Dream Mastermind Group



Dreams are meant to be honoured and shared and there is no better place to do that than in a dream mastermind group. This is a small group of like-minded people coming together to share, discuss and elevate their dreamwork in ways which honour and respect all members of the group.

We hold 2 groups per week in Oak Flats (maximum number is 7)
Wednesday night at 7.00 pm

Thursday morning at 10.00 am

We also hold 2 groups on Skype for those not local to Oak Flats. (maximum number is 10)
Monday at 12.00 pm (= 7.00 pm PST for those in North America)
Thursday at 7.00 pm

To join a Skype group, first contact us to make sure the group is not full. Then once you have paid the group fee add julie.anne.michael to your Skype contacts and you will be added to the mastermind group session.

All times listed here are for Sydney, Australia.


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