Dream Portals (dreamcatchers)

Our dream portals provide dreamers with a valuable dream tool that will serve for the entirety of the dreamer’s life no matter how long they endure. These dream portals are created in cooperation with the Archangels, Elohim and Masters of our spiritual hierarchy where the ring upon which the thread of life is woven becomes a portal to the spiritual realms. Some portals link directly to a particular master’s ashram while others are linked to more generalised ashrams on the inner planes and that consciousness pours through to the dreamer. In some instances the master may enter the dreamer’s dreamscape to impart wisdom. All of our portals are linked to the planetary and galactic grids and have anchored within them a platinum net that serves to keep any lower energies from becoming lodged within the web or decorations on the portal.

Once each dream portal is created it is put through a sacred ceremony in which it is cleared of all thoughts that may have attached to it during the creative process. During this ceremony it is smudged and infused with specific intentions and functions by both myself and then by the archangels and masters. The higher intentions infused into the portals are not usually known to me, as I do not have the understanding and foresight that the mighty archangels have but by working with some of these portals I have glimpsed some of those higher intentions and have fast tracked along my own spiritual path because of them. When viewed clairvoyantly, streams of energy can be seen pouring through each portal; they are very powerful tools that assist us in developing and refining our consciousness during both our sleeping and waking hours.

Most of our portals carry a particular theme and energy. If what we have in stock isn’t exactly resonating with you, you can have one made to order; you choose the size, colours, decorations and whether you want a generalised portal or one with a specific theme. If you live locally (Illawarra region of NSW, Australia) you may even want to take a workshop and learn how to create your own portal. You can also order custom made portals for Weddings, Births and Christenings for a really unique gift.

One other point that is necessary to make is that these dream portals do not catch dreams or remove nightmares. In fact the reverse is true, they provide dreams. Originally, dreamcatchers were created by Native Americans for their babies and children to keep away bad dreams and nightmares and for this purpose, they were very effective, but as adults we need to step up and address our issues as adults. We believe that dreams are given to us as guidance for our lives that we may evolve and be happy and safe. When we fail to listen to these dreams they become more and more intense as the urgency to act becomes more critical. It is these intense dreams that we have come to know as nightmares. It does not serve the dreamer to simply remove them with a dream tool, nightmares must be addressed and once the guidance is heeded they stop. If you are experiencing nightmares, or psychological discomfort when sleeping consider contacting Julie-Anne for a personal session to clear the underlying issues.

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