Arcturian Healer 1


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Connect to the Arcturian Master healers through this dream portal for perfect health and ascension.

Arcturus is an ascended planet, which means that the entire population is ascended and every single individual incarnated on Arcturus is a Christed master in their own right.  If any one being begins to lower their consciousness the collective consciousness of the entire population help that being to raise themselves back up immediately that the vibration and level of consciousness of the planet can be maintained. Arcturus gives one a sense of well-being and peace but it also has a sense of fun and joy as the Arcturians do love their entertainment and fun as well as their service work.

The Arcturians are very accomplished healers and have provided much of the technology utilised by our spiritual hierarchy; for example, the core fear removal program, the radionics machine, the prana wind clearing device and much of the computer software for determining light quotients, initiation levels and profiling are from the Arcturians. While there are physical healing temples on Arcturus for off worlders, we would mostly be visiting the Arcturian ashrams on the inner planes for healing and this is where this dream portal is linked to. While there you can have core fear removed, alterations to your DNA to remove inherited illnesses, removal of past life imprints, use the prana wind clearing device to clear all the meridians and nadis, clear your chakras, take energy showers, use their liquid crystal technology and much more. Of course, this healing is not effective if one does not alter their thoughts for this is what causes our aliments but the Arcturians can help with this also and they do work in with our personal MAP Team and the Etheric Body Repair Teams.

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