About The Dream Alchemist

The Dream Alchemist was founded by Julie-Anne Michael on May 26th, 2011.

The business began as an idea at a series of business building workshops in which we had to create a new business from scratch. It went through a few name changes along the way. It started out as Dream Intel and then became Dreams Uncovered and finally, after a brainstorming session with colleagues, The Dream Alchemist was born.


Logo2The Concept behind The Logo

The logo was the result of one of those remarkable times when the universe conspired to make something magical happen. It depicts a Goddess fully within her power sitting on a silver crescent moon, pondering the 5 stars of the Southern Cross.

We have chosen the moon and stars to represent an expanded concept of humanity, after all we are far more than just a physical vessel. The inclusion of the Southern Cross signifies that The Dream Alchemist is based in the Southern Hemisphere but the 5 stars imply much more because 5 is the number of Alchemy and Transformation. The colour violet also represents transformation as it reflects the Violet Flame of the 7th Great Ray, while white represents the purity of the spirit. Silver, along with the other elements of the design reflect feminine energy which reflects the energy of dreaming. The Goddess is somewhat Amazonian looking to symbolise a balance between these feminine energies with the inner masculine. Overall we wanted the logo to convey the energies of dreaming, alchemy, transformation and power and I think we’ve achieved that.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of The Dream Alchemist to raise consciousness by assisting people, through dream work and coaching, to develop a strong connection with their soul and accelerate development towards truth and mastery.


The Dream Alchemist’s Core Values

1.      Selflessly serve others – we go the extra mile for people, whatever it takes. We offer support and encouragement and create a safe environment both physically and online for others to explore their inner reality. We will never give up on a person, no matter what. We strive to build open, honest relationships that develop deep levels of trust.

2.      Create fun and a little weirdness – change becomes easier when it is fun and a little weird don’t you think? We endeavour to be creative and think outside the box when developing products and strategies to help others. We strive to put fun into self-development and consciousness work because this can be a daunting task.

3.      Pursue growth and learning – we not only allow ourselves to grow and learn but actively pursue it. To be an excellent dream alchemist and coach requires understanding and knowledge of a broad range of topics. Knowledge helps to interpret dreams but also to guide the welfare of the dreamer in areas of sleep, health, relationships, spirituality and general well-being.

4.      Embrace and drive change – for most people, and certainly for many businesses, change is something that inspires fear for often we fear what we do not understand or that opens us to the unknown. Rather than fearing change we choose to embrace and create change while providing a safe and supportive environment for change to occur. Quantum leaps are great but they can generate fear and create stress and may not be as lasting as taking little steps on a consistent basis. A thousand little steps = one quantum leap.

5.      Environmental sustainability and stewardship  – this is the core value that underlies all of the others, it is the driving force behind all that we do and why we do it. We have made it our mission to raise consciousness and connect people with their soul. From this aspect of consciousness causing harm to ourselves and the environment is impossible. This is the core value that allows us to set timed goals and targets as we fulfil our commitment to developing a business that not only sustains but improves our planetary environment for all life forms.

For more information on these core values please read our Environment Sustainability Policy.

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