Angel Card Parties



Do you love angel card readings? Why not gather up to 5 friends together and have an angel card party!
We will kick off the party with an ice breaker and a game and then do a short 12 minute meditation to invite the angels to our party.
You will be given a link to download this meditation to use whenever you want to be surrounded by angels.
I will do a short reading for the group to set the theme for the party.
We’ll do a 10 minute intro into crystals and how they can help us in our daily lives with many crystals to play with while the readings are taking place.
Each guest receives a private 30 minute reading (each guest is responsible for paying for their own reading ($40/30 min).
If you have an iphone – feel free to record your reading.
There will be nibbles and non alcoholic drinks (we never mix our spirits!)- supplied by hostess.
When all the readings are done we can come together and open up a discussion as well as thank all the angels who participated.
The most important thing is to have fun and with all that angel energy you will go home feeling peaceful and amazing.

Contact Julie-Anne to book a date for your angel card party.


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