Unicorn Dreaming

The last time I dreamt of unicorns I was teetering at the edge of the precipice of great change.  The unicorns that appeared in my meditations and dreams were not the stereotypical white unicorn now depicted commonly in fantasy art, they were sand coloured ponies with black mane and tail emerging out of the desert sand of  Central Australia – my holiday destination for 2005.  These unicorns were playful and beautiful, they wanted to be known and shared but only now have I been able to speak of them. They invited me to paint them, to create healing cards featuring them and share them in any way I could with others.  What followed my unicorn dreaming was a challenging but complete transformation on every level of my being.

When I choose to write a blog post about unicorn dreaming in response to a question posted as a comment on a previous post I realised that yet again I was moving toward that precipice facing a quantum leap to great change.  There are never any coincidences of course. The necessary change had already been set in motion by goals I myself had set. Invoking unicorns to write this post was simply another part of that universal energy flowing in to assist the transition of consciousness.

Within myth and legend it is said that unicorns have miraculous healing powers and an inner light so beautiful that it turned the hearts of men towards cruelty and greed to obtain it forcing the unicorn to retreat from the physical plane  into the etheric realms.  It is also said that only those with an open and pure heart and mind will  ever see the unicorn appear physically. Throughout history much has been said about the form of the unicorn. It may appear in the form of a goat, deer, rhinocerous or oryx. It is said to have cloven hooves that may or may not be heart shaped. The horn may be etched with a spiral pattern and appear silver, opalescent or with rainbow hues. However it appears in your dreams is significant to you. If it appears as a deer or a horse, also look at the qualities of these animals as well.

The unicorn appears to us to assist our journey upon the path of truth.  If we choose to follow, it will lead us upon a sacred quest deep into our inner world where it guides us beyond the fearful thoughts that we have made to the truth and light buried beneath.  Only there may we reach our higher consciousness and connect to the etheric realm where the unicorn resides alongside the fairies and devas.  While it guides us upon the path that we all must travel, it also shows us how the path can be unique and personal to us.

The unicorn embodies Divine purity and gentleness but also great power and healing. It can open even the most tightly closed heart. In the Beastaries of the World the unicorn is recorded as having 3 qualities.

* it cannot be captured – although it delights in you trying

* it has a great love of solitude

* it has an indomitable spirit

Unicorn is also said to appear to the mother of a special child, having appeared to the mother of Confucius and is often depicted in Christian art with the mother of Jesus. This special child lies dormant within each of us. When one follow the unicorn and discovers its gifts, one also discovers the gifts within self. The unicorn will accompany us through the challenges of change that we may give birth to the child that is The Light of The World.


Sweet dreaming

I AM Julie-Anne


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  1. Thanks for this post – right in accordance with other numbers I have been given (3s and 5s together), and in my dream it appeared as a completely still and serene white one, amidst a turmoil of many bustling and debating people, like in a market. It filled me with calm and happiness, confidence for what was coming. Thanks again for this.

    • You’re welcome Hedda, glad it was helpful. Just let the unicorn know that you are willing to follow it and be prepared to let go. In my experience it still takes the great courage of a warrior to follow unicorn but the destination is well worth it. The numbers 3 and 5 certainly support that path. 3s indicate that the ascended masters are there to assist you and 5s mean change and alchemy which is why I chose the 5 star Southern Cross for part of The Dream Alchemist logo. I wish you well on your inner journey.

  2. I was soo happy to finally find something online to interpert Unicorns. I had an amazing dream 2 years ago, and am hoping you, Julie-Anne could help me figure out this dream. I was standing in a shallow, clear, soft running stream, with pebbles looking out into the water, on a sunny day. When I saw 3 beautifully white unicorns galloping at me, in a “V” shape (no water had splashed onto me). I reached out to touch the first Unicorn, and the horn broke off in my hand. I looked down at it startled,it was spiral with a golden/white color, and looked back up to see the 3 Unicorns now turned into 3 humans. The one I broke the horn from turned into my Boyfriend ( we took a short break in our relationship at the time I had this dream, so we were not together for about 4months ) the other 2 turned into his 2 best friends. ( both of which tried to ask me out while me and my boyfriend were broken up ) They were still standing in the “V” formation. The Unicorn that turned into my boyfriend said “Do not worry”. Next thing I know I’m at a small party with just him. I’ve never really found out too much about this dream from Dream books, but have asked a few people into mythology if breaking off a unicorn horn is bad luck or not. I would certainly think it would be, but I got mixed thoughts. About a month aftert the dream my Boyfriend Kyle, and I got back together. I remeber this dream so vividly, and it will always be my favorite. I felt so honoured to have 3 Unicorns to visit me in a dream.

    • Hi Sara, Sigh. I answered this last night and just as I was adding the final full stop when we had a blackout and I lost all that I had written. I apologise for the delay even though it was out my control. Now to begin again. I will do my best to shed some light upon your dream however no one will know what it means better that you do. Do look at my early posts, I try to teach people how to recall, interpret and work with their own dreams for personal growth. The best place to start is by looking at the possible meanings of all the major symbols followed by the minor ones and then putting it all together to form an interpretation. Symbols mean different things to different people depending upon their experiences and knowledge. A unicorn to me always means that I am about to make a quantum leap in the evolution of my consciousness. This may not be the case for you. Not knowing you makes it difficult to really delve into the meaning of your symbols. If it resonates let me know if not it will probably give you enough insight to figure it out. I am quite intuitive so I do often pick up things that aren’t mentioned, let’s see what we come up with.

      A clear stream usually implies clarity, clear view of a situation and forward movement – as opposed to a lake, which does not move or flow. Water is connected to the emotions but that you mentioned being able to see the pebbles also implies clear mind, and the sun alludes to enlightenment about the situation so you not only have clarity but an expanded understanding. Unicorns, among other things, represent purity. Purity stands out for me so let’s just go with that. The V shape is a formation used by birds on a long migratory flight, it helps to spread the fatigue since each bird in the flock is rotated to the front position. It also gives the birds great communication for there is a visual always of the birds in front. This rotation seems to make sense since your boyfriend’s two best friends asked you out when he wasn’t in “the lead position”. In the dream however he had resumed the lead position indicating where he wished to be. It seems to me that you have connected with him on a soul level and saw his purity which is why he appeared as a unicorn. This would have given you a completely different perspective of the situation and the actual function of the relationships between the 4 of you, even if you were not aware of it consciously. This seems supported by the idea of enlightenment (the sun) and the clear communication (V formation).

      The unicorn was merely a symbol in your dream, not an actual unicorn – so no bad luck involved. It sounds as if you didn’t break off the horn, more like it just came away in your hand. The horn of a unicorn has been sought after as a kind of grail and has sparked many a quest. Early Christian mystics relate the spear that pierced the side of Christ to the unicorn horn as well as to the cup that caught the blood. The horn is believed to be incredibly healing. The horn of a unicorn however is also its protection and it can well defend itself with such a weapon if necessary. I feel as though the horn represented some issue between you, protection for him perhaps and a barrier to you. That it came off in your hand meant that he had dropped this thing that he thought was protecting him and had handed it over. The dream was showing you that you were getting back together. The number 3 is significant as is the number 4 (you were apart 4 months and got back together 4 weeks after the dream). The party was a celebration of the reunion. It seems to me that there is a karmic tie between so you may have much to learn from each other and much to work through in this life. You imply that the dream felt good being one of your favourites, this feeling supports my interpretation. This is the short version and the best I can do without input from you on a one on one basis. Does this interpretation resonate? Feedback greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you for your post. It was the first one I found solely about the unicorn
      Last night I dream I was visiting an Amish village with my parents and gf.
      We walk around a neighborhood and it got dark. We stopped at this cottage on a large lake but I could make out the other side. As it was dark now there was a full moon and I saw a white blur behind a group of trees. Although I couldn’t see it right away I knew that it was a unicorn or two. I ran around the porch so I was facing the lake and the moon lit up everything. The lake was calm but as the unicorns walked thru it the water was like a forceful river. As I turned away I heard loud stomping on the wooden porch and the unicorn was running towards me on the porch and it turned away right before reaching me. I took a picture with my
      Phone but later in the dream when I looked At it, it looked like a distorted oil painting or watercolor painting.
      After that the unicorn was gone but a brown young horse came to me and I petted it for seemingly hours. I knew I was afraid of getting my feet smashed but even that didn’t really bother me.
      I was hoping you could help me decipher this. Thank you

      • Hi Lauren,
        Interesting dream. When I think of an Amish village I think of people who live simply and by God alone. They spurn modern conveniences and refuse to participate in Social Security and any form of military. I’m sure that you have specific thoughts and feelings about this type of lifestyle. I do know to follow a spiritual path means to let go of many things that everyone else indulges in and this can be difficult but if achieved the rewards greatly outweigh any difficulty. So take a look at your thoughts and feelings about this. The lake and full moon reflect the feminine and emotions. As I mention in the post about unicorns they appear to invite us on a personal quest to know thyself. This indicates to me that there are changes in your life that you must make and yet you fear to make them. At the moment you are comfortable with your life even if some things aren’t working for you but changing things brings up fear and emotional turmoil. That the unicorn is running towards you indicates that the changes are urgent. The brown young horse indicates new found personal power within self. Your feet symbolise your soul and also the direct that you will walk. You feel you will be smashed if you go in the direction that unicorn is asking you to go although you were comfortable with a small amount of power it would frighten you to have a great deal of power. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if this resonated with you Lauren. If you feel you need help to work through these fears I’m always available as a coach.

        Abundant Blessings and Power to you
        I AM Julie-Anne

  3. I am in tears right now, but I feel compelled to comment! I had a 3 months break up with my fiance’ and father of our 3 children. We had been together 9 yrs. He moved 525 miles away to TN. (I live in Ohio) I had given him the cold shoulder and didn’t speak to him at all, and he was murdered and the house he was in was set on fire. They tried to make it look like the fire killed him, but it was not. We still don’t have many answers…it’s still being investigated.

    I had a dream about 4 months after this happened. He came towards me, walking from far across this beautiful, vibrant meadow….there were no words spoken between us, but the Unicorn then laid down to rest while he embraced me with a hug. The look on his face was one that I had never seen…he appeared completely content, happy, and just full of peace! Which wasn’t the case here on earth. I was explaining the dream to my mother, because it had seemed so real, and so vivid. I couldn’t find words to describe how beautiful it was to see him like that. At the end of the dream, he had to go. And I could not say a word! I had to accept him leaving. But was so glad I got to see him again.

    The reason why I was looking up interperatations of that dream was because I had on last night of him as well…just as real as the last one…And this one was quite disturbing. I shot him a few times with a gun, and he got back up and “proved” something to me. (no words were spoken AGAIN). I would never shoot him for any reason, I’d like to say not even in my dreams, so I don’t understand why I would dream that…But we still have no closure on his murder…No suspects still….And that in itself is a nightmare. I have had reasons to believe that he was shot and that’s how he was killed before they set the house on fire…but I’m passed the phase where I drive myself crazy trying to desperately figure it all out…only to fail.

    If you could comment back, that would be great. I would love to see your opinion on this…


    • Nicole, beautiful soul, I feel your pain, I do. It can be difficult to lose a loved one especially when there is seemingly no resolution or closure. There seems to be karmic patterns and so many energetic forces at play in this it is difficult to see the reason clearly. It sounds as though you are going through a lot mentally and emotionally and have feelings of guilt and anger that still need to be addressed. These issues along with assisting you to delve deeper within yourself would be something we would work on in coaching for on this platform there is not much I can do to assist you other than briefly looking at what you have written but here there is no room to explore in an interactive and healing way. Do email me if coaching is something you wish to explore.

      Before I look at your dream I feel compelled to mention a few synchronicities. Firstly the numbers 3 and 4 have been coming up for me in the most odd places. Last week on Friday the 13th I offered a special discount – mini coaching sessions reduced to $30, which I’ve never done before. The numbers 3 ($30) and 4 (13 – 1+3=4) flashed before me when I read your post. The previous post by Sarah also involved the numbers 3 and 4 and for the last month death has been a popping up as a persistent theme on the fan page. The numbers 3 & 4 are prominent for you as well. A 3 month breakup, 3 children, 9 years together (3 x 3), 5525 miles (5+2+5=12 1+2=3). I am wondering what the birth dates and other significant dates are in your family – to see if a theme is running through those as well. Usually when I see the number 3, it indicates to me that an ascended master is around me but in this case I am being shown that it refers to the trinity and the return to it, that is the return to truth and spirit. The number 4 usually signifies to me that I am surrounded by angels but the symbol is evolving to mean much more than this. It is the sacred geometry of the diamond, which is activating not only within me but also within the planet, it has been for some time but at present it is very strongly reordering things. Nicole, simply put, this means that this activation will trigger events and situations to occur so that there can be a speeding up of karmic resolution, which seems the case in this situation.

      Let’s now take a look at your dreams. The first dream 4 months after his death is a beautiful dream to confirm that he has crossed over and is at peace now in a place where there is beauty and tranquillity. This should be a relief for often this may not be the case with murder victims or people who die in horrific circumstances. It seems that this dream was to give you closure, his way of showing you that he is ok, that he has let it go and found his peace rather than remaining as an earth bound spirit looking for justice. There are many ways that you can utilise this dream to further your own peace and clear any guilt and anger that has plagued you since his death.

      In this recent dream, and again I’ll say it is difficult to write much here without being able to ask you further questions and further explore your own insights. I am not picking up that he was physically shot however I am picking up that you are shooting him over and over with your own grief over the situation, which is tied up with some unresolved issues. I’m seeing bullets going into his abdomen and chest but it is not his physical body I am seeing. Has it been a year? I’m picking up that this happened a year ago or 16 months or something about the number 16 – is that a date or something significant? Without delving into quite personal things, for which I would definitely need your interaction and feedback to do, there is little more I can write about this dream. The only thing I can say is that all in the universe is in divine order and a karmic debt has been paid. Also know that karma works both ways, when someone murders another they cannot escape paying the price for their crime. Allow him to be at peace in the beautiful place he is in. It’s time to let go. I hope I’ve been of some help. Please do give feedback on my comments, it’s good to know if I’m on track or way off. If you would like to work through this further please contact me via email. It will be interesting to see if any further insights come to me as they can at times appear days later. Many Blessings to you angel and I do hope you find the peace.

  4. HI Julie Anne…Pls interpret for me my dream about Unicorn…Im not sure what color of my unicorn friend…but i know in my dream that I have a Unicorn freind…then my unicorn freind got become physicalized into an animal form who is also a unicorn not a spirit anymore…then i protect my unicorn…Thank You..love & Light…


    • Hi Bernardo, you haven’t given me much detail to go on but what you are saying is that the unicorn in your dream became a physical animal. It wasn’t clear if you saw the unicorn as physical in your dream or in the physical world. If one is pure of heart and intention it is indeed possible for the unicorn to be seen physically. You are very blessed. There is no need to protect your unicorn, it can take care of itself. The best protection you can afford it is to keep your interaction with it confidential unless it indicates that you should do otherwise but always write your experiences in a journal. Please do visit my fan page and click the like button, you are always welcome to post there as well. Blessings to you.

    • my unicorn spirit freind became a physical unicorn in physical form in physical or material world…i thought that how can i hide my unicorn from people so i decided looking ways to protect him from people…Thank you again & More blessing!!!

  5. Hello dear Julie-Anne 🙂
    I saw unicorn for the first time this afternoon, which was a peaceful happy dream. In the dream I was so happy but then it turns to bad dream and I woke up with hard crying:(… now I am confused what I have to do…
    I had a bf who proposed me 6 years ago after 2 years relationship and then we broke up, some days back we talked again and he invited me to his new house and was so happy to talk with me again, I said yes and I just wana meet him again to see how he is and all….maybe in this weekend….so in dream I saw we are travelling together on a car and I am driving, I was so sure that the road we are driving in is correct one, then it get dark and after a tunnel I saw this beautiful big unicorn which only start running and forced me to make a U turn and come back from that road! (when i read in your blog that unicorn shows the path to seekers i was shocked!!) then i was excited and tell him :” did you see that? did you see that unicorn??!! my god, we are kind of blessed”!! he just came to show us the way…and behind us was a storm so then we reached to this restaurant in middle of the way on road, we stopped and he was sleepy ..on my lap like a child!! i try to take our photo that way…then it changes to a beauty shop which i came out and understood that i lost my 2 purse!!! all my things were there..i came back and found out i lost everything, so i wanted to come back but there were a wedding in front of that beauty shop, so i bend down and walk backward through those people walking behind bride(like a chirstian wedding ceremony). Shop were closed but i asked and start crying they let me in but my purses were gone!!:(i start crying so badly even those people start crying too!! One manager wanted to put me out but i beg that they let me to search more ..then i came out and felt so miserable ..everything i had was in those 2 purse…i woke up with crying so hard..:( so after reading your explanation for unicorn i was amazed but then ..i am not sure my way with that old friend is ok and correct or coz that unicorn made me do u turn. Am I doing a mistake??!! coz we both again was on way back..so i can not get the message clearly:(…can you help me please…
    Love & Light
    ps: excuse me for my bad english 🙂

    • Greetings Leila,
      Many apologies for the delay in replying, your post got mixed up with the mountain of spam. Your English is ok but I did have trouble following what was in the dream and what was happening in your waking life.
      From what I understand you reunited with your previous fiancé and began travelling in a car that you drove. It gets dark, you go through a tunnel, the unicorn appears and forces you to do a U turn. There is a storm behind you. You travel back along the road and stop at a restaurant that turns into a beauty shop where you lose both your purses. You try to find your lost purses but there is a wedding in the way and shop closes but you appear to get in and the manager wants you to leave so you go and are miserable, crying and distraught. Is that correct?
      There are a lot of elements to your dream – the unicorn, the peacefulness turning to despair and crying, the numbers 6, 2 and 4, new house, travelling in the car, you driving, the road you are on, darkness, tunnel, making a U turn, the storm, the restaurant, photos, beauty shop, your 2 purses and their loss, the wedding, the manager and much more if we really pull it apart. I can only be brief here but if you would like to explore the meaning of all of these symbols in detail, I recommend that you book a dream interpretation /coaching session. Here is the link to my store.
      Meanwhile let’s take a look at the possible meaning of the unicorn appearing on your path. Usually the unicorn will show us the way forward, at times the answers we seek are evident in the past and we must bring the lesson out of the past into the now before we can progress. In your dream the unicorn is forcing you to turn around and look at what is behind you – indicating that there are some unresolved issues between you and this person or within yourself that will affect your relationship greatly. It is interesting that you didn’t just stop the car but made a U turn and went back. As you were driving, this indicates that you want control in this relationship, to mother this person in some way. The restaurant symbolises nourishment and the beauty shop indicates inner beauty rather than an external materialistic beauty. A very interesting symbol to be linked with the symbol of the restaurant – you’re looking at your inner beauty and spiritual nourishment – but here you lose everything and are presented with the wedding – you hide amid the people following the bride avoiding the bride and groom only concerned about your purses. Are you afraid of the changes that you need to make on deep levels within yourself for the relationship to work? Are you afraid of commitment? Are you focussed too much on the material and not enough on the spiritual union of the relationship? Are you willing to lose everything but gain the whole world? Unicorn will show you the way if you are ready mentally and emotionally to follow it.
      Since you posted this some time ago much would have transpired since this dream. Do let me know how you are going. You can private message me from the contact page or from the fan page. Abundant blessings to you Leila and thank you for sharing your dream.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  6. Hi Julie-Anne,

    Last night for the first time in my life I dreamed of unicorns and was wondering if you could help me interpret what their appearance means.
    As it is, I’m blessed to dream beautiful things on a fairly regular basis but in this dream I’m in a long-forgotten place that I feel I’ve visited before but I know, in my waking world, I haven’t. It’s an enclosed space where the light is poor, there are heaps of rubbish piled up and grass is growing wild. In among this place, I see a unicorn, sitting trapped among the rubbish and detritus. The unicorn is a soft grey colour, its eyes are a deep, deep brown and it looks at me with profound warmth and serenity and yet I feel as though it’s silently pleading with me to help it come unstuck. I can’t quite believe what I’m seeing so I call out to my child (in real life I’m unmarried and don’t have children) to validate what I’m seeing but it’s not my child who appears, it’s another unicorn. This one too, I feel, is imploring me to help so I set about removing the rubbish when my dream changes and I wake up.
    I think the space I was in represents my unconscious/inner world. I’m deeply unfulfilled in my life but I’m not sure what the appearance of the unicorns signifies. Can you help?


    • Beloved Avi,
      It brought tears to my eyes when I read your comment as I felt a deep sense of despair. You are quite right the place within your dream is within your inner world, an aspect of your consciousness that has been pushed aside and uncared for. The unicorn has appeared to signify that it is time to do some inner spring cleaning and reclaim those inner child aspects that are amazing and wonderful. Unicorn will show you the way forward if you accept to work with it on this leg of your inner journey. I have had amazing results with unicorn, it can be a hard task master as it forces us to accept our own divinity but there is a gentleness that keeps urging us forward too places we could never see ourselves reaching.
      We often feel unfulfilled in life if we feel disconnected from ourselves, particularly our soul. Working with the unicorn through dream work and meditation will help you find that connection again and it may lead you in new and unexpected directions. I have a special package on coaching coming up in September that you may be interested in – keep an eye on the fan page for it over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I hope that I have shed a little light upon your dream.
      Blessings always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  7. I dreamt that I saw a moon, fullmoon that is gold in color and right below its portion is a unicorn with a knight rider. I cannot really see d clear picture but it was a plain black unicorn wit a rider on it because it is very far. pls interpret what does it means. Thanks!

    • Thank you for sharing your dream, it sounds lovely. I have already explained what the unicorn means in the post. When unicorn appears, it is inviting us to follow it on a journey through our own inner worlds. There is a balance of feminine and masculine qualities in your dream, the golden moon is a feminine energy and the knight rider a male energy. Perhaps your journey was to create this balance within yourself. The knight rider may have been present for protection, additional support, or to bolster up your own courage to make this journey. I really can’t say anything further as you have just not provided enough detail.

  8. I had a dream that I was in a field and the background was very dark, I turned around and i saw the unicorn, it turned and beckoned me to follow up the field, in this part the grass was brighter, suddenly we were at a funfair and there were options for me to choose, numbers that were figures of money. Then I woke up!

    • A wonderful dream Cathy, thanks for sharing. The unicorn has appeared to lead you forward to a place where you see that you have choices and can choose anything you want including a better financial situation, just name your price!

  9. Dear Julie Anne,

    I was in the process of searching the meaning of Unicorn in dreams when I came upon your blog. I had a wonderful dream last night. I saw a very beautiful cloud trail on the sky and at the end was a very beautiful white unicorn. I do not remember the exact details but I was staring and admiring it for a long time in my dreams. I was in so much awe and very excited so I took pictures of it so i can show my family. After taking quite a number of pictures and I was already with my family, I was very eager to show them the pictures on my camera but when I was checking the pictures, I am just seeing blurry and dark photos, none with the Unicorn. it has disappeared on the pictures so I was really disappointed since I was not able to show my family how beautiful it is.

    I wonder what my dream means. here is the thing, I am planning to go abroad in the near future, probably by November or January next year and try my luck to find a job there. i am torn between leaving by November or leaving by January. Most people including my sponsor abroad encourages me to leave ASAP. They said the earlier the better. What’s stopping me is that I wanted to gain 1 year of service in the Hotel Industry where I am currently working so I have better chances of working abroad. If I leave by Novemeber, I will only have gained 10 months of service, but by January, I will have completed 1 year of service. But prior to working in the hotel, I have 3 months experience in the airline industry, people are telling me that 10 mos. is fine. That is my cureent dilemma. I wonder if my dream last night has any message. thank you.

    • Hi Jen,
      Thank you for sharing your dream, it sounds exquisite. The unicorn has appeared to you and in doing so has presented you with the choice of embarking upon the journey it offers. Consider this carefully as it can be intense. This is a very sacred quest and one that you are being guided not to share at this time should you decide to embrace it. Unicorn will let you know if and when sharing with those around you is appropriate. If you agree not to share with family and friends that may not understand the journey you are on the unicorn will appear again as a constant companion and teacher. The reason is because the journey is sacred and other people do not always understand this, they can become negative and pull you from your quest. However, if you find at any point on your journey that you need help it is ok to share with a dream coach because such a coach understands the sacred and the ways of the unicorn. I was guided to let you know that. I wish you well upon your journey I guarantee that it will be and exciting ride.

  10. Hi Julie Anne,

    I had a couple of dreams that I’m hoping you’d be able to tell me what it means. I have been searching online or from friends who would be able to interpret my dreams. I pretty much gave up until I started talking to my family about my dreams…

    A while ago, (not sure how long ago)… I had a dream about nuns in their habits. I was walking and saw them as talking. One of the nuns approached me and started talking to me. It was a little dark so I could not really see/picture her face. I remembered she was calm and talked very kindly. She excused herself to talk to the other 4 nuns and as she got back to the group, she looked back at me and I woke up…
    Weird things is… as I woke up, the first thing that popped in my head is the name of St Bernadette.
    I’ve been trying to have that dream interpreted but could not find anything…

    My other dream happened about a 2-3 months ago…

    I was driving with a friend in front of my son’s school and as I stopped at a stop sign, I looked up and there was a beautiful angel in the sky… i vividly saw the feathers in her wings. I asked my friend if she can see the angel in the air… and she just looked at me weird. As I stared at the angel, she turned into a beautiful unicorn with wings. The unicorn flew over the car, I turned around to see the unicorn better. A lightning struck the unicorn… I got sad but as I was turning left and still looking in the sky where the lightning struck, the big white unicorn flying in the air became 4 smaller unicorns… I stopped and looked back and one of the unicorns gave me a wide grin/smile (with the teeth and gums showing). Then I woke up.

    I just realized that the spot I stopped at is in front of the church by my son’s school.

    Those are my two dreams… now thinking back… the numbers 4 + 1 repeated from my first dream to my second dream. My birthday is also a 4(month) + 1(day).

    • Hi Gloria, thank you for posting your dreams. It is well worth remembering that dreams do not always originate within the subconscious mind, they can also originate in the superconscious mind, which I call our soul or Higher-Self and they can come from other spirit beings. You must pay attention to the name you heard when you woke up. It is entirely possible that Saint Bernadette was trying to contact you and the dream means nothing more than that. She could be a spirit guide introducing herself to you. The question is what are you going to do about it.

      Your second dream is beautiful. The unicorn is a a very sacred and personal symbol, one to be kept close to your heart and not shared with another unless you are guided to by the unicorn. Sometimes our angels command the same from their interaction with us, not everyone understands, particularly those closest to us. LOL This dream has the handiwork of Archangel Michael all over it. 🙂 A school is a place of learning and a church … depending on how you look at it, is also a place of learning but also of worship. The number 4 is the number 1 reflects oneness, unity, the monad, Yang, the masculine, The One or God. The number 4 is Yin energy, feminine, it is among other things the number of angels particularly the four most popular guardian Archangels; Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. Not knowing you and without interaction I am unable to guide you further as to what the dreams mean but it is clear that spirit is trying to get your attention.

      • Thank you! I appreciate your interpretation of my dreams. I always had a feeling that God is trying to send me a message or the spirits are trying to tell me something. But what? What am I suppose to do? I am just an ordinary person and a sinner at that. I have my faults and commit sins, and my dreams have made me wonder… what is the message He is trying to tell me and how or what is it that He wants me to do?

        Am I just reading too much into this?

        • I just realized as I re-read your interpretation… i live with 4 males (my partner, 2 sons and our dog) and there’s 1 me (girl). Yin/Yang.

          • yes, interesting, but 4:1 is not a balanced Yin/Yang. As the external world is a reflection of the inner world it shows that your inner male/female energies are out of balance and could do with some investigation and work.

        • Gloria that is what I assist people with as a coach. I train them to interpret their dreams, to understand the messages and to put together a plan for achieving what the messages ask them to do. If you’d like to find out more about coaching and how I might be able to help you we can arrange a 30 minute session on Skype, this is a complimentary session to discuss your needs with no obligation whatsoever. It is worth remembering that you are no ordinary person, you are being called to awaken to the way Home and light the way for those following behind you. It doesn’t matter what you are doing now or have done in the past, God does not see sin, just the beautiful light that you are and can be. Email me to set up an appointment on Skype.

  11. Hi Julie-Anne,

    I was so excited to have found something so profound about unicorns! In fact I dreamt about a baby unicorn this morning.This is what got me to search for the meaning of unicorns. It happened around 7:00am I was getting up for work, but I was so lazy to get up that I went back to sleep so took a nap. When I woke up I was so shocked that I saw a baby unicorn in my dream and not only that behind him there was baby elephant too. The baby unicorn was so beautiful, he had light blue and hot pink hair. This happened at a building’s roof top. I was on the phone with my brother, when I got off I turned around and saw the baby unicorn. Behind the baby unicorn a baby elephant jumping up and down very high. He was jumping so high that I was shock of how high he was jumping! I was so excited to have actually seen a unicorn for the first time. I was so curious that I wanted to pet him. I decided to pet him and it felt so real, and I was so excited at the time and felt very happy. The baby unicorn then was chasing me, kind of like attacking me or either he wanted to play. I started laughing because he was small and he kept hitting my leg.He then stood still and I was so curious to touch his paws. When I touched his paws the texture of it was so soft just like are palms and they were blue just like his hair. I woke up and that was the last of it.

    In the past,I’ve had lucid dreams, and OBE experiences, but never had a dream about a unicorn nor an elephant. For this particular dream I was not aware that I was dreaming. Julie-Anne do you have an idea of what this dream may be? I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your time!

    Best Regards,
    Daisy Negreros

    • Greetings Daisy,
      Thank you for sharing your dream. It is always interesting and exciting when we have dreams that we’ve never had before. Their very appearance heralds something new in our consciousness and lives. The appearance of a unicorn for the first time certainly heralds change of immense proportions if we allow it to unfold. There are several clues about what your baby unicorn could mean. Firstly, I think it means taking baby steps. Unicorn can plunge us into an inner quest with such intensity at times it can be overwhelming so with you it is asking you to take small steps in the direction that you need to go. It is quite insistent that you move, attacking your legs as if trying to prod you in a particular direction. The colours pink and blue can mean many things – I see them as part of the three-fold flame within the heart. The blue being the masculine energy of power on the right and the pink, the divine feminine energy of love on the left. When these two merge the middle golden flame of wisdom comes alive. It can also mean balance of these two energies – power and love into a state of wisdom. It’s no wonder we say pink is for girls and blue is for boys! Interestingly, you also have an elephant in your dream which is a symbol for ancient power, strength, royalty and longevity. Elephants are also very loyal particularly with family members. I feel that the elephant in your dream was jumping to gain a higher perspective of things as you may need to do at this time. Is there something happening right now that you need to look at from a different perspective or a higher perspective? The perspective of the soul and unconditional love? I know that you are having a particular challenge right now. I can only say to you that you should never give away your power to anyone for any reason. No one else can use this energy but you, so giving it away serves no purpose. I will also say that forgiveness will free you and allow you to reclaim your power. See this situation that you are in as a new beginning and ask the unicorn which way it is asking you to go. If you ask, the answer will come and so will clarity about what you should do next. In the direction the unicorn wishes to take you is the direction of joy. I hope that you can read between the lines here Daisy and understand what I am trying to convey.

      Blessings and Love to you always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  12. I found this while looking for dream interpretations and meanings for unicorns, as last night I had a dream in which I at one point turned in to a dainty delicate white little unicorn, with pearlescent hooves and opaline mane and tail. I ran about and bucked and rolled and played. I even went and visited my mother (still a human in this dream) before darting off with purpose, I think, a heroic purpose but I woke up before I could find out what. I should add, that it is not unusual for me to dream I am an animal. Most commonly a wolf or a horse. Less commonly a raven and various other animals. Quite often when I am having a semi-lucid dream I can shapeshift at will in to various animals, but usually a wolf, horse or raven/crow. (As well as being able to fly at will). But for as often as I dream of horses (whether I am one or not), I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of a unicorn. I have the vague impression that I might have but I don’t remember with any kind of certainty.

    • Amaya, what a wonderful dream! When we see ourselves as particular animals we embody the qualities and symbolism of those animals; the power of the horse or the messenger quality of the raven for example. The unicorn is a wonderful symbol of divine purity, innocence, healing and magic. So wonderful that you can touch that within yourself. I’m sorry I can’t help you with the purpose but if you revisualise the dream your subconscious mind will show you what you may not have been able to recall and it doesn’t matter how long ago the dream was, the subconscious forgets nothing. Thanks for sharing your dream.

      Happy dreaming
      I AM Julie-Anne

  13. i was glad to read your blog about unicorns.. i just had a dream last night about a beautiful silverish white unicorn..i passed by it and it was standing still who then turned to look at me with its beautiful mane flying in the air..then suddenly I also saw an ox with big horns passing by ..i really dont know what this dream means but would like to know your interpretation about this dream of mine …thanks!

    • Interesting dream Mubaraka, thank you for sharing it. Your unicorn seems to reflect a the feminine aspect, beautiful and silvery along with all else that the unicorn represents, purity, innocence, healing, magic and embarking upon a quest for spiritual enlightenment. The ox is also a interesting symbol, it can symbolise great strength and one’s most valuable possession. In ancient Israel to steal a man’s ox was to steal his livelihood. The ox is associated with service, production and increase of wealth. It is said, if there is no ox within there is no spiritual increase. The unicorn coupled with the ox make some very powerful symbolism. A wonderful and meaningful dream.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  14. Hi Julie, I am very excited to see If you may be able to help me interpret my dream. Last night I dreamt of a wonderful happy sun filled place where a beautiful pink unicorn was playing with my children. I have six children, four girls and two boys and I am currently pregnant with my seventh child, a baby girl. I know this sounds wierd but there was also something that looked like a demon or a deformed man with wings playing with my child as well. I never felt fear in my dream, in fact I felt peace and happiness. Hopefully you can help give some insight on my dream. Thankyou!

    • Hi Vanessa,
      What an amazing woman you must be to manage 6 children while pregnant. I struggled to have the energy to keep up with two children. I take my hat off to you. Your dream reminds me of a similar dream that I read about in one of Carl Jung’s books, I’m drawn to this interpretation so I’ll go with it. I feel that the demon is symbolising illness in the child it was playing with. As the rest of the dream is happy and sunny it indicates that everything will be ok but it may present you with a challenging time. Perhaps you take some precautions by having the angels clear the energy fields of you children and that one in particular, as well as repairing any damage to the child’s aura and etheric body. All illness starts in the energy bodies and travels into the physical so if you can nip it at the energetic level you may avoid the incident. Archangel Michael particularly is great with children offering protection, light and his wonderful sense of humour and playfulness. You can also go back into the dream and ask the demon what it is. This may reveal the type of infliction you are dealing with. Let me know how this dream plays out.

      Stay safe and well.
      I AM Julie-Anne

  15. Last night I was visited by a unicorn. It was a stereotypical gorgeous white unicorn with flowing mane and tail. My unicorn was frolicing in an unfenced meadow. At first I thought it was “just” a beautiful horse. I watched it for a while as it tossed it’s head around and raised up a few times, it was experiencing total glee! (I had the feeling that it was a female, but I’m really not sure.) This unicorn stopped frolicking and turned to look at me. It was then that I realized with 100% certainty that it was indeed a unicorn. I looked at it, smiled and it began to graze a bit then began to walk toward the edge of the meadow. The dream ended. I have no clue what the interpretation of this dream might be, but all in all it made me feel good.

    • Hi Jane,
      As I mention in the post, unicorn appears to guide us through change. It is heading towards the edge of the meadow; are you ready and willing to follow it where ever it may lead you? Is there something major in your life that needs to change at this time? If there isn’t then unicorn is leading you towards a spiritual path on the quest for truth, which in itself will facilitate great change. I hope this helps you understand your dream.

      Blessings on your path
      I AM Julie-Anne

  16. Hi, I had a dream one night 4-5 months ago. I remember seeing a white horse, don’t remember much, then through under an over path a brown horse walk through and towards me, by and past me, the brown horse if I remember it correctly, seemed to be not in good shape, from the thought of the mind seems its hungry. To my left, a fenced up cross gate, every where around me was pretty much green. There two beautiful unicorn, they were a pair, they weren’t white, light brownish black. Their bodies where mostly black, and very long brownish black hair and tail. I walked through an open gate, I remember the thought of joy, anxious, happy, scared, love, beautiful, peaceful, all with me at the same time. I walked up to them but they will go the other way and around me. I go slowly, they move slowly, I go faster they move faster and farther, I wanted to touch them and feel them, until all of a sudden I remember I was chasing them, then the area suddenly had buildings and people started appearing. To a point I jumped flew and sat on one of the unicorns, and I woke up from that.

    The setting of this dream I remember was in a field of green grass and trees nearby, after the white horse, then I came upon like a road, but not quite like one, that went up like an over path the field and that under path was to my left that’s where the brown horse walked through and in between that road and a cross metal fence, the brown horse towards me and pass me. like a free way it always have like a creek side or gravel beside that’s what it felt look like but just in all green grass. After that brown horse pass I looked to my left and inside that gate that’s when I saw two Unicorn and the thought of them was a pair of unicorn.

    When I was chasing the unicorns, we went out the gate, I remember chasing them pretty much around like within only an area, that’s when a sudden building started appearing, buildings like barns like farm type buildings and gates, then like residential gates and dirt roads into cement roads, I think I remember I saw one of my girl cousin there, the thing is that I remember while I notice that the things around me was changing, I was still chasing the unicorn, well to think about it now.

    Thought I’d shared one of my dreams with all. If any body has any interpretation or opinion it be very grateful, send me an email at x_yosai@yahoo.com 🙂

    After reading the unicorn dream interpretation and then while typing this on top of this page in the green leaf the words ” Awakening Your Inner Truth” huh

    thanks and namaste to all, Love and Light

    • Greetings Shi Loung,
      I’m sorry I have not replied to your dream. I’ve only just found it, I honestly don’t know how I missed it. Perhaps it was meant to be; it took you 4 months to post it and me 4 months to answer it! Please do accept my apologies for this oversight. Let’s look at it now. Horses are symbolic of our personal power so the condition of the brown horse is reflecting that you are not now, or were not in the past, using your personal power enough, that it was/is weak. That it is underfed can mean that you have blocks within your solar plexus and not enough first ray energy is coming through your system. This is something that you need to address. However, it seems that this is reflecting a past situation. The white horse may be reflecting your current situation which is a place of greater personal power. Black unicorns can often represent our potential and in this dream it is showing you that even though you are chasing it, your destiny is being elusive but you have chosen to grab onto it and try and take it by force. So yes, awakening your inner truth is exactly what unicorn appears to do for you. Often when we have an attachment to particular thing we want it so much that we end up repelling it. This is seen with people who want and need money, they become so focussed on the desire and need that they don’t see that this is actually blocking their flow of abundance. It can be the same with our mission and path in life. Sometimes we just need to let go and let God. Since it’s been so long since you had this dream perhaps you could post an update. I’ll be happy to give you feedback on any recent dreams. I hope this finds you well.


  17. My house is located next to large field. I saw about 100 (not sure but too many) white vibrant unicorns, two were right in-front of me, one had a twisted but vibrant silver horn and other had a pure white wrinkled horn, and some mountain antelopes with antenna like horns where playing too (so jolly), and one unicorn was at my left bathing in a cool mud pool (not ugly, but pretty jolly prob: a young cub) and my son, wife and myself serve biscuits to them. They make a mess but we are so happy looking at what they doing (just feels like seeing my son making a mess) The field was decorated with streams and the sun is shedding golden rays, lot of green and gold grass, calm .

    I have to say I am in Sri Lanka where unicorns are not even in our mythology, history or anything in literature. I haven’t see a movie related to this or near of it. Its complacently out of ordinary I feel. Can u help? pl email a copy love ur reply.

    Mr. Asanke

    • Greetings Mr Asanke,
      Yes, isn’t it interesting that something that is not at all within our experience in this lifetime can show up in our dreams. This is because unicorns are both a part of the collective unconscious and are actual beings in the spiritual realm. The majority of our dreams actually originate within the soul and are passed to us through our subconscious mind, dreams can also be memories of actual spiritual experiences which is what I think this beautiful unicorn dream is. Interestingly the antelope is connected with adaptability of the mind, being able to adapt to new thoughts and information which is what the unicorn is for you. The number 100 appears to ask you to keep your thoughts aligned completely with God’s/Brahma’s love and light. Your positive thoughts and actions make a huge difference. Seems like your dream is asking you be be open to spiritual ideas and possibilities that might not exist within your current culture. I don’t think you’ve seen the last of the unicorns though.

      I AM Julie-Anne

  18. hello, I haven’t done much meditating, recently I did a meditation at an introduction to mediumship workshop, in the meditation a white horse came alongside me, I climbed on, it was galloping and I was looking at the scenery, the colours were very vivid, almost neon, not of this world, very similar to the picture above, when I looked forward I could see a horn, I think I was galloping on a unicorn! It took me to a beach where I met a figure of bright light, the figure had hands and released a dove for me, I’m trying to figure it out, thank you for the info.

    • Hello Helen,
      sounds like a beautiful meditation and indeed it wasn’t of this world, it was beyond the 5th dimension. Climbing on the unicorn indicates that you have accepted its invitation for a new spiritual quest. This had nothing to do with the mediumship workshop which merely allowed you to open to the energy of unicorn. The figure of light is your guide and I am receiving that this is Archangel Michael who often appears without wings. The releasing of the dove is symbolic of his promise to free us from the clutches of the negative ego. He is reminding you of his promise. It seems that he has been guiding you for a long time but you have not been aware of it being him. He is showing himself because he is about to lead you on a path that you have not yet considered. I’m excited for you. It’s always good to get feedback so please let me know if this resonates with you Helen.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  19. Hi Julie,

    I had a dream of three unicorns the size of ponies in a greyish colour, I can’t say where this dream took place all I remember is it was black all around just me and my sister with these three unicorns that for me I would say were like puppies that come to play with people who don’t like pets. I remember in my dream that one of the unicorns was jabbing his horn into my forehead between my eyebrows. I remember feeling overwhelmed and frustrated as with eagerness and attention of these unicorns who seemed aloof and naughty I looked to my sister next to me who was patting and rubbing one and she smiled and I looked back at the unicorn in front of me and it gave me a look as if to say “give in and let go cos I’m not going away” when I woke up I felt great though. I love unicorns and feel very connected to the divine and I know the evil of humans so in life I prefer to be alone and am happier that way however I long for love, to feel the love of a significant other. I also have no job and moved to another part of the country just in hope of destiny coming my way. This dream has effected me, I think of it everyday. Any comments?

    • Hi Sandy,
      This dream is a wonderful example of how loving and persistent unicorns can be. Yes, like puppies that just want to jump on and lick people who don’t like dogs. LOL. Puppies know when we need to be loved. There are a number of things that are standing out to me from not only your dream but also from what you have written. To place oneself into isolation is a vice or lower expression of second ray energy, which is the energy dispensed by the heart chakra. Our thoughts create our reality so we see in our outer world a projection of our inner world, our thoughts and beliefs. Because you are experiencing the lower expression of the second ray heart energy you can only see evil in the world. This is a perception and not necessarily true. Those with an open heart and operating in the highest expression of second ray energy have encountered the Divine within themselves so what they see in the outer world is the Divine within every person. By poking at your third eye, the unicorn is asking you to see beyond the illusion to the truth. The number three is reflects the Trinity. You must foster love for yourself because you will not find on the outside what you deny yourself on the inside. So rather than pining for someone to give love to you, as a significant other would, begin to love yourself more and more and it will simply start to flow to you. Love is what we are so love naturally flows to us unless we block it with self-hatred. So look at how you are being unloving towards self and begin to correct and heal it. Work with the chohan (master) of the second ray, Master Kuthumi, Archangels Jophiel and Christine and the Elohim Apollo and Lumina to help you clear and open your heart chakra. Archangel Michael and Metatron are also good allies to have close by when clearing. Michael can cut cords and Metatron can open the chakra. Just work with who you feel drawn to and most comfortable with for the best result. The colour of second ray is a deep intense blue so use this each day but if you feel emotional, or depressed use red to balance it. If you begin to feel angry, you have too much red so balance it with blue. It can be a bit of a juggling act to balance these energies but once they are balanced they work beautifully together. Clearing out stale energies and opening up this flow of energy will also help with your financial and job situation. I hope this helps you beloved one.

      Blessings and Light always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  20. Hello! Last night I dreamt of an unicorn or so it appeared to be. I was in this garden of a royal palace I think and they had some horses there and also this feared creature that no one appeared to know what it was. They told me that if you get close to it, it might attack you so i got really scared at the thought of this. Later they got it out of its cage, it climbed upon this stage and it roared standing in an attack position from what I can recall. I was analyzing it, looking at its horn and soon realized that it is a unicorn. It was beige, quite big and wide but not very tall and its horn was brown I think. After the roar he jumped down from the stage and he came towards me, wanting to attack me, he was looking at me, I was a bit scared but then I put forth my hands and I think he smelled them sort of and then suddenly the look in his eyes changed and he became playful and out of nowhere another unicorn like him appeared. No one feared them any more. How should I interpret this? I’m kind of confused. Could you help me? Also, I’m following a spiritual path now, maybe it’s related to this.

    • Hi Georgiana,
      An interesting dream. I feel that this dream is connected to you embarking on a spiritual path. This choice is life changing and has a great impact upon our consciousness. Always with dreams it is best to first look at each symbol to break the dream into understandable pieces. A garden is a reflection of what we are growing within our consciousness and energy. As the garden is part of the palace grounds, I’m guessing that this was a very nice garden so it shows that your are growing the most exquisite flowers (spiritual thoughts) rather than weeds (negative ego thoughts). Buildings also represent consciousness so a palace is symbolic of high vibration thoughts, Divine thoughts and unicorns represent purity and divine truth. When we start out on a spiritual path we have thoughts about what the truth about many things is but as we grow spiritually and raise our vibration we discover that what we thought was truth was not really truth at all. Some people handle this well and others spiral into upset simply because their belief system has been pulled out from beneath them. It seems to me this dream was testing how you would respond to new levels of truth and light. Seems like you did ok. Let me know if this resonates and congratulations for stepping onto the spiritual path.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  21. I don’t know if I’ll ever truly know why I saw what I saw at the age that I did see it. But what you have said makes a lot of sense, but the particular age I was and all the strange spiritual things I’ve gone through. But when I was 3 ( I remember many things from that age older and younger) I was of course in the back seat with my parents driving. I was staring out the window at a field with a short cobble stone wall about 3-4 ft that seemed to go on forever, but we were in a city so it would end as it did at a stop light. But as I’m looking I see a white unicorn, running at a pace that would keep up with the car only I was in. I remember how intrigued that it was following the car with a child like wonder (most out of the ordinary for me at least were intriguing) I stared at it until the wall ended and it disappeared. Being a child I didn’t know better, and noted this as normal and it was just something I’d not yet seen among many other things. Despite, I did want to see it more but that would not happen ever again. NOW! I’ve recalled that situation from time to time throughout my entire life, even now. The most uncanny part of that whole ordeal was that I wasn’t asleep. I know I wasn’t asleep. I knew my parents and I were headed somewhere, but where I didn’t care as always. We were in Michigan probably going to families house or shopping. I’ve surfed the web on occasion see if there was anything new about seeing unicorns and I do believe your thoughts and feelings are the most plausible to me. I have gone through some strange spiritual trials that have yet to end and I’m sure never will. So many mysteries.

    Perhaps as a child, our brains are on a higher dimensional frequency, but also, I think creatures like unicorns aren’t exactly hiding (which they maybe from something), it’s possible that since we more evolved beings have forgotten how to use the full capacity of our brains so we by default are on a lower dimensional level, then perhaps we should be. You should look up the hidden human history by “Spirit Science” on you tube.

    • Greetings Sara,
      Thank you for you kind comment, I’m happy that you resonated with my explanation. Yes indeed everything comes down to frequency in the end; the higher our frequency is, the more of spirit we can experience. You may or may not experience seeing a unicorn in the physical again but you can choose to work with the unicorn by invoking it into your dreams and allowing it to guide you. I think you’d really enjoy it.

      Blessings to you on your spiritual journey.
      I AM Julie-Anne

      P.S. I do subscribe to Spirit Science and watch it when I have time.

  22. A beautiful and helpful post. It does put a few things in perspective. I instantly felt a surge of emotion and a few tears when I read the quality of the unicorn – indomitable spirit. This struck a cord within me.

    I dreamt of a unicorn last night and am not sure what the message was. In my dream my mother told me it was my unicorn. It was very sweet and gentle looking, it was completely pink except the hair which was platinum blonde and perfect almost like something from my little pony. The horn was unusual, it was a teal colour with a slight shine or sparkle and it was only a nub similar to a shard of rock with a curve. It had very deep brown eyes and walked straight up to me and I reached out to hold it’s head and pet it. Then it walked away into the forest and I watched it go wondering where it was going. The rest of my dream ended in violence but even my two dogs that had passed away appeared at the side of my current dog to protect myself and my family from harm.

    My dreams have been violent of late or full of sadness and fear for loved ones. Could the unicorn be a sign of reassurance?


    • Hi LeeAnne,
      Yes absolutely, the unicorn is a sign of reassurance. I’ve had a few violent dreams myself of late, this is because of the increased inflow of Creator Light into the planet. Much of what appears in those violent dreams is just clearing from the dreamer but sometimes we also our souls can assist in planetary clearing. You can ask for the violent dreams to stop and have your soul provide pleasant dreams to replace those thoughtforms that are clearing from subconscious. I’m picking up that are one of those souls that is helping with planetary clearing but stopping those violent dreams doesn’t mean you have to stop doing that soul work. I also suggest you invoke Archangel Michael to watch over you as you sleep and also to dry doing a dream re-entry to follow the unicorn and see where it leads you.

      Blessings Always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  23. Hi there

    I had a dream last week about an unicorn. I am facing some personal and financial challenges right now. In the dream I saw myself in a forest and I was walking with this lady that seemed to be a priestess. She was telling me that we need to make a spell using few ingredients and she was collecting them along the way we are walking. Then she told me that for the spell works we need a final piece. And she pointed to this bright light that was moving around the trees. And I walked toward to it and saw a little horse looking like a unicorn. His wings was not like a regular unicorn. They were transparent, like a fairy’s wing. But he had a horn and beautiful coat. I turned around to the priestess and said I won’t kill this creature for the sake of a spell. Look at him, he’s beautiful. The priestess told me we are not here to kill him, you need to gain his favor. I told her I don’t know how. She said you do know. So I closed my hand and kissed the tips of my fingers and pointed to him. He is very small so he came flying and approached my hand and start to lick the tips of my fingers. I opened my hand and he landed in my palm and started to lick my palm. I started to pet him and them I woke up.

    what that means?
    Thank u.
    ps: after the dream I was driving in the day light and a deer crossed in front my car running. Is that has to do with my dream

    Thank u

    • Hi Raquel,
      What a beautiful dream. Thank you for sharing it with me. If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, please do. I am building a symbol library there and I did recently add forest. Think about what it’s like in a forest, among those tall trees. You can’t see much beyond where you are, right? To actually see the bigger picture one would have to climb the tallest tree or reach some vantage point and most people need to do this. For you however, I feel that you need to stay in the forest so that you can’t see the bigger picture at this time. I feel that the dream is asking you to focus on the magic and only the magic and block out everything else. The unicorn appeared like a fairy so it is the elemental realm that you are asked to focus on, the magic of the fairies and nature. Unicorn is still present though and is gently asking you to step upon the path and begin the journey of knowing yourself. The deer is a beautiful symbol for sacredness and the power of gentleness and the feminine. There is much symbolism here for you to work through. I’m always available if you need any help. Take advantage of my free 30 minute Skype session and let’s talk about how we can work together to get you through your personal and financial challenges.

      Blessings and Light Always
      I AM Julie-Anne

  24. Thanks for this. I dreamt of a unicorn last night. It was with a young girl on the side of a grassy hillside. They were running about and playing. It’s coloring was like that of a palomino horse and its horn was a kind of tan-bronze color. I am quite the dreamer but this is the first I have had of a unicorn. (Been seeing heart shapes everywhere for awhile, too.)

    • Hi Bob,
      Sounds like a lovely dream in which your inner feminine child is happy and playing. Dreaming of the unicorn is such a special treat but it does usually signify that change is afoot. If you’ve been seeing heart shapes then it sounds as though you are ready for whatever is coming your way.

      Take care
      I AM Julie-Anne

  25. Hi Julie Ann,
    I was so pleased to find your site!

    For the first time, I dreamt of a beautiful white unicorn and it left me in awe.

    My dream:
    I was sitting outdoors at a picnic table with my deceased Grandmother, who I was very close to. My Grandmother was very concerned about me and questioning my next moves in my life ( I have been dating a man that lives in the US (I live on the border of US and Canada. I am Canadian, and we live about an hour away from one another)

    In my dream, I was assuring her that I was ok. Although I felt the fear as I was saying this to her. As we were speaking from out of nowwhere a gorgeous pristine white unicorn galloped towards us and came right to our faces. He was so close that I caressed his silky hair and could not believe such a beautiful creature was right next to us.

    After we caressed this beautiful creature, he galloped away. It was at this moment that I awoke in awe.

    I would appreciate any guidance on this as I still am in awe.

    Thank you again,

    • Thank you Rosa,
      I’m pleased that you found my site too!
      If you felt fear telling your grandmother that you were ok then something is not ok. Your dream brings you a message, that perhaps you are heading down the wrong path for you at this time. Your grandmother is voicing her concerns. The unicorn has thrown down the gauntlet and is inviting you to follow it, which is a journey towards the light and the highest potential that you are capable of in this lifetime. If you choose to take up the quest that unicorn has presented to you, try a visualisation where you see yourself as you were in your dream patting the unicorn and tell it that you accept its invitation, then allow the visualisation to unfold. You may also want to ask in a prayer for three signs in the physical that the man you are currently with is not right for you. God and the angels welcome this test and are happy to confirm their guidance, that way you can be sure of what steps to take next.

      I hope that helps
      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  26. I am so glad I found this post…I had a very interesting dream last night. I don’t remember most of it now but I remember the most important part. I was sitting in a classroom, it was all people I am familiar with and I felt like I was zoned out and meditating while the teacher was teaching. I must note here that I am not in school but have been planning to go back for my masters. Then all of a sudden I felt very blissful and warm and tingly. And I felt a horn growing from my forehead, right over my third eye. I was surrounded in light. Everyone looked shocked and even I was shocked at first. But then it was like I just knew instantly that I had become a unicorn and I jumped up and ran out of the classroom. But I wasn’t completely a unicorn, I was still myself with a horn but I felt like I was a unicorn. I felt so happy and free and alive! I woke up and just lay there smiling…I would love an interpretation of what this might mean? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Alia,
      What a wonderful dream and I’m actually left wondering if it wasn’t also for me so thank you for sharing it. We can go to school or uni and learn but what we learn there is not true wisdom; true wisdom is found through meditation and quieting the busy mind so that something more intelligent can speak to us. The unicorn is the perfect symbol for purity and the divine. What your dream is showing you is that you are that divine pure being you just need to remember this and yes, you are free from all limitation when this is remembered. If there have been any moments of late that you have doubted yourself or doubted your ability to do something this dream is a reminder that your doubts are unfounded; remember who you are. As you have been considering going back to school, I feel this is also an answer to that thought as well. Perhaps you are being asked to look towards developing access to your own wisdom. Look at why you want a masters and what that will give you that experience will not. You might realise that you do not need to go through the stress of gaining a masters and if you are capable of accessing your own wisdom more readily, if you do decide to go back to university you will be able to fly through it much easier. I hope this helps.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  27. So wonderful to find your site !.
    Last night i had a dream , so vivid ,whereby i found myself in a beautiful forest and i was aware of small animals around me, then i turned my head and saw a golden -colored unicorn, only a foot high , with 2 horns and i don’t think any wings, they weren’t obvious anyway.There was also some sort of beautiful pattern on the unicorns back , roughly where a saddle-blanket would go on a horse..As i looked at it i started to feel just the hint an old sensation -bliss-( I have had dreams since 30 years ago where i am flying and felt extreme bliss in them ).
    However i also had fear.I knew that to experience the full bliss, i had to move my legs back slightly so my lower calves would make physical contact with the unicorn ‘s horns .I let fear win, the unicorn just emanated so much power and wasn’t smiling, then i woke up suddenly , disappointed with myself for letting fear decide.
    Many thanks .

    • Greetings Lee and welcome to my blog.
      It sounds like a beautiful dream. Unicorns always appear to encourage us to move forward in our growth and development and are ever urging us to let go of fear. The fear that you had is most likely what the unicorn was there to help you clear. All is not lost however. Whenever we don’t like our actions in a dream we can simply re-visualise it and change our actions. Choose a time when you won’t be disturbed and sit in meditation; bring the elements of the dream back in vivid detail within your mind and see yourself taking a different action. The subconscious mind really can’t tell the difference between something that actually happens and something visualised so it will reveal to you the outcome of these changes you make during the visualisation. Let me know how that goes and what outcome you end up with.

      Blessings and Bliss
      I AM Julie-Anne

  28. Hi Julie-Anne,
    Thank-you so much for your reply.I have thought about what you said and it makes great sense.
    I will practice the visualisation for a period and then put my experience in words here .
    Many Omm’s to you and all who read this great blog .

  29. I had a dream last night, I was walking through a large beautiful house a few things happened prior to that ( I had looked at a smaller place that I thought would be perfect for my oldest son, everything was black and white and I was only in the kitchen, I kept seeing the door leading to the outside, all of the doors had a window). I walked out through the back door and there was this beautiful navy blue rose sculpture with a brass fairy on it then further down were a couple others with red rose sculptures that had brass fairies attached. I was walking barefoot in the grass. I walked out of a back gate out of the property because I saw these large what I thought were houses and I wanted to see them, as I walked out further I think they were very large marble mausoleums, so I started to get a little scared, I couldn’t find the gait back to what I think was my house. I had a large white night gown on. As I was starting to panic this white unicorn came riding up toward me, he nudged at my hand several times like he wanted me to come with him. He started to move quickly so I went after him he turned back toward me and nudged my hand again and it was almost like he felt relieved when we both were running and I grabbed on to his horn and jumped up on to his back. At that point he took off in a full gallop, I was feeling cold and he jumped and a grey blanket covered my shoulders. Once I was on his back I no longer had that feeling of panic and he got took me to a safe place. We never verbally spoke to each other, we just understood each other. What do you think that means?

    • Greetings Chauntel,
      Your dream sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. There are a couple of blog posts that you might like to read “How the Rooms in a House Can Reflect Our Chakras” and “Dreaming in Black and White” In these I explain how a house can reflect a new or old aspect of our consciousness and how the rooms can relate to our energy centres. I mention in these that the kitchen can relate to one of the two lower chakras and dreaming in black and white can either mean we are filtering out information or it is a symbol to let us know not to colour things. In this case it seems to be alluding to a limitation that you have placed upon your young masculine self which is likely to be affecting your base and sacral chakras. You may also be projecting this outward and placing this limitation upon your eldest son. Something to ponder. In your dream you are walking barefoot, indicating that you are grounded. Walking outside of your property is like exploring new territory and you felt outside of your comfort zone for you are exploring new aspects of your consciousness that you have not encountered before. Being outside our comfort zone can be scary, the mausoleums could represent something that you have buried. The unicorn, which are 9th dimensional beings, has sensed your distress and has come to your rescue. If it was me I would go back into the dream and look inside the mausoleums, even invite the unicorn to accompany you. Sometimes what we have buried are not unpleasant memories but amazing gifts from past lives. Either way it is worth checking so that you have have any skeletons in closet so to speak.

      Hope this helps you understand your dream

  30. I had a different kind of dream involving unicorns… I uad a dream that I was being hunted because my heart was that of a unicorn. I’m not sure what that means though… any help?

    • Hi Lindsey,
      My first thought is “are people taking advantage of you?” The heart of a unicorn is pure and innocent and this is something that people do try to take advantage of. Does that resonate with you?

      I AM Julie-Anne

      • Well in a way it does but at the same time no. I’m 19 and the guy I’m talking to is 22 but he’s recently been having to deal with things and needs some space. I’ll admit I’ve fallen for him and I’m trying my best to be patient but I guess I do feel like he’s taking advantage of that. Also though in the dream right before the guy found me I escaped threw a window and a red head witch helped that a little

        • Greetings Lindsay,
          When asking for the meaning of a dream it is very important to include as much detail as possible for each element in the dream is a symbol that has a meaning of its own but also a meaning in the context of the dream thus contributing to the overall interpretation. Writing down every detail of your dreams, including feelings, will very much help you determine their meaning. How we feel about something can be quite revealing; for example, if one dreams of a beautiful flower it has a particular meaning but if one feel intense fear when looking at that flower it means something else entirely.

          So taking a closer look at your dream … being hunted – who is hunting you? All aspects in our dreams are essentially us, so ask yourself are you trying to escape your own innocence and purity? Is your heart guiding you in one direction and your head in another? Are you in fact running from your own heart and the truth it is trying to bring into your awareness. Are you taking advantage of yourself in some way? These are all questions you need to ask yourself so that the meaning of your dream comes to light and this is why dream interpretation is best as an interactive exercise. You say you escaped through a window but which building you were in will be significant to the meaning of the dream. Was it a place you are familiar with or somewhere you have never been or seen before? Old and familiar buildings, particularly a childhood home, tend to symbolise a consciousness under the influence of other whether that be parents, siblings, TV or some other significant individual in your early life. New buildings tend to symbolise a new found consciousness and new understanding. According to some sources red hair is a symbol of future generations but can also indicate power. A witch can be a force for the dark or for the light. In your dream I am picking up that while the witch may have seemed helpful and friendly she is not a force for the light and as such would represent your own negative ego. In dreams where one is running away from something or someone it is always best to stop running and face what is giving chase.

          In terms of the guy you’ve been talking to, have you let him know how you feel about him? He doesn’t sound as if he is aware or isn’t yet in a place where he feels he can trust you enough to confide in your with what he’s experiencing. Just letting him know you are there for him if he needs to talk may be enough but do allow him his space if that is what he needs without taking it personally.

          I hope this has helped a little more in answering your dream question.

          I AM Julie-Anne.

  31. I am expecting! And had a dream that I gave birth to a unicorn. I take it as a very positive message?! 🙂

    • Greetings Anastasia and congratulations!
      Yes it is indeed a very positive dream. It means that your child is pure of heart, meaning will be born without karma. Your child is a true Aquarian Age child, here to bring about change for the betterment and evolution of humanity. S/he will be a very gentle and sensitive soul, full of love and incredible wisdom; s/he will be able to teach you much and awaken your consciousness to new levels of understanding. Pay attention to your dreams throughout your pregnancy, they will be very insightful for you. Some references to dreaming of a unicorn while expecting claim that the unicorn, due to its horn, symbolises a male child but in my opinion this phallic interpretation is a very narrow view considering that the unicorn being pure is above the lower self desires and is perfectly balanced within its masculine and feminine energies. Whether your child be male or female you are very blessed by such a gift.

      Blessings and Light
      I AM Julie-Anne

  32. Hello,
    I’ve been reading the posts and your replies here with interest. I googled what it meant to dream of a unicorn and found this page and it has been truly fascinating and goes done way to helping me figure out my own dream.
    Recently I’ve been having some intriguing experiences – repeated patterns of numbers that take a palindrome form and when I ask the universe for a sign my attention becomes drawn to these numbers. This has happened before when I was trying hard to meditate frequently and connect with the universal mind but life took over and it seemed to stop. I decided to return to the more spiritual side of life as it brought me great peace and happiness. Since then, the patterns have been coming quickly and now include letter patterns of the same structure. I frequently see the number 747 and have twice now experienced a wolf visit me – once during the drowsy time between sleep and waking at a time when I was feeling worried about various things. The second time was recently when a friend was going through a tough time and it was in a meditative state. Both times they brought me calm and comfort.
    I had never before dreamt of unicorns but recently I’ve been trying to ‘awaken’ more to my spiritual self and doing meditation etc. I have had really vivid dreams and my most recent involved me being back in Scotland at my parents’ house. I emigrated to Australia just under 2 years ago and have never really settled but feel happier more recently. In my dream it was just a normal day with normal things happening but I opened the back door and was surprised to find a bright white unicorn with a silver strand running through its horn running towards me, it seemed quite young – mainly because it was like a miniature unicorn, dainty but sturdy – and full of vigour and fun but it shocked me initially and then I simply marvelled at its beauty. Before I could spend any great time with it I woke up.
    I’m intrigued to know the significance, if any, of it being small and whether there could be a connection between the wolves, number/letter patterns and the unicorn.
    Thank you kindly for your time.

    • Hello Lorna,
      Great to see you visiting my page, so happy that you have found it interesting. Welcome to Australia. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t felt settled here, but it does sometimes take time for Australia is a very different energy and consciousness to Scotland. This seems to be your first life in Australia, you have not had any past lives here so it is indeed very new to you without anything seeming familiar. Take stock of where you are living, you may need to move to somewhere by the sea to feel comfortable. It is worthwhile visiting a few places to see if the sea resonates, or mountains and lakes or more desert areas. When we live outside what resonates with our soul it can feel quite discomforting.

      The number patterns, especially 747, indicates to me that you are currently strongly connecting to the angelic realm and they are downloading information to you. At times you may hear “white noise”or static in your ears, this also indicates a download rather than angelic voices we are meant to hear and understand. 747 also indicates that you are on the right path and that you are surrounded by God. Just allow the patterns to download and ask for specific dreams to let you know what they mean. In a way they do have a connection to the unicorn in your dream which represents your awakening consciousness, it’s small because you haven’t developed it much as yet. The silver running through the horn indicates to me a balancing of masculine and feminine energies which these number patterns are helping you balance. 🙂 We think we take a break from spirit but in truth we really can’t and even if we are not aware of it our angels continue to work with us even when we stop. The building of your parent’s house in Scotland is symbolic of the consciousness you have been programmed with as a child, the “normal things” or what is considered normal by the masses. It was only when you opened the back door to look beyond that consciousness did you see the unicorn. Being in Australia and feeling unsettled is quite a blessing in disguise for when we are outside the familiar we open ourselves to new thoughts and understandings so allow the angels to take full advantage of that for you to bring in awareness that you have not yet reached before on Earth.

      The Wolf is a very interesting symbol and is also very connected to the spiritual path. Take a look at one of my recent blog posts for more insight into the world. There is so much I could write but I hope the little I have written gives you some insights.

      Blessings upon The Way
      I AM Julie-Anne

      • Thank you so much. This makes a lot of sense to me – and the noise in my ears!! Oh my goodness, I had no idea!
        We recently moved to a house closer to the sea and since then I have started to settle. You are a fascinating lady. Thank you.

        • Thank you Lorna, I’m so glad it resonated with you but I really can’t take the credit, I do work with a wonderful team of ascended masters and archangels. 😉

  33. Hi Julie, what a beautiful article. I found it because I was searching for meaning to my dream of a unicorn resting its head in my lap. The resonating feeling was of it comforting me, protecting me….it has been appearing repeatedly and purposefully in my life and yes, it is a time of great changes for me…..any thoughts on this dream would be so very much appreciated.

    • Hello Heidi,
      Do you have any further details of the dream other than the unicorn resting it’s had in your lap. With just this small piece of information all I can say is that when one rests one’s head in another’s lap it is as a child would do with it’s mother or a love with their partner, it is also an position of comfort and protection and I suspect that in your dream, you are the unicorn, so the dream is telling you that comfort and protection come from within. Perhaps you have been looking for this outside of yourself up until now?

  34. I dreamt once.. about 4 years ago, while i was pregnant, that i had a baby unicorn in my arms wrapped in a crocheted blanket, and it had pink crocheted booties on. I later had a daughter.

    • A beautiful dream Samantha, thank you for sharing it.
      Dreaming of a unicorn means that your child will be quite significant in helping to change humanity in terms of its enlightenment.

      Blessings to you both!

  35. Hi,

    Last night I had a dream. I was with someone who I felt was a friend. We had been to a cafe and were trying to figure out what to do next. I decided to take my friend to a spot where one could see the view of the city. The view was amazing. I remember seeing a path that descended (like a path one would find in the forest. A bit muddy, surrounded by grass on each side of the path, tall grass…) so I led the way and suddenly I was standing by a river bank (not sure if it was a river/lake/sea so I’ll just call it a body of water). Above the body of water was a white unicorn. I gazed at it. It looked like it was standing on this body of water. Suddenly it was in the water, submerged but it didnt seem like it was drowning. More like it was swimming under water, then it was gone. I turned to the person I had come with and we decided to climb back up the path.

    I’ve looked around for the meaning and read some of the posts on this site too. For some info on my life that might help, i’m in a relationship that is relatively new. We started dating about 4 months ago. Lately i’ve changed my eating habits. I buy organic produce and am in the process of reducing the toxins in my life from cleaning stuff etc. I’ve also currently started reading spiritual books on awareness, living in the presence and gaining control on ones mind.

    Thank you in advance. Best regards


    • Hi Chantell,
      Firstly let me congratulate you on both your new relationship and new habits. Also, thank you for sharing your dream, I’ll give a brief overview of what I think it means. As a building is a symbol for our personal consciousness a city therefore can represent a view of all of our thoughts or the collective thoughts of many. You have taken yourself and your friend to a high point so that you can see an overview of your own thoughts and you have found a path leading down that you may investigate them closely also. The mud on the path gives a clue that this is an emotional journey as well as a mental one but the path is clear and leads you directly to your emotions (body of water). When the unicorn appeared you had two options, to climb back up the path or to follow the unicorn. To delve into your emotional body and start clearing out the toxins. It would be a great exercise for you to visualise the dream at the point where you are watching the unicorn disappear under the water and then see yourself following it. The unicorn symbolises spiritual purity, it is safe to follow it as it will never lead you astray. Take not of the water, what is in the water, how you cope being in the water. You will also be able to breathe underwater like the unicorn and this gives you the perfect opportunity to explore this aspect of yourself. Often when we start purifying our diet and environment we also start purifying our emotions too and this dream is asking you to do just that. Let me know what you discover when you visualise the dream.

      Blessings and Light

  36. Im happy to have found this site. I had a dream of a unicorn last night, but he looked like an every day man. My dream began as a lucid dream at the movie theaters. I was controlling the movie while watching with my mother but then the dream changed, and i somehow forgotten that i had been lucid. I got into a car accident on the highway and magically ended up at a huge mall. This man was chasing me with every intention of killing me. I ran like crazy. An old friend from work somehow ended up in the dream. After running for what seemed like an eternity i make it outside of the mall. The man attacks me and i stab him in the throat several times scared to death and trying to make sure he was actually dead. But he the rises still alive and tells me that he’s a unicorn. I know he’s telling the truth in my mind during the dream. For a split second i think ive got to figure out where his horn is and destroy it by fire or stab him with it. I thought that wld stop him from killing me but right after that thought almost as if he’s reading my mind he tells me the only way he can die is if i know the two secret passwords or something like that. My friend chris who had shown up in the dream then says, one of them is resting bunny, then the unicorn tells me the the second password us hidden oasis. I dont know why he told me, but instead of using the words against him or attempting to kill him againn right after he mentions the second password i wake up. Someone please help me interpret this. Ive seen many interpretations on unicorns but none on unicorns that look like men and woman.

    • Thank you Eddie, I’m happy that you found this site too.
      Your dream is quite interesting, thank you for sharing it. Always remember that every symbol in a dream is you. The unicorn is a symbol for spiritual purity, which can of course reside within man – at least that is the ideal for it is only through man that Heaven can be realised on Earth. This however is what you are trying to kill within yourself. Is it possible that you are feeling pursued by a higher calling and it is not sitting well with you? The throat is from where we speak our truth, stabbing the man/unicorn there is a means to keep him quiet. Let’s just backtrack a little – you are in the movie theatre controlling your life for we are all actors in our play right? The presence of your mother is significant and you should look at how she has and is influencing your life. Are you living by her rules, ideals and wishes or your own? A car accident implies that you have lost control of your life, and are perhaps not going in the direction you need to go for your highest good. A highway symbolises the path of the many and that it leads to a huge mall is no surprise as a mall (to me) represents materialism and while you may find everything you need in such a huge mall, rarely will you find something symbolising the spiritual aspect of life. Also look at what your friend from work symbolises for further clues. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of him is usually what he will symbolise for you and this will give you further clues and depth to the meaning of your dream. What does work symbolise for you? Is is a means to earn money or is it your passion? I am guessing it is more money based than passion based since your work friend showed up in the mall.

      Now let’s take a look at the passwords. A rabbit or “bunny” usually will symbolise fertility. This may mean fertile ground for new ideas, projects etc but it is resting. Things are on hold. An oasis is a beautiful and fertile place surrounded by desert (symbol for the mind). It is hidden from view. The man/unicorn holds the keys to both these things. To not only what your life purpose is but also to unlocking the fertility of your own mind to create something amazing. If it were my dream. I would visualise it and rather than running I would stop and speak to the man/unicorn, ask him what he wants. Befriend him and see what comes forth. Look at what you are currently denying in your life, what your ideals are and what your lifelong goals are. If you really dig into this dream you will discover much about yourself.

      I hope this helped

  37. I’m so happy I found this website. I dreamt of a unicorn last night, my best friend and I were walking through a grocery store when we saw a unicorn walking toward us. I said “What is that!?” And my friend exclaimed “ooh a unicorn!” The unicorn saw us and ram toward us and attacked us, using its horn to sweep us off up off the ground and toss us away. It was a big majestic white unicorn, and it looked and felt SO real! Please help, I’m baffled

    • Greetings Latoya,
      I’m glad you found this site too! It is always magical to dream of a unicorn, even when they “seem” to be attacking. Grocery stores are a place where you gain nourishment so the question to ask is, are you gaining the right kind of nourishment? Is the unicorn trying to force you out of a harmful situation? Also loo at the person you were with and what that person represents to you as a clue to what the situation might be. Without more information that is all I am able to give via way of a possible meaning.


  38. Hi – I had an odd dream. Let me preface by stating – I love to golf, I golf whenever I can – you can say I’m passionate about it. Anyway, in my dream I had arrived at the first tee box to start golfing. I turned around and looked behind me and a man (who I have just recently met) was approaching me and he was holding a head cover for a golf club that looked like a unicorn head?? It was a gift for me. As the dream progressed this headcover seemed to transform into a backpack with the unicorn head on it. Any thoughts????
    Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Gerri,
      Sounds like an invitation to travel and adventure with the unicorn. Sometimes the people that we meet come into our lives to guide us or to offer us new perspectives on things but they can also symbolise qualities; if you had to describe your new friend, what words come to mind? And, as with all gifts, we may not know the full extent of the gift without further exploration. Make sure you go back into the dream and take a look inside the backpack to see what it contains and how that might relate to your friend or the qualities he reminds you of.

      Happy adventures

  39. I’m not sure if this is still active, but it is worth a shot. I had a dream a few nights ago that I can not interpret for the life of me. I was walking down the road to a Witch or Wizard’s house and saw several solid black unicorns laying on their sides dying. As if that wasn’t strange enough, while dying, the unicorns were burying themselves into the ground. I’m typically not a morbid person by any means. I’ve had a lot of loss over the past 8 months, I have lost two uncles, a family pet, a grandfather, a grandmother, an aunt, my childhood mentor committed suicide and my 20 year old sister’s boyfriend of three years was killed in a motorcycle accident (that one scarred me because I had to pull her off of him when he flat lined for the final time). I am praying this means there is a change in all the dark events that have been happening and honestly, this is a desperate attempt to find a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Sorry to be so depressing.. I swear I’m a normal 28 year-old.

    • Greetings Tabatha,
      Yes, the site is still active although I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve been going through divorce, new place to live, new job etc and also writing a book, but things should reach some sort of normalcy by October. I am so sorry for all that you have been through over the past 8 months; that is tough for anyone and a lot to process. However, as it is with tunnels, there is always an end and always light, no matter how long the tunnel might be. Quite often in dreams the key to understanding it is in the detail and often small details can completely change the meaning but let’s look at the symbols you have given me; you were walking, a witch/wizard, 2? black unicorns dying and burying themselves in the ground.
      Walking – getting back to basics, a state of progress in which we are the most observant of ourselves and our surroundings – a call to observe what is going on internally.
      Witch or Wizard – It is interesting that you said both witch and wizard; this implies balance of your own masculine/feminine energies. Witches and wizards represent magic, usually of the dark kind but not always.
      Black unicorns – in my interpretation of them they represent potentiality, equivalent to the void of Creation from whence all in existence was born, the realm of pure will and thought. They represent the pure potential within you, one representing the masculine, one the feminine energies. It is interesting that in my post, my unicorns were coming out of the ground and yours were going into the ground.
      Ask yourself, after all that you have endured this past 8 months, what precious aspects of yourself are you burying? Magic cannot be found outside of self, it lies within each of us along with our Divinity. Take the time you need to heal your heart and observe yourself, how have you changed over the last year, what are your goals and what do these unicorns represent that you need to keep alive within yourself to manifest your purpose in life? Your dream does not represent anything dark, it is only alerting you to your current state that you improve it or change its course for your own benefit. I hope this information is helpful to you.

      Love and Blessings to you

      • Julie-Anne,
        I feel like these words aren’t sufficient for the guidance and wisdom you share, but thank you. In all honesty, it was a desperate reach and I couldn’t be more grateful for your response. I will continue to follow your page and I look forward to your book. I wish you every success in life and good karma is definitely coming your way.. there are not many people these days that will help others when they’re going through changes themself. You’re a blessing.

        • Thank you so much, it is my pleasure to be of service. I am so glad that it was helpful to you.

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