What Dreams May Come

All things are understood when brought to Light!

All things are understood when brought to Light!

I thought in this blog post I’d try and shed some light that will assist you in interpreting dreams. Most of the time, dreams seem bizarre and nonsensical but if you know what triggered the dream you will be able to narrow down the possibilities and pin point a more accurate meaning. I’ve taken the title of this article from one of my favourite movies, What Dreams May Come. It is a brilliant movie about the nature of consciousness and how it affects where we go after death but isn’t sleeping like a death from the conscious world? I see a correlation and if you ever get the chance to see the movie I’d love to hear what your thoughts about it are.

In a nutshell, all dreams will be focused around helping you to sort out your life, thoughts and emotions in order to expand awareness and evolve. There seem to be exceptions but all is a learning experience is it not? Remember that the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between something real and something visualized, which is why visualization is so powerful,  so if you fall asleep in front of the TV and dream about the movie, your mind will show it to you as if you were actually there in that situation. Although, how you respond becomes a self imposed test to how much you have evolved your consciousness and subsequent actions. It is the same if you have astral based energies visiting your bedside, they will become part of your dream. It is merely the mind showing you the reality around you that you may respond. The more expanded one’s consciousness becomes, the more activated one’s energy field is and the more active one’s soul becomes, and more importantly the more open one’s mind becomes, the more “reality” will filter through as dreams. This is why we say people that are awake are asleep and people that are asleep are awake! Or, that dreams are the true reality an what we perceive as reality in waking life is the actual dream. Makes sense right?

So let’s have a look at some possibilities.

Events of the Day

Many dreams are triggered by the events of the day. If we allowed someone to upset us, or something happened that has caused us to go over and over the situation in our mind. The first step is to review your thoughts, feelings and activities from the previous day. If you write in a journal before bed and do a bardo (processing all that occurred that day and resolving it in your journal and hence within your own consciousness) then this reduces or eliminates dreams triggered by daily activities. A bardo is something that happens at the end of life, usually taking around 3 days, during which all the significant events are reviewed and you have a chance to choose differently. The choices made during the bardo can further purify and elevate your energies giving you a further boost towards God. It seems a better option however to do a daily bardo. Reviewing all of our thoughts, feelings and actions at the end of each day and making corrections as we go through life can reduce karma and help with our ascension as well as leaving space in our dreamtime for a more expanded reality. Some questions to ask when conducting any sort of bardo might be; How did I respond? What would have been the spiritual ideal in that situation? Is there any correction to be made? Is this correction to be made within my own consciousness only or do I need to say something to others involved? I don’t mean to digress into writing about bardo here but the answers to these questions are what may be shown to you through dreams. Dreams are very popular teaching tool with our guides and angels because when asleep and the conscious mind is quiet, we are more open to their suggestions.

Out of Body Activities

Some of us leave our body only when we are sleeping but others can operate on the physical plane out of the body for long periods of time during the day as well. You will be able to tell if you have developed the awareness where you can tune in and consciously see what your soul is up to. It may not be seen in great detail but if you simply pause and block out what is happening physically for a moment you might see or have thoughts about something that seems quite random, which may actually be the activity your multidimensional self is involved in. For those that haven’t developed this skill yet, our dreams are ever the window into the reality of the soul and its activities. We may meet with our guides and angels, see the service work we are involved in in other dimensions, see ourselves performing tasks related to initiations or see our soul at play. These are just a few of what could be endless and unlimited possibilities so let’s take a look at each of these.

Meeting With Our Guides

Very often we will dream of actual meetings with our guides and angels. If, through meditation, you know what your guide looks like, then the dream is fairly easy to understand. I find it helpful to meditate with one guide until you really know their energy well. If you know their energy signature, then the form will not matter, you will still recognize them no matter what they look like and this eliminates the possibility of imposters and tricksters. You may see yourself meeting with one guide or with many, as the case may be when meeting with your High Council. One on one our guides instruct us, role play with us and give us scenarios to act out as part of our learning and development. Occasionally we need to meet with our High Council to review where we are up to or to review any contracts that are in place. You may see a familiar room with elaborate high backed chairs and a table long enough to seat 12. Usually our High Council likes to meet in the same place each time and usually they are a Council of 12 – as above so below! The more lucid you are at these events the better!

Inner Plane Universities

As if life isn’t classroom enough for us, we also attend classes in universities or the ashrams of certain masters when out of our body. Dreaming of these classes can provide us with absolute mind blowing realizations about the workings of things. Quite often we will attend classes given by our own guides. When we become a little more developed and become aligned with a certain master we may visit his or her ashram and learn from other aspirants on the path with the same master. Let’s just say if you see yourself in a classroom or class situation you are likely on the inner plane in a university or ashram and you will most likely be learning things that are not available in classrooms on the physical Earth plane – yet!

Service Work

Depending upon our soul contracts and our level of development we may be engaged in multidimensional service work. Some people serve on the physical plane by teaching certain things but they may also hold classes on the inner planes as well. I remember when I first started doing Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive courses, I was also going to her classes on inner levels as well as the one in the physical. So if you are involved in healing or teaching in the physical you may also be teaching souls on other levels or dimensions as well. Sometimes this can leave us feeling tired and depleted if we are doing too much and not taking time to recharge. I do still visit people and help them with dreams. Maybe you have seen me!

Sometimes we are given particular missions or roles for serving humanity or even life on other planets. It is common to visit other planets if we are engaged heavily in service work. You may see strange things in dreams, a purple sky, blue furry animals, strange flowers, landscapes and architecture. Our brain tries to normalize things so that we may understand them and often we see what we think we see, not what is really there. We can help clear this filter if we really open our minds during waking hours to the endless possibilities. A blue rabbit looking creature – yes, you are likely on Titan. A purple sky – you are probably on Sirius. Seeing yourself in a glass like coffin soaking in viscous green fluid – you are likely in a healing chamber on Arcturus. The important thing though is to not dismiss these things when we see them in dreams. It is as it is, there’s an entire universe out there, we are not restricted to Earth.


Initiations on the spiritual path are fairly standard. There are tests that we must be able to pass to proceed to the next level. Initiations can bring about some really strange dreams – why else would we suddenly see ourselves as Indiana Jones in a pit of snakes or be exploring crypts far beneath the ground? I’m not sure why it is but when it comes to initiations, snakes are often involved, perhaps because it creates fear for almost everyone. Most of the time they are merely thoughtforms and not real and our only goal is to identify that they aren’t real. Although that is not always the case as I recently discovered. Nevertheless, initiations on any level will trigger intense dreams if our guides allow us to be privy to what is going on.

Past Lives

The issue of past lives seems prominent in the new age movement at the moment and of course sometimes we dream of situations experienced in past lives or rather we relive them as the issue presents itself again in this life. We may see ourselves in a dream as a different person with different friends and family and yet somehow some of the people seem familiar. A mother could have once been a sister or even a daughter or a father. It is common for us to go from life to life with the same group of souls playing different roles for us. Let me keep it brief and say this about past lives; everything that was not resolved in any past life will be present in this life. There is actually no need to go digging through past lives, other than idle curiosity, because they are effectively all happening in the now. Dreams of past lives can be triggered by a number of things. Clearing cellular memory for example, or finding oneself in a similar situation now that we failed at in a past life or returning soul fragments.

Parallel Lives

Parallel lives trigger very interesting dreams. Whenever we are faced with a major life changing decision we create a parallel life, we live out the decision made and the parallel life serves to play out the other choice or choices. I have now divorced twice in this life but I created parallel lives in which I stayed with each husband. When we have the opportunity to review these parallel lives we gain the chance to end that life and reclaim the energy we put into it. At some point all parallel lives must be reintegrated. That simply means gaining awareness of what the end result would have been, analyzing that to see if it is a more or less desirable outcome and how we may achieve the same desirable result with  the choice we did make.

Play Time

All work and no play is not the spirit way. It is just as important for us to play as it is to learn and serve. One of my favourite things is flying unfettered through the universe with my guide. Just taking in all the colour and beauty of our created Universe. I also dance and play music on instruments not seen on earth, particularly a harp that is horizontal and as long as a room but  I can still reach all the strings because my energy is not restricted in that dimension. These dreams are fun and you will wake up feeling happy and refreshed.

There is much to consider isn’t there? When endeavouring to interpret a dream, ask yourself, what have I experienced within the last 24 hours that may have triggered it. Sometimes it may just be a predominant thought that triggers the dream. What might my guides be trying to help me release or understand? Is there something big that you are holding onto that needs to be released for your own well being? Was I dreaming of out of body experiences, if so where was I, what was I doing and with whom was I doing it? What strange places did I visit? Of course keeping a dream journal can be extremely helpful in piecing together fragments of things that have been dreamt over the course of a year or even many years.

I hope you find this information helpful in some way. If you would like to comment or ask a question, do so in the comment box below or for a more immediate response visit The Dream Alchemist on Facebook.

Until next time… happy dreaming!

I AM Julie-Anne





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