Testimonials for Coaching

“Julie-Anne has been my coach, mentor and friend for several years. She has helped me to turn my life around, regain my health, focus my career, develop and deepen my Spirituality, and become my authentic self. She is an incredible teacher and formidable writer, a source of great wisdom, compassion and courage and I credit her for the most profound changes of my life. Hire this woman. She will help you save your own life.” Hedda Zahner

I’m so grateful for your influence … you helped me out of the darkest period of my life and every time I hit a stumbling block I feel you there in my consciousness, in my heart. Some extra strength when I need it. Thank you. ~ Sarah Gillet

Thank you for existing in my life …you are leading me to REALITY, to Light, knowledge and awakening … you are leading me towards GOD. Thank you for your appearance, presence, for your words and teaching. ~ Petra Bader

Julie-Anne is extremely generous with her time and energy, and always goes the extra mile for people. ~ Tora Cullip

Julie-Anne has always been a courageous student of life and I would not hesitate to recommend her for counselling and healing work. ~ Robert Skappell


 Testimonials for Dreamwork & Interpretations

To say that the Dream Alchemist (Julie-Anne Michael) has helped me grow spiritually and personally would be an understatement. I never thought I could learn to interpret my own dreams so accurately and have such a direct connection with my Higher Self; with Julie-Anne’s help in these areas and through her personal coaching, my life has changed radically for the better. Information I need to hear, see and sense is being shown to me continually through my dreams, and now extends into my meditations as well. I create my own dream dictionary as I go, using the symbols that occur in my own subconscious mind to provide a more personal symbology for deeper growth. I recommend that everyone learn to access the wealth of information available to them through the dream time, and Julie-Anne has the wisdom and insight to guide them to higher awareness through communication with their own souls. ~ Hedda Zahner

Dear Julie-Anne, thank you so much for sending the dream interpretation to me. Spot on. ~ Elizabeth.

Julie-Anne, thank you so much for sending your interpretation to me… you will be happy to know all of what you said has stayed with me and I’m processing it everyday. Food for thought. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. ~ Nadia


Testimonials for Dream Portals

My Solar Heart dream portal is hanging on my wall where I sleep and is located above my ‘crown chakra’. It has the most beautiful energy I have ever felt during my dreamscapes and my sleeps have been exceptionally subline. ~ Tania Rose


Testimonials for Through The Portal Workshop (formerly Dream Alchemy)

The Dream Alchemy workshop was informative and inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive discussion and the sense of community it inspired in the creative process ~ Kylie Morrison

A beautiful workshop … I loved the interpretation of the dreams and the insights gained to enable a focus when we created our dream catchers. It was a revelation to take part in creating with my hands, personalizing the dream catcher but with Julie-Anne and Sandra also having their beautiful energy as part of my dream catcher. It was nice being with a lovely, supportive group of women. Thank you so much ~ Elizabeth

Hoping to remember my dreams! Enjoyed the workshop, Loved creating my very own dream catcher, who would have thought I could make one! ~ Sherilee

Thanks for your inspiration and insight into dreams. I feel confident now in moving forward and tapping into my dreams and sub-conscious. ~ Debra

Thank you so much Julie-Anne for sharing your wisdom with us. I personally enjoyed this workshop thoroughly. I learned something new, gained some insight into an issue I have… thank you for showing us how to make the dream catchers, this experience was truly enlightening. Thank you ~ Nadia.

Fantastic way to spend a day… the best … I’ve had in a long time… feeling very relaxed and proud of my creation. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who needs to slow down and detach … for a few hours ~ Cathy


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