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This dream portal aids in the removal of blocks to abundance. It not only shows you what the blocks are but the order in which you need to address them. It is extremely powerful and by the time you’ve finished working with it, which may take many years, you will be a master in all areas of life with your abundance aligned with the Divine flow of energy that nourishes all life. Abundance is abundance, it doesn’t just mean more money, it means more of everything and never lacking for anything ever again. You will be and will have so much more than you ever dreamed possible if you follow where this dream portal and your dreams take you. This dream portal is steeped in symbolism from the colours and material used to the charms on the web.

The continuous thread of the web: this symbolises the eternal and continuous flow of light that carries within it all the abundance we could ever require.

The colours of the thread – green has long been a symbol for money and wealth while white symbolises a purity of intent.  Green also symbolises the heart chakra.

Green beads: represent the colour of the heart, which has its own intelligence. The heart must feature prominently in the flow of abundance. We must love ourselves and know our self-worth to be open to this flow of energy.

The number 5: the number of alchemy, transformation and change. This number is represented three times; 5 small beads, 5 large beads and 5 small charms. There are 3 lots of five. The number 555 has its own message: The universe is changing your direction with your soul’s permission. Hold the vision until you land on the shore of the new abundant self but buckle your seatbelt you are in for a wild ride. The number 3: represents the Holy Trinity and the support that you have throughout the changes ahead.

The number 1: There is one large charm in the centre of the portal and one large feather to represent the Divine Light of First Source.

The number 9: There are 9 clusters of 2 feathers and 9 beads. The number 9 represents cosmic and personal completion. You have freed yourself from further reincarnation and have become an ascended master in your own right. You are entering the next level of love, of soul and service to planetary evolution by healing self. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. I did say this was a powerful dream portal! Did I realise what I was creating when I started this portal. No.

The number 2: Two also appears in correlation to nine as these feathers are in a cluster of 2. This represents the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies within and this perfect union must occur for true abundance to flow unimpeded. The web also features additional charms which expand and deepen the symbolism of the dream portal.

Wishbone (furcula): When I was a child, we had roast chicken for Sunday lunch and I always got to have my chance at winning a wish with the wishbone. There were specific rules, both contenders had to wrap their little finger around the bone and pull until it snapped. The pinky is considered one’s weakest and most vulnerable finger so if you could win with this aspect you could move mountains using the stronger aspects of yourself. The winner was the one left holding the larger piece; this “lucky break” meant that their wish or dreams would come true. This tradition dates back to the 4th century and was enjoyed by the Etruscans, Romans, Britains and Americans. Even in today’s culture many still believe that this symbol will “catch” their dreams, make their wishes come true and generally bring them good luck. Another modern day belief is that the wishbone enhances the flow of “good energy”. The furcula (“little fork”) functions to help birds to fly as well as helping them breathe during flight so in a symbolic sense it would also assist us to fly the vision for our lives with our soul which is believed to enter into us on the breath. As the furcula attach to the bird’s scapula it spans both sides of the body and the single end is positioned over the heart. I see this as a symbol of bringing the energies from both sides of the body (the male and female energies) into oneness within the heart so it symbolises the balance and union of these energies. Astrologers link the wishbone to Sagittarius so it draws in the symbolism for this aspect of the zodiac as well.

Horse shoe: Horse shoes have long been a symbol for good fortune and good luck. They were hung on doors to ward off evil spirits and prevent them from entering the building. In most of Europe protective horseshoes were hung with the open end pointing downward but in some parts of Ireland and Britain people believed that they must be hung pointing upwards, or U shape, so the luck didn’t “run out”. Iron, from which horseshoes are made, is stronger than other metals and able to withstand fire. It has long been thought to be imbued with magical properties and to hold the power to ward off spirits, witches, fairies, and other mischievous beings and as such perhaps can be correlated to the “Iron Rod”. The crescent shape of the horseshoe is believed to symbolise a receptacle or chalice, the moon, various moon goddesses or even horns which is a symbol of protection. The horseshoe has been made into many charms for jewellery and is even a wedding accessory. In the horseshoe charm used in this dream portal is a horse head with reins. The horse is a universal symbol for personal power and in the case of a domesticated horse it is power which is controlled. When we think on it, the horseshoe is that upon which the horse runs. It can therefore represent the foundation of our power.

Four Leaf Clover: A four leaf clover is a genetic variation of the three leaf clover or shamrock, which occurs in almost every country in the world. It is said that the four leaves represent faith, hope, love and luck. Another version is respect, wealth, love and health but in Ireland it is believed that the four leaves represent The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost and the Grace of God. A more modern twist is that the four leaves represent The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit and humanity with this fourth leaf symbolising the redemption of mankind. Universally though, clover symbolises abundance. Just think of clover, it grows prolifically without us even needing us to tend to it. In terms of abundance it is clear that once you have planted the right seeds, little effort is required for them to manifest and multiply. The ratio of a true four leaf to three leaf clover is around 100,000:1, so finding one is considered very lucky and to the person who has one in their possession an abundance of fortune is believed to flow. There are several cultivated clovers and among these the ratio of 4 to 3 leafed varieties is only 10,000:1 although popular belief is that these are not as lucky as the true four leaf clover. In this dream portal we’d like to think the three charms represent the true clover that existed underfoot of the ancient Druids.

Three Leaf Clover or Shamrock: The symbolic meaning surrounding the shamrock was popularised during 5th century Ireland around the time Saint Patrick was introducing and establishing Christianity and using the three-leafed clover to illustrate the Holy Trinity. The three leaves may also symbolise the three virtues; Faith, Love and Hope, found in Corinthians 13:13. The ancient Celts had great reverence for the triad and all that it symbolised and it formed the foundations of many of their beliefs. Being very connected to nature, they also recognised the triune nature of clover. This affinity for the triad was reflected in the art of the time and today is still in use. The triskelion, for example, appears on the Sicilian flag and the triquetra is still a well-known symbol of protection while the shamrock itself has become the symbol of Ireland and Irish government. In dreams the shamrock symbolises growth, success, financial prosperity, health, wellbeing and calmness. It symbolises the trinity and depending on the context may even symbolise Ireland.

Even the pricing has symbolism 43 = 4+3 =7  the number of the Divine.

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