Using Spiritual Tools


Over the past few months we have had some very powerful energies influx into the planet. In August we had the Lion’s Gate with every intense clearing energies in conjunction with eclipse events and in September we had an influx of Second Ray energy as well as incredible solar flare activity. After the Lion’s Gate many things ended for a lot of people; relationships ended and many people moved house. It seemed everything for most people was turned upside down and shaken to see what would fall out. It was definitely a time of releasing those things that were not serving our highest and best interests. This shaking was followed by a down pouring of Second Ray energy; the ray of Love and Wisdom specific for opening the heart to universal love. However, if it is not in balance it can cause mood and attitude swings from inferiority to superiority and can trigger depression, low self-esteem and self-worth issues. Understandably people felt as though they had been put through the wringer.

Over these months, I have had people contact me for help in dealing with these intense energies. This made me realize that while most people have access to spiritual tools and are aware of spiritual tools that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily using them. Intending to use them or even pretending to use them is never the same as actually using them and I thought this warranted some discussion.

Types of spiritual tools and ways of using them are so numerous and unique to every person that it would be impossible to list them all. Dreamwork of course is one tool that I personally use along with daily meditation, communion with my guides, prayer, energy clearing and protection tools and I also work with the different ray energies that I am integrating. While I do not use affirmations per se, I do pay attention to my thoughts and emotions and correct them when they are out of alignment with higher consciousness. I have tried lots of spiritual tools over the years but I have these selected few that I use every day. They work for me and when energies become intense and challenging I can rely on my spiritual practices to get me through it. When fear pops up, I go into a quiet space and look within for the cause. Whether it was a thought that triggered a feeling or it was some old energy releasing that triggered it, I breathe through it and let it go while focusing on God and the Truth that I am safe and loved. If it feels too intense for me to deal with on my own I call in my guides for help. Feeling them surrounding me has an immediate calming affect and I know that I am safe and loved. My point is, that when you use particular spiritual practices all the time, they become comfortable, reliable methods of calming and balancing your thoughts, feelings and energy. Beliefs also have a great impact. If you have fear based beliefs they will inspire fear but if you have love based beliefs you will be confident that you can conquer anything that comes your way.

My best advice is to try different spiritual practices and see how they work for you. Give them a fair chance by using them for at least for three to six months. If they don’t seem to be working, discard them and try something else until you have built up a number of tools to your spiritual toolbox. Don’t take on so many practices that you feel overwhelmed by the time they take and remember to upgrade your practices as you grow.

You just need accomplish the following 7 areas:

  • protection
  • clearing
  • a method for realizing errors
  • a way to calm yourself and dispel anxiety
  • a way to balance your energy
  • a way to communicate with your guides
  • a way to communicate with God

Once you have found a way to do each of these things, that works best for you, stick with it and use these tools on a daily basis. If you do that, when you need them the most they will come to you automatically. As these are such important areas for growth and balance, my next seven posts will address each of these in turn if my readers would find that helpful.


Until tomorrow … in Love & Light


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