Ancient Mystery


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Uncover ancient Peruvian mysteries and connect with St Germain, the Mahachohan of our Spiritual Hierarchy.

Created in colours to symbolise Peru and the ancient mysteries found there from the sacred Lake Titicaca and mysterious Nazca Lines to the Sun worshipping Inca civilisation and their famous lost city of Machu Picchu. These outer mysteries for humanity are just an outer reflection of the mysteries that we hold within. To discover just one of these hidden inner mysteries would be completely life changing. To guide your shamanic journey with this dream portal Saint Germain has stepped forward in service and love. Saint Germain, formerly the chohan of the 7th Ray which we know as the Violet Flame and now the Mahachohan for our Spiritual Hierarchy is a loving and gentle being who has wisdom beyond comprehension.  The bird symbolises the connection between the physical and the world of Spirit.


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