The Gift of Healing Dreams


Eliminating challenges to our health can be quite a task if we are not aware of the cause of our dis-ease. Treating the symptoms is never really successful while targeting the cause can have an almost immediate effect. The good news is, we can utilize our dreams to help us in seeing the cause to the effect we are experiencing. We simply have to ask. Asking to be shown health blocks through our dreams may uncover beliefs that need to be relinquished and we need to be ready for that. We might also be shown attachments or behaviours that need to be let go. Sometimes the dreams will seem obscure but stick with interpreting them to the best of your ability and you will discover much about yourself as well as what ails you. These dreams are a gift from God and are intended to bring the dreamer into alignment with the Divine flow of the Universe.

One very important aspect of healing is to first correct any negative self-talk. Self-talk is programming for the subconscious mind and whether positive or negative the subconscious takes it all in and uses this programming for manifestation. When someone has any sort of ailment it is very common for them to affirm that they have it, which only serves to strengthen the ailment. How often do we hear conversations between people discussing their illnesses? People love to tell others what ails them, wearing it as if it is some sort of badge of honour. I find it particularly so with the older generation swapping illness and medication information, almost trying to best one another with who is the sickest. Our self-talk is our greatest enemy, especially when it comes to health and well-being. We are co-creators and incredibly powerful ones that that. Whatever we focus our mental energy on and affirm, then so it will be. If we add emotion to those thoughts, manifestation will be all that much faster, even if the emotion is hating the illness. The first step in healing is to affirm perfect health. Think of it as programming your subconscious mind to create perfect health while you work on finding the root cause of the dis-ease and clearing it. Even if it takes years, never give up and never give in. Keep affirming perfect health no matter what.

All change is driven by action. You can’t expect to get well if you do not take action. Monitor your self-talk and correct it when necessary. Record and interpret your dreams and look for areas that you will need to change and then act upon the information you receive. Investigate all of the spiritual tools available for clearing and gather your invisible spirit healing team around to help you claim your health. They will assist you 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! For free!!

Here are just a couple of spiritual tools to ask for:

The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program – this is a lattice work of light that is inserted into your auric field. It is used to remove core fears; you don’t even need to know what they are, you simply need to be willing to let them go. Clairvoyantly they look like black weeds that are pulled out of the energy bodies and through the crown chakra.

Genetic Line Clearing – ask the angels for this clearing. They will highlight the genetic lines with what looks like a red laser and then blast white fire along the lines to remove any illnesses passed down through the genetic line. These illnesses will be instantly removed but you must train your subconscious to realise they are no longer there or it will put them back.

Prana Wind Clearing Device – ask the Lord of Arcturus for this healing. It is like a sort of fan that is inserted into the heart chakra or solar plexus, it blows out all the psychic debris and stuck energy from the nadis and meridians. You need to sit still and allow it to do its work and then ask for it to be removed when you are ready. Give it at least 20 minutes.

Etheric Body Repair – call upon the etheric body repair team to repair any holes or tears in the etheric body. This body is the blueprint for the physical body so any damage to it can manifest as issues within the physical body very easily. Ask for it to be repaired to the original Divine blueprint so that every cell is perfect.

These are just a few suggestions to ask for in meditation and before bed along with healing dreams. Our well-being and our spiritual life is so intertwined it is virtually impossible to have one without the other. I wish you all the best with claiming the perfect health that you are.


Love & Blessings



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