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Tarot cards have held the human imagination and have provided mystics and occultists with a divination tool to aid in mapping mental and spiritual pathways for at least 5 centuries. Even those who care little for the occult mysteries exercise a curiosity about these strange picture-cards and can’t discount the uncanny accuracy of what the cards reveal. Little is kown about where the Tarot originated but the first tarot decks, which included the ordinary four suits and the strange images of what we now know as the Major Arcana were painted in Italy from the second half of the 15th century. Exploring the Tarot helps me feel a deep connection with my own Italian roots and my own creativity as an emerging artist. The tarot is steeped in symbolism and tends to map human thought on far deeper levels than oracle cards can achieve. What I love most about the tarot are the stories woven into the cards, stories that symbolise our own human condition and our desire to transcend it.

The image that was selected to represent the readings is the 6 of cups from the Mythic deck. I think it can be summed up quite simply –  “A time of serenity which grows out of the testing of dreams from the past.” and “The past can lead to the future and the dream is experienced as still possible.” Undeniably my dream of serving others through readings.

I am currently using three Tarot decks. Please make sure you state which deck you prefer a reading from along with any questions you would like answers too.


The Mythic Tarot, 2001 edition.

The Mythic Tarot depicts the archetypal characters of Greek Mythology; these dramatic and exciting tales reveal profound truths that are reflected in every facet of our lives today.

Lord of The Rings Tarot, 1977 edition

Based upon the books by  J.R. R. Tolkien, this deck unites tarot archetypes with the fantastic realm and characters of Middle-earth.

Arthurian Legend Tarot, 2012 edition

A wonderful blend of medieval myth with the wisdom of the Tarot speaking to us in deep, intuitive way and expanding traditional interpretations of the cards by drawing on the mythology of the Arthurian world.


Readings are recorded with a short guided visualisation at the beginning to put you into a meditative and more open state of consciousness to receive your reading. A link to your mp3 is then sent to you via email.

All readings are strictly confidential.





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