. Just like individuals, countries have a consciousness with specific cultural values so do look into the cultural values of Australia, NZ and US to expand your understanding of the dream. The dream reveals that you are taking care of others before taking care of your own nourishment (the baby) and being a baby boy indicates that it is the masculine qualities that are suffering. These qualities are in their infancy but are not being nourished. Dropping the baby on the back of it’s head indicates to me that you are blocking your will to see as this area of the head is the back of the third eye, the will centre of vision and mastery. In the dream you are giving away your power and are not happy with the result that brings. The blood is our life force so any dis-ease with the blood is a direct reflection of a problem with our soul connection. You are saying that people do not help you even though you help others. If you look closely at this dream it is showing you that you are not helping yourself, which is then reflected in your outer world so there is much inner work for you in this dream. This is just a brief analysis, these sorts of dreams are rich in information that will aid you in solving many of your life’s issues right now. If you are willing to work on these I do recommend personal coaching. Meanwhile, I hope the insights I’ve written here are helpful.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  23. Hi, I had a really upsetting dream last night. I am 26 yrs old and my dad commited suicide after a lomg history of depression 10 years ago. I have not dreamed about him for a long time and it only happens occasionally but the one lastnight has really shook me up a little. I was at a garden centre with my 2 yr old daughter, I didnt recognise the centre and my daughter was a little older, she was playing ‘house’ in the outdoor sheds whilst I watched and laughed. All of a sudden I felt someone behind me pinch my backside, I turned around and it was a guy who worked at the centre (who I didnt know) and was kind of coming onto me. I rang my dad to ask for his help, and he came right away, he looked older and his hair was longer, he didnt look healthy he looked ill. My dad was confrotning this person then all of a sudden a crowd of men came to try and beat my dad up. I then phoned my mum to tell her what was happening to see if she could help (mum and dad were not together when he died) and she said, everything will be ok, but you do know that your dad hasnt got long left. In the dream I imediatley felt he had some sort of illness. My dad then jumped onto the top of a really high wall to get away from these men trying to get him, he stood up, and he looked for me in the crowd of people and nodded his head at me, and I nodded back. I felt the sense that he was saying ‘its time’ and I nodded back. We didnt say anything to each other, just a nod. Then he jumped of the high wall making sure his head hit the ground first and he was dead. I was screaming but knew that he wanted to die and it wasnt just an accident. then I woke up. I almost get the feeling as though he has left me, but he has come back for me to see if im ok for whatever reason, and gone again. This dream has really got to me, please try and help!! thank you

    • Hi Rachael,
      There is a great deal happening in this dream and from a psychological point of view it is quite complex. The actual spirit of your father was not involved in this dream, it seems to be all related to your own psyche. If we just look at a few symbols; you have the garden centre which in waking life is a place we go to buy new plants and gardening materials. So you are now at a point where you are choosing what to plant in terms of new ideas and about how you want your life to be as well new beliefs. So this is also a place to find support for these ideas and beliefs. Your daughter in the dream is you, your own inner child and what you do with her in your inner world will reflect on and impact your actual child in your outer world. This guy trying to come onto you seems to be indicating a new aspect of your masculine/feminine balance which going by the dream seems out of balance and perhaps not the most appropriate way to start the balancing process. The question to ask yourself is are you happy? In the dream you were happy and laughing as you watched your daughter playing house and that changed when the male energies entered your dream. The father figure in your dream could well be representing expressions of personality which need to be eliminated before more joy and freedom can come into your life. It’s like you are killing off depression from yourself so that you can be happy. That it involved the father’s head implies that you won’t think about it any more, that it is ended. I would need to dig a little deeper into it to more fully understand the mob of men in the dream but they seem to be more positive aspects trying to help you. Each may represent a different masculine quality that you need although it still might be in the realm of what we call lower expression but at least they provide you something to work with as a starting point. So you are dealing with the dynamics of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you where these protective vigilante males need to be brought under control to allow the feminine to surface more. This is the intuitive aspect of you which when balanced perfectly with the logical male creates great inner wisdom. There is a great deal more I could write but I don’t want to overload you and it does work best if we are able to interact. I am currently writing a workbook on how to balance m/f energy so do sign up for my free newsletter (on the blog page) so that you can be notified when it is complete. I hope this interpretation helps you understand your dream.

      Blessing to you angel.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  24. I had a dream that my best friend who was killed in a violent workplace incident had come back to life. In the dream I walked into a room that I think was my childhood living room to find my best friend and her partner sitting in the floor watching TV. My partner was there as well. I was taken back by her being there and went to turn down the television. I looked at my partner and hers and they just smiled and acknowledged my surprise. I touched my friend’s hand to be sure she was there and she was. I hugged her and kept asking where she had been as I didn’t want to tell her she had died. She said she was asleep and didn’t seem to have any recollection of the incident at all. We all then we’re going to our homes and I pulled her partner aside and said I didn’t understand what was happening because scrappy had been cremated how could she come back. My friends partner went on to tell me she didn’t know and was upset that if she could come back that she hadn’t sooner. My friend was wearing her favorite blue mime sweatshirt. After her death I purchased one that is identical. I also remember that I just kept touching her hand and hugging her to make sure she was real. Then unfortunately I woke up. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    • Greetings Anneke,
      Your dream seems to involve both the spirit of your friend and a great deal of your own inner psyche. So yes your friend is around you and this has triggered your dream. That you were in your childhood home indicates that there is clearing from the past to be done. If you take a look at my most recent blog post where I discuss how the rooms of the house can represent our energy centres, the living room represents the solar plexus chakra which is the not only the seat of our personal power but also the emotions and subconscious mind. When we are in our childhood home in dreams it indicates that we are operating out of the belief system that was programmed into us as children. As I said this chakra also represents our emotions which correlate to the astral realm and where your friend is currently residing. What you need to look at are your spiritual goals for yourself in this life, whether you wish to continue to reincarnate or graduate earth school and make your decision on how to proceed based upon your own goals. I am always available for online coaching sessions if you feel you need to discuss these goals with a coach who understands the spiritual path and ascension process. Lower astral energies, which one would expect someone suffering a violent death to have, are not healthy for those in physical bodies, so there are a few things to weigh up when setting spiritual goals.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  25. Hi Julie.

    It all began when I was 9 years old, running to the Market with my younger brother.

    When I was running dare foot, I step on a baby gray snake by mistake and when lifted my foot to see if it’s ok, it was no longer there.

    Then I started getting visions, seeing shadows and feeling things that are no one feels.

    In 2011 before I got my current job.
    There was this one other night that I felt someone was walking out side next to my window but when I switched the lights and picked on the window but there was no one or anything.
    Then switched on the lights again, and the footsteps a started again but when I pick again on the window without switching off the lights, I just saw nothing.
    Then I told my family that something is walking outside, when I walked outside, then walked towards the side of my bedroom window at home (my big brother was behind me as he was scared also), my body felt like something is moving on it, then within a blind on an eye, I got hit by something no one saw, I lost few steps but when I stood up going for the shadow that I only could see, as I was nose bleeding, it stood there for few second and ran away.

    Since then I have been experiencing and feeling things that others don’t.

    Last night I had a dream, driving in an open beautiful green field, then I started seeing Naked Dead Female bodies on the side walks of the road, some made triangular shapes and people around the area didn’t show any worries of the naked female bodies facing the ground. I could not see even one face of the dead women.
    I tried to help but a voice talked a voice said, “Go, go this not where you belong” then woke up with my body tired and painful.

    Please anyone help me find out what’s the reason/purpose for what I see, feel and dream. Please

    • Greetings,
      It isn’t that you are experiencing things that others don’t, plenty of others are experiencing it too, you just haven’t come across any of them. There is so much I could say about this for I have had a similar experiences of someone outside my window that had my cat arching up, fur standing up and hissing, which he never does. I hear things that others do not and I often see things that others don’t which would be very full on if my angelic guides had not blocked off my third eye for my own protection. There are some very dense and low vibrating energies out there that we just don’t want to be dealing with. We must make some important spiritual decisions about what we will and won’t accept. We do this all the time in life, we do not want just anyone walking into our home especially a criminal element so we choose that we only want friends and family and nice people to come to our door. We choose whether we will accept violence or not and so on. It is exactly the same in the spiritual world. If we decide that it is not acceptable for these lower energies to come knocking on our windows trying to find ways into our home then we must take measures to enforce our decision. Making the decision is the first step. We must then train our subconscious mind so it is aligned with our decision. We do this by denying any energies of that lower vibration and placing protection around our home and our own energy. Affirm often that you not accept any being coming into your home that is not of the spiritual realm (the spiritual realm does not include earth bound spirits or astral beings, it refers to the celestial realm, the realm of the ascended masters and higher). Now some people choose to work with earth bound spirits and that’s their choice to do so but I am not one of them so this is a decision only you can make. I have chosen to only work with the highest of energies and I have Archangel Michael lovingly escort anything else away to where it needs to go for its own spiritual development. This all comes down to making choices and owning our personal power so that we are not victimised by disembodied entities. Many don’t mean to harm us and are just looking for someone who is able to sense them to help them but I’ve seen that working with such low energies can take a toll on our health. I prefer to allow Michel to take care of them so that I can focus on raising the vibration of lower energies within me, which indeed is difficult enough. What we see is very connected to what our overall vibrations is, so if we have a great deal of fear based energies within our field then our consciousness is magnetised to seeing a similar vibrations so our work is to clear these fear based energies and become the being of light that we are and see the Divine in all things.

      As for your dream, it is common to dream of discarded aspects of ourselves as naked, white bodies, lying face down. So in this case the dream indicates that you have killed off many aspects of your feminine energy. So you also have work to do in regards to reclaiming and integrating these aspects once again. I hope that this makes sense to you. I’m always available for coaching if you feel you need a helping hand.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  26. Hi I keep having dreams about men that have died, one deacon at church, a cousin , a brother in-law, all dream of good nothing ever bad in the dream, when I dream of the deacon from the church we was running and when I caught up to him and he turn around and I saw it was him I pushed him to the ground

    • Hi Ulysess,
      I do not think that these people are actually coming to you as ghosts I think it is more to do with your inner landscape. Look at the qualities of each of these dead men as these qualities may reflect qualities that you have killed off within yourself. These will need to be resurrected, integrated and embodied. Look closely at your thoughts about the deacon and about the church to see why you would want to push that to the ground. It may be that it simply symbolises that you want to ground a spiritual energy or it may mean that you have spiritual ideas that you want to knock down. Further investigation will show you which it is.

      Blessings always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  27. It was really interesting reading all those interpretations, but none quite matched my dream last night. Im currently working in sri lanka, and there is a river nearby. I sat near this river and a huge wave come across the river (from one side to the other not downstream) and rushes past about calf level. We all think this is very odd, and it happens again a few more times until we hear a huge wave approaching. A tsunami size wave is heading towards us (the second Tsunami wave I’ve had since I’ve been in Sri Lanka) so we start to run. We reach a square spiral staircase and start to climb, there’s monks helping me up and we escape through a latch in the ceiling, once the wave has passed we head back down to find survivors. Once I’m down and start walking around, there are dead bodies everywhere. In the bushes, in the gutters, and for some reason all naked and face down. Occasionally there’ll be some dismembered foot or arm. I don’t recognise any of these people but I can’t bare to look and hide my eyes but every time I peek there’s another body there. I woke up feeling very unsettled and anxious.
    I’d appreciate any ideas you may have on what this means. Not many dreams stick with me and this one has left a big impression on my waking self!

    • Hi Gemma,
      I’m not picking up that this is a precognitive dream so it’s not about a physical event that hasn’t occurred, it is more about your inner world. The best way to home in on a meaning is to break apart the symbols. Water is symbolic of our emotional state, so tidal waves of any sort are related to emotional upset which may or may not be within your conscious awareness. The spiral staircase indicates climbing to a new level of consciousness to be above the emotion so it can be seen from a higher perspective without being immersed in it. Monks imply the spiritual. The square shape of the staircase and the hatch in the ceiling are indicating a masculine energy so using your personal power, decisiveness and strength are all tied up in that. Dead bodies in this sense usually relate to aspects of yourself that you have killed off. Perhaps these aspects were causing you to be too emotional and you needed to get rid of them at least temporarily for we can never actually destroy ourselves. It is common for these aspects to appear naked and also very white. Think about what a dismembered foot might mean. Our feet are our support and our way of moving through the world to cut them off is to attempt to cut off our connection to the earth and our grounding as well as preventing us from walking or moving forward. Severed arms render us unable to do tasks that might need to be done. Look at aspects of yourself that you don’t like and start there. If you are not lucid dreaming, revisualise your dream and start putting the dismembered people back together, see a team of doctors doing this and then begin to wake up each person. It may take you several attempts and you will need to work at integrating these aspects back into your consciousness. I trust that this makes sense. If you require any assistance in any of this I’m always available for distance coaching.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  28. Hi

    I don’t know if you can help me. I dreamt that my mom and dad came to me and I said to my dad but you are dead to which he replied no, he had just been resting. Also three dogs that I used to have in my childhood also came back to life one was my special white and brown chihuahua, one was my sister’s dog, a brown little dog and the last one was a old rescue white chihuahua. They had all come to stay with me but my mom just like when she was alive had to leave. The whole dream seemed to have a lot to excitement to it and I was running around trying to make sure that everybody had a bed to sleep in and that the dogs were organized as well as it was a surprise to me that everybody came back but I was very happy about it

    my mom and dad have both passed years ago, i have tried googling but am not getting anywhere

    • Hi Edweena,
      It seems that your parents and previous pets have come to you to guide you through life. However, they are residing on the astral plane. As I do not know your spiritual goals I can only guide you generally. If you have ascension in mind in this life time I strongly suggest calling in Archangel Michael to escort your parents as well as the pets to a school for higher learning on the inner plane for they are not able to guide you through the process of ascension simply because they have no clue about it, which is why they are on the astral plane. Archangel Michael will take excellent care of them and they will be where they need to be for both their highest good as well as your own. I’m picking up that you are not currently on a spiritual path so at this time these energies may feel very high vibration to you but as you do grow spiritually over your lifetime, these energies will begin to feel dense and uncomfortable and because they are a lower vibration than you they will over time cause issues with your health. So think carefully about what you want and ask for God, the archangels and masters to guide you. If you’d like to discuss it further with me I’m always available for one on one sessions.

      Blessings and Light to you and your passed over loved ones.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  29. hi julie
    my boyfriend died some three months back,and i always dream of him telling me of somthin he gave to a friend for safe keeping. in the dream, he always ask me to go for it. can it be real or just a dream.i somtimes also dream of us making love. what is the meaning?

    • Hi Emelia,
      There is no such thing as “just a dream”, our dreams are indeed very real. Sometimes they are symbolic but even these dreams represent something real occurring in our lives. My condolences on losing your boyfriend. Did he die suddenly? I’m sensing that he may be earth bound. Have you thought to actually go his friend and as for what was given to him for safe keeping? This may be something that you need to do especially if you are repeatedly dreaming of this. I have heard many times of spirits on the other side making love to those still in the physical you may want to ask for that to stop for it is not healthy on an energetic level to continue it just due to the difference in your vibration and his. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  30. Hi,
    2 days ago I saw my deceased mother in a dream who died 3 yrs back.
    In the dream she looked alive; we were going somewhere, not able to find any bus, we kept walking on a busy road; then I suggested to stop; wait there only. Its getting dark; then there’s a bus that comes; it overruns a man; stops there. The driver runs away; I can see the man whose head is crushed still alive. I ask my mother to get inside the bus stop as its not safe to stand on the road. Then she asks for water, I tell her to wait there while I get water for her. I run back to fetch water for her, there is some Islamic mosque kind of place on the road, its open; people are singing some devotional songs, over there I ask a man in white robe, who too is singing, for water, he motions towards the staircase which goes down, I go there, there’s a tap; I collect water in a glass; quickly run back. As soon as I am on road again, there’s some curfew announced; police are everywhere, they ask me to wait in their compound behind the gates as the curfew is only for 10 mins. I wait there restlessly; then I wake up…please tell me the meaning of this dream…

    • Greetings Annpurna,
      When we dream of the dead there are always two possibilities. They they are actually visiting us or they symbolise an inner aspect of ourselves that requires attention. In your dream, your mother is symbolic rather than actually visiting you. In your dream you are the one taking care of your mother; have you taken on a great deal of responsibility in your waking life? A busy road symbolises a common path, the road that every else takes; are you doing things in life to please others and not looking at where you really want to go? A bus symbolises transport for the many but it travels only on a predetermined route taking everyone the same way. The only choice the traveller has is when to get off. In a symbolic dream, every element of the dream is you. The bus driver runs away, this indicates that there is some responsibility that you are not willing to accept. You are also very protective of your mother aspect – asking her to stand in the bus stop where it is safe. Cultural differences aside, it seems that you need to look at your inner parent/child dynamic. Water symbolises emotion. Do you feel drained of emotion, that you are just going through the motions and have lost passion for life? The man in the white robe tells you where to find it but when you do there is a curfew and confusion. Are you following the spiritual life that you want for yourself? Are you trying to please everyone around you and not doing what you need to do in life? I’ve asked a lot of questions of you but you have all the answers. It’s time to look at where you are going in life, claim your personal power and muster up the courage to change direction to the way you want to go. Do let me know if this interpretation resonated with you.

      Blessings on your new path
      I AM Julie-Anne

  31. Hi,
    Last night I was in a dream and it looked so real. I was in the back seat of my mother’s jeep, my grandmother was right by me and she was sitting between me and this other elderly woman who lives with my mom and I. I looked at my grandmother and she looked bright and well, but didn’t look at me instead she stayed focused to the front. But when we got to this house where my cousin lived my older sister was there and our conversation was quite strange. I was telling my sis not to call or tell anyone that our grandmother had come back to life, because we didn’t want to startle or upset the family. But then we started asking each other, “How did she come back to life if they put embalming fluid in her like they do all dead people?”. My grandmother had just recently passed in April and I had no hard feelings or sadness because I was there along with the rest of my family when she was getting sicker and sicker in the hospital and nursing home. She served the Lord to her last days so I wasn’t sad at all because I know she’s in a better place. And I do think about her but on this particular night did I not go to bed with her on my mind at all so I just don’t understand the dream or where it came from but I know that it means something, whatever it may be.

    • Hi Brinka,
      when we dream of the dead there are always two possibilities. That they are actually visiting us to impart some information or they symbolise an inner aspect of ourselves that requires attention. In your case it seems that your grandmother actually visited you. I’m not sure exactly why as communicating directly with the dead is not something that I do but it seems that you and your sister or cousin have something to discuss. Take a close look at the conversation that you had with them in the dream to find clues in working out what that is. Perhaps it’s simply to get together and discuss your grandmother’s death because several months on it may be affecting them differently than it is affecting you. Perhaps even share your dream with them for often others can be having the same dream and we would never know unless we spoke of it. It is interesting that you were with your mother, grandmother, sister and I’m sensing that your cousin is also female. That’s a great gathering of feminine energy but in this particular instance I sense there is emotion involved that needs to be acknowledged. Hope that helps Brinka.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  32. Hi Julie-Anne
    please help me , I dreamt of a little girl walked beside a large bore pit full of water in search of the mother because people used to swim in the bore pit suddenly i had the girl shouting that the mother is dead in the Water inside bore pit i ran to Rescue the woman i jumped in the water and i grabbed the hand drag the body out of the water

  33. I saw I am running at night trying to escape or in hurry trying to find way out and while running I saw dead bodies of many boys and girls under water. I wanted to call police but I thought they will question me a lot and soon they will find

    • Hi Imran,
      This is quite a common dream. It means that you have fear, something that you do not want to look at or face which has caused you to bury your inner child aspects within your emotional body. You want help with this but don’t want to face feeling accused or guilty for what has happened. Try the dream re-entry technique so that you can face whomever is chasing you and call the police to help you recover all of the bodies. This may be quite an emotional ordeal so try to step back and just observe and the emotions should flow through you without causing trauma. If you need assistance, I’m always available as a coach to help you through it.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  34. My sister, to whom I was very close, was killed by an ex-boyfriend 11 years ago today. I had a very difficult time dealing with her death, both because of its nature and because we were so close. Over the past 11 years, I have had the same recurring dream. In the dream, my sister comes to me alive and explains that she had faked her death as a joke. In life, she had a great sense of humor and was a bit of a prankster. She laughs in the dream but is sensitive to the pain her “joke” has caused. She wants to make sure that I forgive her for the pain she has caused as a result of her prank. In the dream, I am both delighted and angered at her; I am happy that it was a joke and she is alive, but furious that she would go to such extremes for a laugh. By the time I let her know that I do forgive her, I awaken to the empty realization that it was all a dream. The dream is always the same, though at times other relatives and/or friends are present. They do not speak in the dream. This is one of the most vivid dreams I have. I have searched for meaning each time, but cannot seem to understand what it all means.

    • Greetings Dryon,
      I think your dream means that your sister is trying to tell you that she is alive and well. When we die we only lose our physical body, our personality lives on unchanged in the spirit world. I think this is what she is trying to convey to you although due to her personality and how you remember her it is distorting and coming through as her having played a prank. She is asking you to let go of all your pain, forgiving all involved including any guilt that your might also be feeling. Consciously exploring your thoughts and feelings on this should clear this recurring dream, do let me know if that helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  35. I always dream of my brother who passed in a road accident while driving a bike 5 yrs back. My dad passed away 3 yrs back due to heart attack.
    I used to have their dream very often, almost daily, for the last couple of years. Few months back, i moved to a new city for my job. Here i was living alone for first few months and then moved my mom & sister with me. After moving to our new rented flat, i started having bad dreams. Though i don’t remember much of them, but many times i have woke up, sometimes crying also. Two days back i saw a dream that i am gonna die. In that dream only i fell from a very tall building and when i was about to die, i woke up.
    I don’t remember exactly but the same night or next night i saw my deceased brother. He was telling that he’s going to take rebirth. I asked him did me met dad and is he angry on him? He said he was a bit angry, and now he is above taking rebirth and doesn’t even eat nowadays.
    I am really clueless and now for the first time in so many years and of so many dreams, i want to know the meaning of these dreams. I am really worried about if there’s something wrong/bad in our new flat ?

    • Hello Ankur,
      My apologies for the delay in replying. Let me say first of all that moving to a new city and home gives spirit the opportunity to clear out some things from your subconscious mind because it is in a state of confusion until it makes sense of everything in your new environment. So the fact that you moved will be enough to spark dreams that clear out any old emotional stuff. However, you do have energetic issues with the new flat as it seems as though your brother has moved in as well. When people die and they have not gained a certain level of mastery they must reincarnate so I think this is what your brother is conveying to you in your dream, that he will be going through this process soon. That you are saying he is angry says a great deal about the level of energy; anger will attract people to the lower astral plane but for those in the physical, this energy is not good to have around you as over time it can cause illness due to its low vibration. There are several things that you can do to help your brother and to help clear out the flat. First, call in Archangel Michael and then sit down with your brother for a conversation. Encourage him to let go of the anger because it is keeping him locked into a low vibration. Tell him you love him and wish him well in his new life but you must ask him to leave your home now, Archangel Michael is there to assist him go to where he needs to be for the next leg of his journey. Then ask Michael to cleanse the flat of all lower energies, escort away any other spirits that have found their way there, and to lift the vibration. You can reinforce this within your own consciousness by going through the flat and smudging with white sage or using incense like frankincense or myrrh. Once that is done you should sleep very well and have more pleasant dreams. Let me know how it goes.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  36. Hello,
    I had a dream last night that had my boyfriends deceased mother in it. We have only been together for 4 months. The dream was crazy, we were at his house and he was driving a huge delivery truck and had to unload hundreds of gallons of milk, I told him I would help him and I was trying to devise a way to get all of this milk unloaded with the least of amount of trips, his mother came out and was standing on the back porch smiling at us (I do not recall her saying anything) she then went back into the house. A few minutes later I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom and not touch anything, I would be back outside in a few minutes and we can get this unloading done. I went inside the house and I knew she was in a bedroom that in my dream that was hers and music was playing, I used the bathroom, it was like the urge to pee was so strong, and then I was trying to wake myself up because I was freaking out that I was dreaming about a dead person who I have never met. When I woke up I called him to tell him about this dream, he told me that today is her Birthday. I cannot help to wonder what this dream means.

    • Hi Andrea,
      sometimes when a person can’t contact their loved one directly they will go to the person closest to them in the hope that they will pass on a message. People are surrounded by these souls without bodies and are mostly unaware of them consciously however we are aware of them subconsciously and this is what filters into our dreams. So it would seem that his mother is still hanging around, which is not really the ideal situation. The milk gives us some clue. Is your boyfriend holding onto his mother in some way? Milk is usually something a mother gives to her baby to nurture it and ensure its growth and well-being but where did this milk in your dream come from? It indicates to me that there is some attachment between your boyfriend and his mother which must be resolved so she can move on. You may try explaining to him that for the best interests of both himself and his mother it is time to release her into Archangel Michael’s care. Call upon Archangel Michael to take his mother to where she needs to be in the spirit world, he’s very obliging. You’d be amazing at how quickly Michael can clear the astral plane of those lingering loved ones.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  37. Hi Julie-Anne,
    I’ve dreamt about my grandma who has recently died. The dream started at her funeral, where all of the family were gathered. The men of the family carried my grandma’s coffin into church, where myself and the rest of my family were waiting. We were all visibly upset. When the coffin was lowered down, the lid fell off to reveal my grandma. She looked withered and gaunt however she opened her eyes, people screamed and were upset. The dream then jumped to us in a strange hospital/care home style building where my grandma had her own room. The dream suddenly ended.
    When my Grandma was alive she lived alone and never wished to be in a care home so i’m unsure why this would come up.
    Do you know what this dream would mean?

    • Hi Sophie,
      Dreaming of passed loved ones is their way of letting us know they still live on even though they no longer have a physical body, which in your dream is dramatically expressed as her being awake in the coffin. Your dream could mean that she is lingering to watch over family members, for many reasons this is not ideal and it would help if you had a conversation with her in your mind or out loud in private, she will hear you. Explain to her that she has work to do on that side that she is delaying and it would be best for her to let go and move on. Add anything that you would like to say. Call in Archangel Michael to escort her to where she needs to go. This will also help you clear attachments within your own consciousness that may be holding her here with you. I hope that helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  38. My father died in an accident almost 30 years ago, when I was 11. For the past two nights I have dreamt that he was alive and walked back into my life. He said that he was kidnapped and taken to an island of women who make men their slaves, and was eventually rescued. In the dream, my mother, who never remarried, is there, and she seems thrilled that he’s back but she doesn’t say anything. He seems pleased to be back, but very matter of fact. In one dream, they were going furniture shopping because he didn’t like her new living room furniture. I am so shocked in the dream that I can’t say anything to anyone. I look at him and am speechless, I have opportunities to tell friends that he’s alive, and I can’t bring myself to do it.

    • Hi Ana,
      This dream seems to be about your inner male parent rather than your actual father, most dreams are symbolic rather than literal. The dream is showing you that your inner feminine energy is overpowering the masculine and enslaving it, which indicates a lack of balance within your energetic system. The feminine overpowering the male may mean that you are too open, that you are lacking in action and getting things done, not being firmly anchored in the world and not very good with logic or reasoning, you may be very artisitic and creative but not grounded so this doesn’t go anywhere, you may be overly emotional and expressive while also being overly cautious. Does any of that sound like you?

      A house can symbolise consciousness and rooms can symbolise particular chakras or aspects of consciousness (see my post about this). The living room is related to the solar plexus – this is the centre for the emotions and subconscious mind but is also our centre for personal power and control. The furniture represents ideas, beliefs, concepts and he is saying he doesn’t like the way she’s been thinking, there must be a change now that he is free. This makes sense for to accommodate this masculine energy something must change. You are surprised by this turn of events and find it shocking for it will mean some huge changes for you. You would benefit from regularly clearing your chakras, particularly the solar plexus and working with creating balance between these two energies.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  39. Hi I had a dream my family was sitting in a large room similar to a living room and randomly my deceased grandfather appeared and I was so happy hugging him and asking him “do you need help?” “Do you want anything, need anything ?” So as I’m asking all these questions he is walking around fidgeting and looking in the mirror smiling and touching his face as if he’s like “wow am I alive?” Kind of vibe and then I know he’s dead but I didn’t care because apparently he’s alive again and then basically he kept walking around smiling so I said “pah sit down please” and as soon as he sat down he smiled really really big creepily and my mom says “what are you doing?” And I said “I’m helping pah sit down” and she says “that’s not pah” and I turn my face to the right and it’s not my grandfather and immediately I ran across the room and started crying saying “it was him I swear! But now it’s not” and my mom looked kind of disgusted like I was weird idk help me what does this mean and then I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore

    • Greetings,
      It seems to me as though you have some astral beings coming to visit you, your grandfather and a few friends. Much as we enjoy to have loved ones near us it really does not serve us or them if we allow it. The astral energies are much too low for us and do end up making us quite sick if they are around us for prolonged periods of time. It would be my suggestion to set yourself some boundaries by not allowing astral beings to enter your home. Ask Archangel Michael to clear your space of all astral beings. He will take them to where they need to be and this will greatly benefit them and you. If you allow one or two astral beings into your space it seems to act like an invitation for others to come in as well, we really can’t have this much astral energy around us and not be affected in a negative way. To ask Michael to clear out these beings just call upon him and then have a conversation with him in your mind, he will hear you. Once your space is clear you should have no trouble sleeping.

      I AM Julie-Anne

  40. Hello,
    My mother passed away suddenly in 2012 of a heart attack. We were extremely close and she was a great mother. Her passing was very hard on me and my five year old daughter. I had a dream I was riding in a car and I came upon a clearing in the woods. There stood my mother with light shinning down on her. She looked so beautiful just like I remember her when I was a child. I could still smell her perfume. I ran up to her and said, “I need you mom” she looked and smiled at me and said that I will be ok and she is ok. I told her I didn’t want her to go and then the light took her back into the sky. I woke up and the dream still felt so real, it was so vivid. My five year old daughter had a dream last night about my mother. She told me she came down into our bedroom with beautiful angels. My mother told my daughter she loved her. I asked my daughter what my mother was doing there, and she said just watching us sleep. Is it possibly that it really is my mother visiting us? Thank you for any insight you can give me.

    • Hi Alena,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. Firstly let me say that yes, it was your mother visiting you but she cannot stay and watch over you she is needed elsewhere. She is however leaving you in the capable hands of angels that will guide you in her absence and truly we are never really separated from those we love it only seems that way in our own mind. I had a similar experience with an aunt of mine, she visited me to help clear some guilt I was feeling surrounding some aspects of her life. She appeared in this beautiful soft green light in the accompaniment of angels. Although mine wasn’t a dream, I was quite awake.
      Now to your dream – you seem to have some issues of personal power and responsibility coming up for you at this time. The car is symbolic of how we are journeying through life (also see my post about cars). What does it say then if we are sitting in the back seat? Are you disinterested in life, or in what life you are actually creating for yourself? As you were playing on phone and weren’t paying a great deal of attention to where you were being driven this is a point of concern and needs correction. It is important to not only sit in the front seat but to drive the car – driving the car indicates that you have taken charge and are in control of where you are steering your life. If we allow others to steer our lives we could find ourselves over a cliff or at a dead end as you did in your dream. It is also symbolic that it is at this dead end that your mother has chosen to appear – as if to say go back you are going the wrong way. She is telling you though that everything will be ok. Now that she is no longer encumbered by the physical vessel she can see much more than she could before. She can see your strengths and the potential within you waiting to be unleashed. If you do take control of your life she will feel more at peace knowing that you are creating something amazing for yourself and your daughter. The first step is to do a visualisation exercise where you re-renter the dream at the end, walk back to the car, throw your ex out of the car and drive off. Always drive your own car! Symbolically this is the first step in owning your personal power and accepting your own power to create whatever it is that you can dream up.

      I hope this has been helpful
      Blessings always

  41. Hi, Julie-Anne.

    I woke up early this morning, just before sunrise, after a very vivid dream, which I think was actually a visitation. My very dear friend passed away two weeks ago. He overdosed on heroin after being sober for a few months. I had not seen him in about a year, but we talked on the phone just two days before he passed. Anyway, the dream… I was in my house with my brother. We were just going about our day, tidying things up, when all of a sudden, in walked Mike (my friend who passed). I couldn’t believe my eyes. I dropped everything I was doing and ran towards him. I was elated, but at the same time wasn’t sure if he was real. He grabbed me tight, gave me a very warm hug, and I kept saying “you’re here! I have you back!” I could smell him, I could really feel him, I felt his arms around me in the hug… He looked exactly the way I remembered him. He was laughing, smiling, he had good color… It made me feel happy to see him so healthy. My brother came into the room and saw him, too. But then my brother wasn’t really in the rest of the dream. Everything happened so fast. Mike was telling me that “things weren’t so bad” and he kept saying how well he was. Then he asked me if I was okay. I don’t remember answering. Shortly after that it was like we were in high school again. He was chasing me around, he was tickling me like he always did. He was back to being his old annoying self, we always fought like brother and sister, but in a light-hearted, fun way. Suddenly out of nowhere, he was gone. It was like when I turned around he had disappeared. I was kind of shocked, because I really believed he was there. My brother reentered the dream and I said, “where did Mike go?” He was confused, as if he didn’t understand why I would ask that. And I became very overwhelmed and said, “but you saw him, too.” My brother put his hand on my shoulder and calmly told me “he’s gone.” I recall dropping to my knees and crying, and becoming very weak. I woke up at this point, laying on my back (which is not how I normally sleep) and clutching a pillow with both arms, like a hug. When I realized I was dreaming, I cried. I cried so hard because I could still smell him and see his smiling face. I couldn’t believe how real it all felt, lucid almost. Do you think this was a visitation? Was Mike coming to tell me that he’s in a better place? I’m trying to comfort myself by thinking that he’s not suffering anymore, that he doesn’t feel the pressure of addiction anymore, and he doesn’t have to feel alone… Could this be?

    Just a little extra background: Mike is my ex-boyfriend (my parents and his parents always joke about being ‘the one that got away’). We were friends first for two years, dated briefly, he was always my “go-to” when problems arose with other guys. Yet strangely, it never worked out between us. I blame it on timing. We never lost our friendship over the past 8 years, but there was always a lingering physical attraction between us. It went unspoken, but I know we both felt it. When he died, his brother told me the reason he called me that week was because he was finally going to “make his move” and ask me out. I feel maybe if I would have told him how much I loved him (not only as a friend, but potentially even as a soulmate), that he wouldn’t have had a fatal relapse.

    • Hi Trish,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. My condolences on the passing of your friend. Before I get to your dream, I would like to say that we should never take responsibility for someone else’s actions. Their actions are theirs to own and be responsible for, we are only responsible for how we respond to their actions, our own thoughts and behaviour. Mike’s death is not your fault. There is a great shift in energy happening on this planet right now, it is very difficult for most, including myself, as we are forced to let go of the old and allow the new to enter. Many are experiencing shifts in relationships and many are drawn to reconsider old relationships that they may be inspected and either brought to a new level of let go. In this great shift it is normal to reach for the familiar but the familiar isn’t always going to be our highest and best. People may not necessarily be aware of this shift consciously but they are certainly aware on the subconscious level. If you consider that 98% of people’s behaviour is 95% subconscious, things could be happening for reasons we don’t understand on levels of consciousness that we aren’t aware of. So please do not play the “what if” game and try and blame yourself for Mike’s actions because that creates a heavy, long lasting guilt that is unhealthy and unnecessary.

      You dream was definitely a visitation. It seems that now souls who have addictions or suicide or that are spiritually unevolved are not just going to the astral plane to await reincarnation as they would have in the past, now they are being escorted by angels to the higher realms regardless of their development but before they go they are given that “one last phone call” so to speak. They are able to say goodbye to a significant loved one either through a conscious visitation while the person is awake or through the person’s dreamscape. If you are wondering what may be happening to Mike now that he has passed I recommend reading The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. While it doesn’t say so in the book, it seems that Billy was a messenger selected to let us know what is happening when we pass and what has changed in this respect. It is a wonderfully uplifting book which imparts much light and hope.

      Blessings always
      I AM Julie-Anne

      • Thank you for such an insightful response. I appreciate it more than you know.

  42. I dreamed of a church service with my mother and her dead sister sitting next to her. Upon approaching — I noticed an old lady very fair in complexion than the other congregation members ( whom were all Africans) smiling and towards me – but when she saw me she said I shouldn’t be hiding. When I was close to the old lady, my mother and aunt, my aunt said to me that I should not spend the R20.00 on alcohol. I was puzzled as I scanned her to see if it was really her. She was different – so humble and clean in her dress-code,and healthy. She was ill and stayed with us for a long-time, during that time I looked after her in every aspect until she left, but died 3days later after visiting her kids.

    Please clarify – the dream of a dead aunt – church service, my mother being present, the old lady

    Kind Regards

    • Greetings Charmaine,
      I could an entire book about the symbolism of the church for within this one symbol there are many others. What is important though is how you view the church; some will see a church building as a visible expression of God’s presence among us and others will see it as a form of deception and control. The service itself The building was originally meant to symbolise the place where the People of God gather to worship and encounter God in the special sacraments and rites celebrated inside, which is what the service is. At first I thought that the lady you described was one of your guides but it seems that she is an angel that is guiding your aunt. When she says you are hiding she is referring to your Light and alcohol is one way of doing that. I have written in previous comments about the dead paying one loved one a visit prior to being escorted to their next assignment by an angel. So it seems to me you have one such visit from your aunt that was facilitated by her guiding angel. She is endeavouring to guide you towards a spiritual path – perhaps your R20.00 could be used to buy a book that might assist you in that sense.

      I wish you a safe journey
      Blessings and Light always

  43. hi my dad’s brother passed one year before in an accident and its now going to be 1year over by this time his soul asked water to my dad in his dream what does its mean will you please say me 🙂

    • Greetings Karuna,
      From what you have written I understand that your father’s brother (your uncle) died in an accident. After that your meaning was unclear, could you please clarify? Has it been one year since your uncle died? Are you saying that his soul came into your father’s dream and asked for water. Do I have that correct? Id there any other information that you can add that will describe the dream for the sake of clarity?

      After posting the above comment, what your uncle was asking for came to me. Water is the Holy symbol for baptism or the equivalent in the religions of your country. He is asking for help to be cleansed and sent to a higher realm.


  44. Hi,
    I saw my grandmother’s burning funeral as Hindus do in the fields of my relatives and her burned skeleton suddenly gets up and sits down then I called up my family in dream and my grandma again lays down on The stack of woods of funeral. She died 5 years ago. I saw her in dreams before but never that scary.
    I searched abt and finds Itz related to some disturbance or sad issues.
    I am very much concerned about my brother’s relationship as his marriage is in very sensitive condition. Could u please explain my dream.

    • Hello Mani,
      Your dream is not directly to the condition of your brother’s marriage but rather to your reaction to this situation. You can help your brother by not worrying, which sends more negative energy to a situation, and send love instead or pray for them to resolve all issues for the highest good of all. It does seem that your grandmother does enter into your dreams from time to time and she has in this dream also. Grandmothers are the wise women, the matriarchs of the family and if you think about it the skeleton is the foundation for the physical body, for physical life; she is giving your this dream to bring into your awareness to be mindful of what you are creating with worry and fear as this will cause you to manifest things for yourself that you will not want. Base the foundation of your life upon peace and love and change the world. That is her message.


  45. I saw that my father is dead and we have taken him to burial ground , I am totally distrub seeing this dream at morning 4.45 am I love my father very much and at any cost doesnt like to loose him.

    • Greetings Geetha,
      Sometimes dreams will show us transitions ahead of time to prepare us that we may let go of attachment and be at peace with our loved one moving on in their journey. These strong attachments cause us suffering and are a result of separative thinking. If we are all One how is it possible to ever be separated from those we love? Attachment not only can cause us to suffer unnecessarily but will also affect our loved one in a number of ways. We create energetic cords to them, which are generated from fear – whether that be fear of losing them or something else, either way cords are never a good thing and it is best to work at clearing these which transforms the fear they were created with into love. Often dreams are multi-faceted and will cover more than just one issue, with this dream you must also look at your inner child/inner parent dynamic and bring this relationship into balance. Also the time of your dream is significant, the number 445 means “The angels are guiding you through an important life change. Please allow them to help make the transition smooth. This confirms for me that you are being asked to let go of attachment. This does not mean that your father will die soon but that you are blocking up the flow of your own energy by having this attachment. Over the years my angels have asked me to let go of certain attachments too and only good has come from letting these go so go forth bravely knowing that there is something better on the other side of this clearing.


  46. I had a dream about my dead grandmother..she’s been gone for 20 years..it was like we went through the funeral process all over again I kept saying we going to miss grandma’s funeral but it seemed like everybody was moving slow like they were not Wanting to go to get funeral. I was so mad because it seemed like nobody cared. But then some type of way the coffin was there I was looking at the coffin it was closed and I was saying grandma I’m going to miss u grandma I’m not going to see u them she open the coffin and got out of the coffin and I knew that that was not right.. She looked so pretty and she day down on the chair and she just looked at me so pretty I was looking at her and thinking in my mind grandma u are not supposed to be alive u ate supposed to be sleep. Them she closed her eyes then I jumped up. Please help me figure this out

    • Hi Denita,
      You are not dreaming here of your actual grandmother but of your inner grandmother. Our inner grandmother is our inner wise woman and you are either killing her off or trying to put her sleep. Listen to her, she has much to share with you which can bring miracles in to your life. Your dream is showing you that this is creating a point of internal conflict with parts of your wanting her gone or at least quiet and others not wanting her go. Your dream is showing you that you do care for this aspect of self and must allow it awaken from it’s long slumber, allow it to rise from the dead without trying to bury her all over again as this will indeed cause you much pain. When she closed her eyes she let you know that she will comply with your wishes but in your heart you know “it’s not right”. Accept the wisdom that you have within you and allow it to surface. Miracles are sure to follow.

      Blessings and Light

  47. I was dating a married man for 5 yrs, we were head over heels in love! I had some drug issues and that kept him from committing to me 100%! So shortly after he died in a horrible car accident (on his way to my court date) in a hurry as usual! Weeks later I kept thinking omg where is his soul? Is he in heaven for having been a sinner? It really bothered me? One night in a dream of michael I was looking in the cloud and I didn’t see his face only his index finger writing in the clouds “Jesus Jesus” over and over! So cool! 10 months have passed and I ask often before I go to sleep for a “Michael” dream! Every dream is the same he is dead in the dream and he just appears somewhere familiar,at his work or other places! He’s alive and it was all a hoax??? It leaves me with the worse feeling for the day! I don’t understand why I keep having the same dreams all the time! Someone help! My heart is literally broken because he is gone! I hope and pray I will see him in heaven!
    Thank you for listening!

    • Dearest Jenn,
      Your beloved Michael is reaching out to you for help. Often when people are killed suddenly they because traumatised preventing them from finding their way to the light and anchoring them to earth as earth bound spirits; you were right to wonder where his soul was. He is literally walking around still in his life, going to work and other familiar places in an attempt to have someone notice him. To help him reach Heaven you must heal your own heartbreak and release him to the light. I recommend that you set aside an hour when you won’t be disturbed and call in Archangel Michael, allow him to help you both in this situation. Then call your Michael to you, he will come to you, say goodbye and tell him it’s ok to go with Archangel Michael who will take his soul to where it belongs as well as helping you to heal your own pain. God is not a God that punishes us for any transgressions might make, God is Love and He/She would see His/Her children come back Home. Once you have done this you will feel so much better. I’d also keep Archangel Michael around, he’s a pretty cool companion, all you need to is ask him to stick around and guide you.

      Blessings and Light

  48. Hi I hope I’ll be able to get an answer from someone. ..my sister passed away a year ago next month and for the first time ever I had a dream about her riding a BMX bike around in circles with my cousin. and I can’t for the life of me figure out what this dream means. Any help?

    • Hi Nakia,
      Your sister is just letting you know that she is ok and is having fun where she is, she is with people she knows and all is good. She doesn’t want you to worry about her and she is with you as a guide to help you through life until you meet again on the other side.


  49. I am pregnant, and i dream i came into a room trying to undress and i met my two aunt the one is dead and the other one is alive. the one who is dead was studying medicine before she died. and in the dream, she ask the other one whether i am pregnant, and the other one answered her. she then took out some multivitamins and give to me the multivite and the fasolate. but i had been complaining sick the past two days and even planning to see my gynecologist on Saturday.

    • Hi Amelia,
      Congratulations on your pregnancy. Obviously you have been to see your gynaecologist by now. My apologies for the delay in answering your dream questions. I want to point out that I am not a medical doctor and you should do your own research as well as listen to what your own body is asking you for. Let’s just take a look at what your aunts were trying to prescribe. Multi-Vite is taken to prevent vitamin and iron deficiency during pregnancy. If it were me, I would first look at my diet and see how I could improve it to naturally get more vitamins and iron into the body. Dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale (kale chips make a wonderful snack), broccoli, lentils, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts, lentils, blueberries, strawberries and the king of vitamins and minerals cacao. Cacao is raw chocolate which contains 84 vitamins and minerals and a high source of iron. It can be used in recipes or as a hot drink – it is not the same as drinking chocolate or cocoa, which contains milk power and sugar additives. Fasolate is designed to promote healthy blood and helps prevent birth defects. However, it is my understanding that a synthetic folic acid is used in fasolate and anything that is synthetic is very toxic to the body and is best avoided. Look for foods naturally high in B vitamins. A balanced diet can take care of these deficiencies. Both multi-vite and fasolate pertain to the blood and a lack of either results in anaemia. There is much more I could write about the symbolism of your aunts but I think the dream is merely asking you to look at and improve your diet, especially during pregnancy. Hope this helped. I look forward to hearing how you are doing and if you have a boy or girl.

      Blessings and Light

  50. Hi,

    My cousin david passed away in march 2012. He was working at a ski resort in Canada, where he took the wrong route home, got lost in a golf course, fell into a creek and died, the cause being hypothermia.

    He was 27, and older than me by 2 months. Last night I dreamt of him for the first time. He was laid out in his coffin, dressed in a scout uniform, and we were mourning. Then as my aunt passed by he woke up. None of us moved or talked to him, but his face looked very disorientated, he still did not speak.

    Then he began to cough, just a little at first, turning more violent. He was coughing blood and seemed to have it stuck in his throat, the more he coughed the less he could bring up. I went to him with a tissue, and I shouted for a doctor, but then I awoke.

    I’ve never dreamt of him before, and I thought when. I did it would mean he was happy and had passed, but this dream was upsetting because he seems to be uneasy and unsettled.

    Can you shed any light on this?
    Many thanks…..

    • Hi Elaine,
      I have looked into your cousins passing and it seems to me that he is not an earth bound spirit, nor is he trapped on the astral plane but has moved into the higher realms or what we call Heaven. Know that he is in a place of peace and bliss and is indeed happy. This means that rather than it being David visiting you in your dream he was merely a symbol representing a quality within you that needs to come to your attention. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of David? This will usually be what he symbolises to you. Perhaps it is adventurous, happy or something else, what ever it is, it is this quality within you that the dream is asking you to address. I include adventurous because if you think about Scouts, it is an organisation that teaches males ranging from young children to young adults life skills in an adventurous environment. Are you being adventurous enough in your own life or do you feel stuck? As for the coughing up the blood, it’s almost as if you are choking on your own life force. The more that there is the more it becomes stuck. Are you expressing what is true for you or are you going along with others to maintain a certain status quo? There are other things to watch out for also in terms of your own energy system; have repaired any holes, leaks and tears and if you are having problems with your throat look at repairing the actual chakra. It is time to dig deep within yourself and allow your adventurous side to awaken.

      Blessings and Light

  51. I had a dream that I was pushing a coffin into the ocean off of a ship. I didn’t see who was inside, I could hear something in the coffin and assumed it was my dad who passed away in 06. I was having problems getting the coffin over the side rail and was helped by a person. I turned to look and it was my dad next to me helping. Seemed very real and natural.
    Any help would be great!

    • Greetings Aaron,
      If this were my dream I’d be looking at what emotions I had buried concerning my father particularly your feelings about his passing.
      We pick up much from our parents including parenting styles, which can dictate not only how we parent our outer children but also our inner child/children as well. The dream is showing you that there is definitely some emotional healing that you need to address but also look at the dynamic between your inner parent and inner child. This is essentially how you treat your yourself. Are you strict and very self-disciplined or are you too lenient and allow yourself to slack off way too often? When we are too strict our inner child will feel beaten down and a low self-esteem will result. If we are too lenient our inner child will become spoilt and override us at every opportunity causing mayhem in our life. If you are not sure of how you are parenting your own inner child, spend a day taking careful note of how you speak to yourself, you may be surprised at what you say to yourself. You would benefit greatly from journalling your feelings as you explore your father/son relationships.

      Blessings and Light

  52. Hi I had a dream at 4:00am. My partner died 8years ago on 8th February he was only 39 . Coming to terms with his passing has taken me almost 5 years and I am in a place where I feel able to move on. Now. However, I live. In a town house and my bedroom is on the top floor. I dreamt that he was lying dead in his casket on the middle landing and it was open with him in it. I would have to pass it to get down the stairs and at first didn’t feel upset.

    But after a while felt very anxious,I kept finding myself going past, but then I was back at the top of the stairs again and having to go past his open casket ,this happened about 3or 4 times. The final time I went past and down the next set of stairs to my living room where my son was sitting. My back door was open too.and I was pretty annoyed about that. I spoke to someone (not sure who it was but I seem to know them as they were in my house) and asked them to take the casket away, but they said they couldn’t, I can’t remember why, so I told them to close it at least as I don’t want it there. We went back upstairs to close it but my partner had moved up so it could not be closed, his head was in the way.

    My husband suffered before he died he passed due to a combination of hospital negligence and multI organ failurewe were very very close . I keep having dreams of him in his coffin and on one occasion I aattempting To go to his grave but there are obstacles in the way that seem to push me further back, like hills and gullies, big fires, long grass u can not see over that I can not get to his grave side to say goodbye as over the previous years refused to let him go. I am so confused by these dreams and wake up scared in the middle of the night. Would love your insight and thoughts.

    • Thank you Phoenix for sharing your dream.
      Here are my thoughts on your dream. During an actual interactive session we would discuss the symbols in your dream and derive deeper meanings for them based on your own perceptions of them so realise that these are my own perceptions and use them to explore your thoughts.

      A casket is something we bury things in and it has quite a deep symbolism. What you buried deep within you when your partner died is now ready to resurface so that you can move on in a whole and healed way. Going down a set of stairs symbolises delving into the subconscious mind, that you are finding yourself back at the top implies you that you have reservations of fears of going too deeply into these feelings. When you do finally make it down the stairs you connect with your masculine child (representing your inner child). The back door is a handy escape route and it is open and you are annoyed so it’s like you don’t wish to run away from these things but rather have someone just remove them so they are not in your sight or mind. That your partner has positioned himself so that the casket cannot be closed he/you are showing yourself that you must not keep these things buried any longer if you are to move on. Sometimes the thought of looking at the things we have buried is far more upsetting than what we have actually buried. Taking the time to sit and re-visualise this dream and making changes would be of great benefit. If you do feel you would like me to lead you through this process you can book a session on Skype or by phone depending on where you are in the world. Just contact me if you need assistance.

  53. My uncle just passed in November of a very long and horrible battle with cancer. My aunt is now having dreams of him killing her, by strangulation and by drowning. I must tell you that she was not kind to him, they had a loveless marriage, she did not even go to his appointments, my husband took him. She has also benefited financially from his passing, and is now manipulating her mother in law (his mother) out of thousands of dollars. She is convinced he’s haunting her….

    • Hi Liz,
      apologies for not replying sooner. Yes, your uncle is haunting your aunt and as it’s been a while now, she is not well because of it. Those souls that become earth bound, especially those who carry resentment and hatred have such a low vibration that it is harmful to the physical body of those they hang around and it doesn’t take long for this low energy to create illness in the person they are targeting. You can try to speak to your uncle and explain to him that he is creating karma and the circumstances for his next life by haunting her and he should forgive her and move on. Before trying to speak to him call in Archangel Michael as a moderator and as his guide to where he needs to go once he decides to move on. There is no escaping karma, your aunt will reap what she has sown.


  54. Hello..
    I had a dream were I was wondering around and I seen family members in passing and then my grandmother appeared and she started talking to me (she passed away 2yrs ago) I called her out on being dead and I asked her why all the family was there and she responded with they are preparing me for the other side.
    I know this sees pretty straight forward but i’m really hoping there is another meaning to this dream..


    • Hi Kendra,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. There are a few things to consider whether you are terminally ill or not, there is some spiritual work that you need to do. Your grandmother is not ascended and therefore cannot guide you to the other side. This is a wake up call for you to make some spiritual decisions about where you really want to be. I’m picking up that you also need to create some goals for your physical life as well as your spiritual life. People that pass that weren’t disciplined spiritual aspirants are usually hovering around the astral realm waiting to reincarnate. They are not true guides. It is like asking a kindergarten child to teach a university class – they can’t and we shouldn’t expect them to. Lovely as it is to have grandma watching over you, it helps neither you nor her to be where you need to be.My suggestion is to create some spiritual boundaries and request from Archangel Michael to escort your grandmother to where is needs to be as well as setting down some ground rules that you will only be guided by actual ascended masters. If you are allowing life to kick you around a bit, now is the time to own your personal power and create the life you really want. Ask yourself if you are living or if you are just existing? We are powerful creators, we can create anything we set our mind to if we just believe. Time to take life by head on and feel the joy.I am picking up that you are ill, do contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

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