01 Dreamwork for the Complete Beginner



Our dreams contain vital information that can help us in life. They are gateways into our own inner worlds and to deeper understanding of self. From dreams we can learn, grow and evolve into more enlightened versions of ourselves and for those seeking personal and spiritual development, dreams accelerate our progress as they carry us higher and higher in the spiral of greater awareness.

Dreams lay bare our soul, all of our subconscious programming and the true desires of the heart. They are our compass and divine guide on our journey through life. Once we embrace and work with our dreams we enter into new worlds of experience, higher learning and healing. We would like to most the most of this amazing gift that is available to us right?

Whether dreams have only just sparked your curiosity or you have been dabbling for a while and want to take your dreams to the next level; this workshop is a great introduction to dreams and dream work that will help you start tapping into this amazing resource. A fun 9 hour exploration of dreams set over 3 evenings with plenty of dream time between sessions.


Here’s what we will cover in this mini course:

Lesson 1.

* Opening Meditation

* What is dream work?

* Why we do dream work?

*  The importance of dreams

*  Where dreams come from

* How to remember your dreams

Lesson 2.

* Opening Meditation

*  How to record your dreams

*  How to interpret your dreams

*  How to redesign dreams

*  Analyse some common symbols

Lesson 3.

* Opening Meditation

*  Analyse your own symbols

*  How to set up a dream dictionary

*  Interpret and Discuss your recent dreams

*  How to follow guidance from dreams


Limited to 8 people so do be quick and book early.

Tea and coffee is provided.

Energy exchange: $155 (no refunds for missed sessions)

Venue: Our coaching room in Oak Flats


Upcoming Course dates:


October 23rd, 30th and Nov 6th (Wednesday nights) RSVP  18th Oct

November 8th, 15th, 22nd (Friday nights) RSVP 4th Nov


February 5th, 12th, 19th (Wednesday nights) RSVP 31st Jan

March 14th, 21st, 28th  (Friday nights) RSVP 10th Mar

* If you would like to take this course for free and you are handy with a video recorder please contact Julie-Anne 



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