12 Coaching Sessions



After 9 months of coaching you are well on way to achieving your one year goals. Celebration! But you’re not there quite yet, there’s still a little way to go. You have an amazing relationship with your coach and you are now beginning to tap into that pure awesomeness that is within you. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and be there with them through every low point and every success. That last 3 months of a year can often be the most euphoric and also the most difficult. Statistically, many people quit five minutes before the miracle! Wouldn’t you like to go the entire distance with your coach nudging you to the finish line and be there to hand you the champagne? Buy 12 Coaching sessions and receive a free bonus session – a saving of over $145. Includes 13 x 1 hour coaching sessions, unlimited emails and other hidden bonuses, which includes discounts on new products and free access to selected products as they become available. That’s over one year of coaching plus amazing bonuses. Now that’s something to celebrate!


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