Thinning of the Veil


At the solstice in June, I had a number of people contact me regarding intense dreams and I thought it warranted a dedicated post.

There are times of the year when the veil is thinner than usual; solstices, equinoxes and Halloween for example. For some people, even full moons signify a period of more intense dreaming. As we approach the Lion’s Gate on the 8th of August (8/8/17 – 1+7=8 making this is an 8/8/8 gateway) we must prepare for a significant energy shift. The theme of this energy shift is change and being in the universal flow rather than struggling against the current. At this time we can be fairly sure that our dreams will intensify to show us how to manage this change, what to let go and how to navigate these stormy waters. At times these dreams may even allow us to catch a glimpse of our multidimensional self and activities that engage us in other dimensions. Like with all dreams, we must maintain our personal power and not give it away to dreams or anything else. It is our primary goal to be the eye of the storm, to remain in control and to remain peaceful and calm amid the chaos swirling around us.

One dreamer was concerned about the state of the world, believing that immediate change was necessary to avoid irreparable destruction of the planet. One particular dream around the time of the solstice stood out, inspiring great passion and a call to action. I predicted that while passionate at the time, after few days the dream would fade and life would go on unchanged unless the dreamer asked questions and re-visualized  the dream to learn more about what he personally could do. My suggestion that the dream was more about personal change than changing the world went unheard. Self is the one and only thing that we can actually change and have control over. Few people realize the great power that we hold within us and fail to understand how changing self can actually change the entire world. Ponder upon the idea that it only takes 8 humans to ascend and become Christ Conscious to tip the balance and shift the collective consciousness towards Love. Just eight people can change the collective so much that it will affect 7+ billion people in a very profound way! That is power!

When considering this dreamer’s view of the world, a quote from Wayne Dyer that comes to mind, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I think it brilliantly describes changing perceptions. The world that we see is ever seen through the filters of our own beliefs, programmings and perceptions. Some would even say we each create the world we live in with the thoughts that we think. It is universal law that like energy attracts like energy. If you are fearful, seeing destruction and hate big greedy corporations for the damage they cause – guess what you will see in the world around you! If you are more love based and see co-operation between people for the betterment of humanity you will see a loving world, a friendly world, you will experience joy and find a way to contribute. The world is a screen and we will indeed see what we project upon that screen. In the end are not all dreams serving the purpose of changing the dreamer’s perceptions and beliefs? Once we are fully aware and have reached a certain stage of enlightenment we will no longer dream for we will no longer need to.

Another dreamer was in quite an emotional state about some perceived changes when she had a dream about a python biting her arm repeatedly until it had broken one tooth and the other had fallen out. The python looked exhausted and unimpressed that the dreamer had not immediately understood the message. As I have mentioned before snakes biting us foretell of an upcoming spiritual initiation but in the case of this dream the snake could be equated to someone screaming at the dreamer that what she was experiencing and upset about was the initiation. Once this realization came to light everything suddenly made sense and then regret hit that she had not calmly remained the eye of the storm.

As we approach the Lion’s Gate be mindful of your thoughts and emotions and endeavour to remain centered and calm no matter what is going on around you. Contemplate what you currently have in your life that is not serving your greatest good and let it go upon the currents of change. Pay attention to your dreams, record them, and try to apply them to your current situation, thoughts and feelings. Most of all, enjoy them. Enjoy any changes that are forthcoming and enjoy creating a new you.


Until next time…. I wish you productive dreaming.




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