People as Dream Symbols


Someone asked me the other day if dreaming of sleeping with Brad Pitt, now that he was single, was a prophetic dream.

I haven’t really written about people as dream symbols before, at least not in a post dedicated to the topic, so here it is.

When we are interpreting our dreams we need to treat people as a symbol like everything else in the dream. And remember, that we are every symbol also. How would a dream convey a particular quality if not via a person or animal that represented that quality in your mind? Think of the person in your dream and think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of them. This is usually the quality that they represent for you.

Let’s look at a few examples:  You might dream of your plump but jolly aunt Betty, who is always happy and never bothered with what people thought of her. If Aunt Betty was deceased you might think oh Aunt Betty is visiting me from the other side. Possibly, but that’s a topic in itself and best left for another post. It is more likely that Aunt Betty is a dream symbol telling you to be happy and not bother about what you think others think of your recent weight gain.

What about dreaming of Uncle Bob?  You saw Uncle Bob as mean grouch that no one liked and everyone in your family tried to avoid. Perhaps you have been behaving like a mean grouch lately and your dream is telling you to snap out of it and don’t be like Uncle Bob.

What about when we dream of actors and actresses? It is exactly the same although there is more opportunity to expand the meaning if the actor appears dressed as a character they played in a particular movie. In this case the dream symbol is the character they played and not the actual actor. In my experience this can be tricky because it may or may not have been a movie you have seen but one that you are being guided to watch. You may have to Google some images of the actor to pin point the movie before you can follow through and watch it. Journal your thoughts about the character, about the character’s journey, what s/he learned, what happened and what could have happened if the character had chosen differently. All will be reflective of your own life and something for you to learn from.

What if you dream you are the actor? This can mean many things. The dream could be showing you how you are acting in life. It could be indicating that you are acting, not being yourself or not being authentic. Are you a good actor or a bad actor? A good actor may indicate that you are too good at pretending and covering up how you really feel. If a bad actor; perhaps the dream is showing you that people can see through your act.

What if you are dreaming of parents? Most commonly, dreaming of parents is a reflection of your own inner parent and how you are parenting your own inner child. If you are dreaming of your mother, you are being shown your inner feminine parent and if dreaming of your father you are being shown your own inner masculine. Well, not always but most often this is the case. Whatever the dream is showing you, you can be sure it is something that you need to adjust within your own energy and psyche.

Perhaps you are catching on now that people are symbols too but what does it mean if you have sex with them in your dream. Of course there are no hard and fast rules really but usually the dream will indicate either a need to integrate the qualities of the other person within yourself or that you already are to some extent.

So will that hopeful person get to sleep with Brad Pitt? Probably not – perhaps she is being asked to integrate her inner half God warrior (Troy) and be about the Father’s business.


Until next time …. happy dream journaling!

I AM Julie-Anne


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