Dream Sachet 2


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This dream sachet contains mugwort and a tumbled Cinnabar stone.

If you are one of those individuals that claim you don’t dream and wish to begin or you are already dreaming and you wish to intensify your dreams using mugwort and certain crystals and stones can greatly assist. Simply place this dream sachet under your pillow and enjoy the result.

Mugwort promotes vivid dreaming including lucid and prophetic dreaming in an ordered way as it awakens you to the level of dreaming you are at and begins to awaken the next level as a light to guide you forward on your dreaming journey.

Note: To some people, vivid dreams may be perceived as nightmares and may disturb sleep or cause restlessness as issues are presented for the dream to work through and clear. Once cleared however sleep becomes more peaceful.

CAUTION: DO NOT use if pregnant or trying to conceive.

Cinnabar is a stone very much aligned with first ray energy. It stimulates dignity, vitality, power, fluency, persuasiveness and effectiveness. It advances one’s assertiveness while eliminating aggression thus helping to move one from the lower expression of first ray to the higher expression. It is beneficial for business owners as it ushers one towards invincibility. It is also called the “merchant’s stone” as it shows one how to acquire wealth and well as maintain it.

Cinnabar is great for community work as it assists us in remembering the “giving” qualities of the Divine. It connects one with the source of all being, promoting acceptance that everything is in Divine order. It is excellent in extracting energy blockages making it easier to balance and align the energy centres.

While sleeping, cinnabar purifies the blood, strengthens the physical body, adds flexibility to one’s muscles, and helps with weight disorders. On its own it may be helpful in correcting fertility deficiencies but not while being used in conjunction with mugwort. To further purify the blood while sleeping we recommend a haematite shield.

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