Crystal Ally Reading



Readings are a great way to explore the inner world which is creating the outer reality and these cards get right into the core of matters.

The Crystal Ally reading covers one cycle, which could be 3 months or a year; although, through using these cards I have found that readings from them usually cover a 12 month cycle.

I use a layout called Heaven & Earth that will cover the following topics

* which lessons you have chosen to complete in this cycle

* the manner in which you will be learning these lessons

* relationships within the coming cycle and how they are moving within your life

* how you will be guided to express yourself in the coming cycle

* lessons for communication and how you should be focussing your verbal and personal expression

* focus on the coming spiritual cycle of growth

* the force that will be most prominent in your life during this cycle and the card around which all others revolve

The cards will also reveal which crystals will work best in each of these areas during this coming cycle.


If you have a specific question that isn’t answered in the main reading there will be a short time at the end to address your question.


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