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IMG_1298 webWho Am I?

There are three things that are fundamental to the essence of me: I love to create, love to learn and love to teach and help others.

I began on the self-development path when in my teens which finally led me to a spiritual path in 2001 but in truth these paths are one and the same. I have studied all manner of things to arrive at the point I am today and continue to work hard to evolve into the best that I can be. I also love to share and help others. My desire to serve and to make our planet a place of peace, unity and Light for all beings runs very deep within me.

Dreams have always been a part of my life. I had a recurring dream as a child and worked at discovering its meaning but it wasn’t until 2001 that I really began to record, interpret and redesign my dreams. It was then that I discovered the meaning of that recurring dream. This earnest dreamwork facilitated a deep understanding of self and accelerated my personal  and spiritual growth. Dreams are such powerful things!

Now, armed with a library of dreams, diverse life experience and training in coaching, counselling, esoteric psychology and healing/nutrition, I am able to guide clients, through dreamwork to reach their life and ascension goals. I bring that intensely creative aspect of myself into my work through workshops in which others learn how to make beautiful dream tools for themselves. In all that I do, I work intimately with spirit which brings amazing and often unexpected dimensions to my work.

While working with dreams is a passion, I am equally passionate about esoteric psychology (the psychology of the soul) which I continue to study extensively while working to put together ways of bringing this information to others in a fun and easy format.


 Relevant formal qualifications include:

* Raw Nutrition Certification (currently studying)

* Certified Master Life Coach;

* Certified Life Coach with the American University of NLP

* Train the Trainer – Stage Presentation

* Certificate IV in Coaching for Life and Business

* Practitioner Certification in NLP

* Practitioner Certification in Time Line Therapy

* Certification in Hypnotherapy

* Certificate IV in Sustainable Environmental Practices

* BSc Hons – University of Wollongong


Studies of a more esoteric nature include:  Science of the Rays, Soul Psychology, Shamanism, Reiki, Angels Touch, Angel Intuitive, Crystal Healing, Parapsychology, and Swedish Massage.

I am a photographer, artist and author of over 140 published articles and the non-fiction book, Under Bungonia

Currently, I am completing  a Diploma in Professional Counselling and Raw Nutrition certification.


A Little More About What I Do

Quite simply, I help people who genuinely want to improve their lives; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Dreams are a great introduction to consciousness work and when coupled with coaching can greatly accelerate an individual’s personal and spiritual growth and understanding of themselves.  While I love coaching one on one, my greatest passion is to teach. This website provides a platform to teach about dreams and assist people with issues that may manifest as bad dreams or nightmares if left unattended. I also work with children if they can’t sleep, have bad dreams, or talk about “people” being present in their room at night.  As well as having an understanding of soul psychology, I work closely with the angelic realm to bring an intuitive quality to my work as well as new insights.

While I do offer individual dream interpretation, which is far more extensive than anything that will ever appear on my blog, I prefer to teach clients how to interpret and work with their own dreams during coaching sessions or workshops. I offer coaching in packages to save the client money and can personalise packages to suit a client’s budget if they prefer. It is always nice to get to know who you are going to work with and ask questions before committing to a paid service.  For new clients I offer a free 30 minute consultation so we may get to know each other and discuss your needs and a coaching format. In my coaching program I endeavour to assist clients to master their mind, clear old programming and limiting beliefs so they may create their own unique dreamscape and live the life of their “dreams”.

Through The Portal is one of my signature workshops. Into this I have poured knowledge gleaned from the study of counselling, soul psychology and  shamanism then added my creative skills to pull together a workshop that is both informative and creative; yin/yang and left/right brain balanced. More information on this workshop can be found here  http://thedreamalchemist.com/product/through-the-portal/


Why I Do It

I do what I do out of love for others and a passionate desire to serve. People struggle and suffer unnecessarily because they do not have the tools or knowledge needed to free themselves from mental bondage.  My own journey has been difficult and challenging.  I hope to save others years of detours by sharing my experiences and teaching what I have learned along the way.


How to Connect With Me

 If you have any questions about any of the content or services on this site, please contact me via email julieanne@TheDreamAlchemist.com  or Skype  julie.anne.michael

If within Australia you can also contact me on my mobile 0424 270 410


OR send a text with your phone number and I will return your call at no cost to you.


Also connect on Facebook or Tsu where your dream questions can be answered.






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