Something quite magical happens when a group of people come together with a specific intent that allows us to go deeper into ourselves than we otherwise might on our own. Is there truly any better way to learn about yourself than through a deep personal experience?

Our two signature workshops are designed to bring your sleeping world and waking world together to inspire the birth of a new consciousness within you. They inspire your creativity and child-like wonder and from them you will take away a dream portal that will work with you for many years to come.

Both workshops delve into your dreams to find the most persistent theme that weaves itself through both your dreamscape and waking life. You then take this theme and create a personal dream portal that will aid you in mastering the lessons of your particular theme.

You are probably wondering what a dream portal is right? There is information about them under the Dream Portal tab, let me just say here that they look like dream catchers but work in a far more expanded way.

Let’s take a look at our two signature workshops.


Through The Portal


Through the Portal is a one day workshop of inner discovery, healing and transformation. It will take you on an inner journey to help you release restricting obstacles standing between you and your life goals. Using the creative energy of the dream portal you will touch your intuitive side, your inner joy, and usher in healing, light and new awareness.





In this workshop you will:
* Meet like-minded people in a nurturing environment
* Learn where dreams come from
* Learn how dreams can help you discover aspects of self
* Learn how to enhance your dream experience
* Do a clearing and soul connecting meditation
* Discover the theme you need to work on
* Interpret a dream you had just prior to the workshop
* Learn about dream portals and how they work
* Create your own dream portal
* Take your dream portal through a sacred ceremony
* Share your experience


Sounds great right!


Weaving Wholeness

Weaving Wholeness copy

Weaving Wholeness is our 2 day workshop for those who have completed Through The Portal and feel creative enough to attempt a large dream portal while delving deeper into themselves for the main theme operating in their lives

Your presenting theme may be concerning the heart, masculine/feminine balance, abundance, inner child, or any number of other themes – whatever it is; in this workshop you will create a 45 cm dream portal that will assist you in clearing or healing the issues surrounding your identified theme. These larger dream portals lend themselves to elaborate design so you can really let go and be creative.



This workshop includes:

Day One:

* Exploration of recent dreams for a presenting theme

* General discussion about the themes presented by the group

* Selecting the basic components for your portal – colours, ribbons, thread

* Weaving the web of your portal

*  During the weaving process, you have a chance to ask questions about dreams, dream symbols, or personal and spiritual development.


Day Two:

* Discussion of dreams from the previous night

*  Decoration of your dream portal – the most fun part – we have a selection of feathers, ostrich plumes, flowers, material, ribbons, and centrepieces – if you have a particular centrepiece you’d like to use, do bring it along.

*  Sacred ceremony to infuse intention into your portal

*  Sharing your experience


All materials to create your dream portal; morning & afternoon tea are supplied.

BYO lunch.

So that I can assist each person during the workshop and due to the size of our workshop space, each workshop is limited to 7 people so booking early is essential.   

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