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Whether dreams have only just sparked your curiosity or you have been dabbling for a while and want to take your dreams to the next level; our short course, Dreamwork for the Complete Beginner, is a great introduction to dreams and dream work that will help you start tapping into this amazing resource. This course is a fun 9 hour exploration of dreams set over 3 evenings with plenty of dream time between sessions.

 Here’s what we will cover in this course:

Lesson 1.

* Opening Meditation

* What is dream work?

* Why we do dream work?

* The importance of dreams

* Where dreams come from

* How to remember your dreams

Lesson 2.

* Opening Meditation

* How to record your dreams

* How to interpret your dreams

* How to redesign dreams

* Analyse some common symbols

Lesson 3.

* Opening Meditation

* Analyse your own symbols

* How to set up a dream dictionary

* Interpret and Discuss your recent dreams

* How to follow guidance from dreams

The course is currently being run from our coaching room in Oak Flats, and as this is a small space we must limit numbers to 8 people so do book early.

Please contact us for the next series of course dates.


* If you would like to take this course for free and you are handy with a video recorder please contact Julie-Anne


At present this course is only available face to face at our venue in Oak Flats but we are working on turning it into a digital download… stay tuned.

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